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@Zelyre said:

@Anund: Love, love that terminator lord. Its probably one of my favorite GW model kits and that paint job you've done really makes me want to drive down to the GW to pick up that model. But then buying an HQ leads to buying some troops. Then transports. Then Forgeworld silliness. Then the next thing you know, I'll have another GW army that doesn't do well on the table, heh.

Tell me all about it ;) My problem is, I can never focus long enough on one army to get to where I can actually PLAY, even if I did have anyone to play against, hehe. I just end up buying and painting and buying and painting... which is fun enough on its own really.

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@GunslingerPanda said:

Finally finished my Plague Furnace. I made a rookie mistake on this one: I assembled before painting, so there were a ton of areas I couldn't reach. Not very happy with it because of that, although the Plague Priest which I did seperately (like a year ago, lol) I am quite happy with. Got to do a bit of experimentation with it though, and I think I've finally got drybrushing down. It's also convinced me to buy GW's spray gun, would have saved so much time.

Next up: Getting my Malifaux stuff painted up :D

It's probably great all around.

But damn am i impressed with the rock and warpstone.

Always have problems with stone.

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I loved Warhammer minies growing up but the prices drove me out of the hobby. Now having sex prevents me from getting back into it.

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Wow, super impressive stuff here. I'll just dump my first 3 Marines and show myself out.

I didn't ink wash the third one at all, just tried out some ideas. If I could combine the things I like about each individual one I'd have a pretty solid mini.

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Personally, I wouldn't be able to do this but all the ones you guys posted look awesome.

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@ervonymous said:

Wow, super impressive stuff here. I'll just dump my first 3 Marines and show myself out.

I didn't ink wash the third one at all, just tried out some ideas. If I could combine the things I like about each individual one I'd have a pretty solid mini.

Bravo duder, those look waaaaay better than my first minis. Look up drybrushing, it makes things like the bolters look more metalic and less painted.

Plus it's probably the single easiest painting method, which is nice too.

#209 Posted by ervonymous (1299 posts) -

@LibraryDues: Thanks man, the bolters did feel like the biggest issue. I'll try to get them right on the last two of the bunch.

#210 Posted by Mnemoidian (1010 posts) -

@ervonymous: @LibraryDues: Agreed, very nice :)

Personally, I've started limiting my use of Dry brushing (though it's definately a very important technique to learn!), and mostly instead wash "iron/steel metallics" with Badab Black (black wash), and then highlight with the same color you painted with to begin with - I feel that gives as much depth, usually...

Anyway, keep experimenting - that's the true road to glory. :)

#211 Posted by LibraryDues (343 posts) -

@Mnemoidian: Hmm, may have to try that. Haven't painted metallics since I started my Nids, but if Chaos really gets a new Dex next year....

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@ervonymous said:

Wow, super impressive stuff here. I'll just dump my first 3 Marines and show myself out.

I didn't ink wash the third one at all, just tried out some ideas. If I could combine the things I like about each individual one I'd have a pretty solid mini.

That's pretty damn good for your first time, at least I think so; I hope I can do that well when I try to paint mine. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to wait before I buy any models and paint. My little sister got into a car accident a week ago, so big brother has to swoop in and drop $500 on the deductible so her insurance can pay for the repairs; this is also a week after I spent $1500 on her birthday present. Man, bank account still hasn't fully recovered =(

Waiting isn't such a bad thing since I can build up money again, but the extra time is causing me to look at other models on GW's website which can hurt my wallet if I decide to go crazy. The thousand sons man, I don't know if it's the Pharaoh head dress/crest or something else, but I'm really digging their look.

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@Leolian: Awesome job your stuff looks great.

@ervonymous: Dude, those look great for a first try. Real nice.

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Some really good minis here. Awesome work guys.

#215 Posted by ervonymous (1299 posts) -

@insane_shadowblade85: Oh bummer, good thing only her car got busted.

Thanks for the input yet again, everyone.

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Thanks guys. Got a few more here.

#217 Posted by Leolian (16 posts) -

Finally a few space wolves from when I picked up the brush again after about 10 years :P

#218 Posted by LibraryDues (343 posts) -

Ah, cool, back when the Space Wolves were bluer and less grey.

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@insane_shadowblade85 said:

Waiting isn't such a bad thing since I can build up money again, but the extra time is causing me to look at other models on GW's website which can hurt my wallet if I decide to go crazy. The thousand sons man, I don't know if it's the Pharaoh head dress/crest or something else, but I'm really digging their look.

That's one thing you don't want to do! Its very easy to keep buying models and then eventually end up with a giant box of plastic sprues worth hundreds of dollars that's sitting there, unpainted.

Unless you're going to be playing in a tournament in X weeks and know your army, I suggest a slow grow. Don't buy your next box until your current one is built and painted. Seeing 5-10 models in your queue is much less daunting than seeing a hundred models.

And a head's up, Thousand Suns look cool but they're not horribly useful on the battlefield.

#220 Posted by LibraryDues (343 posts) -

Yeah, hopefully the rumored 2012 Chaos Codex or the 6th edition rules will give some love to the Thousand Sons, because their specialties are really neutered by the ease of getting cover in 5th edition.

Well, I really hope they give the love to the Emperor's Children, but I'll be generous.

#221 Posted by insane_shadowblade85 (1650 posts) -

Huh, I would've guessed that they would be more useful, I mean, aren't they all crazy sorcerers or something? I forgot what I read on the wiki, but I think that's what it said. Since there are no other players around me I won't have to learn how to play; plus I have a semi-addictive personality, so if I actually learn how to play and have a chance to play with people things will just end poorly for me in the long run.

#222 Posted by Zelyre (1434 posts) -

@insane_shadowblade85 said:

Huh, I would've guessed that they would be more useful, I mean, aren't they all crazy sorcerers or something?

They work a bit like veteran space marine squads. They carry bolters that do crazy things. The Thousand Suns fire bolter rounds that ignore armor saves on anything short of someone in Terminator armor. A space marine can usually try to shrug off an attack on a 3 or higher. If hit with a round from a thousand sun, if they're wounded, they simply die. The thousand suns can also have something called an invulnerable save. If someone were to shoot at them with a weapon that would punch through their armor, unlike the space marine, a thousand sun doesn't just die, they need to roll a... 5 or higher. For that, they pay big points.

The problem is that the current Chaos Marine book is very outdated. Everyone now plays transport heavy, whereas in the older version, transports were very risky, in this version, well, I call the game Parkinglot Hammer 40k now. You can't shoot the marines with your thousand suns, as your bullets would just bounce off a transport. What you need is a way of opening up those transports first. So, you need two squads now to take on one transport. Without the ability to have tons of melta weapons like other armies, disembarking your chaos marines is very risky. If your melta marines fail to destroy the enemy's transport, your thousand suns will sit there with their thumbs a'twiddlin. Until your opponent disembarks, hits your much more expensive thousand suns with massed bolter pistol shots and flame throwers before charging. Also, the transport choice you get for the thousand suns will become a fire magnet. Cover saves are abundant in the game as well. A cover save is essentially your units hiding behind waist high walls and lets them save any 90% of ranged attacks on a 4 or higher. Even Imperial Guardsmen or Orkz that normally die if you roll a 6 to save them.

For the points, an Imperial Guard player can probably field two transports that are much more resilient than a space marine's transport, has tons more weapons, more guys, and more special weapons. They can roll a transport out, pop open the hatch so the guys inside never have to worry about getting shot at by small arms fire, and fire out 4 melta shots. Those fail to destroy the target? Their transport has a multi-melta. The space marine veterans can come down on drop pods. A squad of ten can carry... 5 melta weapons? They can break off into squads of 5. So, if the first squad destroys the transport, the second can tear into the infantry. If the first squad fails, the second squad can try. Space Wolves? Do you like the sound of 12 rocket launchers from 3 squads? That can shoot at 6 separate targets? Marines that cost less than your Khorne Berzerkers but hit faster, harder, and more frequently?

I play 40k for fun, not to be stomped on by flavor of the month gamers. If you want to play Chaos, the best advice I can give you is, if you see a list that's spamming:

Imperial guard veterans with melta guns with tons of chimeras. Space Wolf Long Fangs. Blood Angels razorbacks. Grey Knight auto-cannon dreadnaughts and Draigo. Simply kindly decline the game. The matchup is already a NBA team vs your high school team scenario. Those units are the 90's Chicago Bulls starting lineup.

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@Zelyre: To be fair, none of that is anything anyone new to the game needs to care about.

Same goes for people, like me, who only plays with a very small, select group of friends - where lists are not min-maxed. Sanguinary Guard charging a massive squad of Sisters Repentia, or Hammerheads using Railguns rather than ... that other gun, the Marine-chewing one? - just to be able to snipe Dante, lulz? :p

I don't think I'd like the competative side of the game.

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OK guys, we've had enough of power armor. Time to show off the Great Devourer! Tyranids, ho!


RAWR! Twin Trygons!
A Brood of Zoanthropes along with Deathleaper and a Venomthrope
Two Uzi-fexes flanking a Screamer-Killer
The Swarmlord. I gave him a Trygon tail since I was going for kind of a serpent motiff (Trygons, Raveners, etc)
Pair of Tyranid Primes. Left one with Adrenal Glands and Dual Boneswords and the right with Toxin Sacs and Lash Whip
Look out, little Noise Marine! Thar be Raveners!
Tervigons. I wanted kind of a reversed frog look, so I built up big hefty forelegs for them to lean forward on.
Broodlord leading some sneaky Genestealers
The Swarm!
#225 Posted by LibraryDues (343 posts) -

And here's a Harpy conversion I'm rather proud of, despite not having gotten around to painting it yet. She's perched in a tree, if it's difficult to tell from the photos.

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I had a Tau army once but I have neither the skill nor money to get into tabletop gaming seriously. I really love the WH40k lore though.
Also this thread is amazing, keep it going.

#227 Posted by Zelyre (1434 posts) -

@Mnemoidian said:


I don't think I'd like the competative side of the game.

The slightest amount of competition ruins 40k, in my opinion. I've played too many games where I know I've lost on turn two because my opponent's list simply has too much armor. Combine that with the competitions that happen in store with big prizes, and I end up finding people who are learning how to wield their net-list to the fullest extent.

Though, "comp stomp" is fun. Sometimes, we end up with 3 people who show up to game. The odd man out will pick one of our house armies, 'nids, 'chaos, or orkz, and just make the biggest list they can. The other two work together to complete the objective, or survive the longest. Its great for laughs and has more narration than regular games, I think. When you get three fully painted armies on a painted table full of terrain? It's a lot of fun.

#228 Posted by Mnemoidian (1010 posts) -

@LibraryDues: Nice going - I like the white plates with the Snow-planet theme on the bases - seems very appropriate for the adaptable Tyranid :)

#229 Posted by GunslingerPanda (5032 posts) -

Some base inserts for my Malifaux stuff that I'm quite happy with:

First time doing candles and I'm quite happy with how they came out.

#230 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4033 posts) -

@LibraryDues: Those Nids look great

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This thread inspired me to try painting miniatures myself. I've wanted to try it for a while, but didn't really know where to start. While researching ways to get into the hobby I found this paint set. It came with four full sized bottles of reaper paint, six sample size reaper paints, and the two models pictured below. I had a lot of fun painting these, though I think the paint job on the guard is complete ship. I do like how I painted the rat though.

#232 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4033 posts) -

@hinderk: Nice job, those look awesome specially for your first go! Keep it up, you'd be surprised how quickly you get better with practice.

#233 Posted by CornishRocker (405 posts) -

I bought the Tau and Ork starter kits back when I was 14. I never really played the game much but I loved painting the models. Most of them are in my parents' attic gathering dust, but I do keep one little model I made of an Ork killing a Firewarrior with me:

#234 Posted by AngryForrestt (27 posts) -
Assault Terminator with thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
Space Marine Captain with Relic Blade, Storm Shield and Jump Pack

I decided to only show some of my favorite models i currently have done. I've been painting and playing for about a year now so my paint job isn't super fantastic but i think my conversion on my captain was pretty good. I used Necromunda Spryer wings for a jump pack which worked pretty well. The termie took a while but he came out a little better since he is not a pewter model. Oh and just for anyone who cares this is my custom chapter called the Warp Seers, a successor chapter to the White Scars.

#235 Posted by Jeffsekai (7156 posts) -

@AngryForrestt: Those are pretty sweet, duder.

#236 Posted by Stingraymond (86 posts) -

Oooh I would if I didn't have a life.

#237 Posted by AngryForrestt (27 posts) -

@Stingraymond: Oh trust me having a life doesn't stop people from dedicating some time to these things. I even have a girlfriend and paint models and play some large games........although she plays too and snap my space marines with the powers of chaos.......alot. :)

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Hi Guys, I was just looking around and came across this site, I love your paint job a lot (to everybody on this page)!! I have just started painting again after a lonng time and I would love to know what you guys think?? I have been painting Orks and some space wolves (keeps me away from uni work :p). I dont play Warhammer but just really enjoy painting them. Any feed back would be awesome. Here is my Ghazghkull Thraka so far, needs the boss pole, horns, grenades and tidying up. (P.S. These are the best photos i could get on my camera, I hope they are ok)

Thanks, Kubbs

#240 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4033 posts) -
@illkubb nice job dude that's a great look warboss. Welcome to the site!
#241 Posted by illkubb (3 posts) -

@TheSouthernDandy: Thanks man!!! Yeah im still figuring out how to use this site in the best most effective way. Thank you dude for the positive feedback!! Means a lot!!! If you fancy a little look at other orks i have been working on I can post some more images. Also I was wondering if you have any good tips/tricks for painting bones (mainly horns)?? I had a chat with the people in my nearest gamesworkshop (Bath, UK) and they wer very helpful but more ideas would be awesome man!!

#242 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4033 posts) -

@illkubb: Yeah dude, throw em up for sure, this threads been too quiet lately. As for tips I'm a noob myself so I don't know how much I could contribute.

#243 Posted by jakob187 (22433 posts) -

I would've posted the D&D mini that I painted (which is the only mini I've EVER painted), but that thing looks shameful in comparison to this shit.

#244 Posted by Mnemoidian (1010 posts) -

Yeah, work has me a bit down, so I've not really had the inspiration to paint in a while, though the interest still burns :)

I was hoping the rumored Tau refresh would get my friends interested again, but since that rumor turned out to be a lie I'm not sure if they'll ever go back to WH40k. Ah well.

@illkubb: For painting natural materials (like bone/horns/grass/etc) I usually do an Image search to get an idea of what the material I want to paint *actually* looks like (as opposed to what I think it looks like), and often I also research how other people handle that material - keep in mind that 28mm miniatures are fairly exaggerated, so it's ok if you exaggerate a bit painting as well. I think that most of the time, the best results come from targeting somewhere between "what you think something looks like" and "what it actually looks like".

Ultimately, though, I tend to employ a strategy of paint -> wash -> paint -> wash -> paint (etc, until effect is reached) for shading and highlighting as I tend to use bright colors with low opacity (red, yellow).

Basically, for horns and bone in general I'd use a base of Bleached Bone, then use Badab Black, Devlan Mud and Ogryn Flesh, while picking up details in Bleached Bone between washes (make sure it dries between each step!). Very similar to how I paint paper -

Then you have to decide if you want dark tips or bright tips. For Dark Tips, I'd probably use a dark brown, like Scorched Brown or Dark Flesh. For Bright tips, I'd just make the tip be clean Bleached Bone, with possibly a tiny bit of Skull White at the very tip/along the top ridge (as a high light).

... hope that helps!

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@LibraryDues: That Dread is sick.

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#247 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (7207 posts) -

I think it would be actually really cool to paint some of these. That would be a blast.

My thoughts exactly. I know itd be difficult with my extremely low vision, but I've seen hobbyist lamp-magnifiers that would possibly make it feasible. Might be a hobby I look into when I can afford it.

Anyways, cool thread, folks. Keep those pictures coming - you guys are definitely doing some awesome work here.

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This is about half my Chaos army.

My Tyranids, and the rest of my Chaos are at a friends, but I can say that on the Chaos end theis army is missing 1 Dreadnought, about 40 Chaos Marines, 15 Terminators, 2 Oblitirators, 10 Chosen, Abaddon, Typhus, 2 Chaos lords, 6 Bikes, and some other things I am forgeting, OH! And a Chaos Baneblade.

I have about the same amount points wise with my Tyranids, I will snap a picture of them all together at one point.

Here are some older Pictures of other stuff of mine too.

Black legion and World Eaters together again.

This is a small fraction of my Tyranids, I will take more pictures when I can.

@thesoutherndandy: By the by, your thread's alive again duder!

#249 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4033 posts) -

@big_jon: Heey it's back!

That is some nice work dude the Brass Scorpion is pretty rad. Looking at it is giving me the itch to get my brush out again.

#250 Posted by big_jon (6249 posts) -

@thesoutherndandy: Yeah dude, it's a beast, I got it painted the way it is in the first picture, so I am just picking up where the other guy left off.