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So, I think it's time for another one of these threads.

And for everyone to show their internet E-penis!


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I Think there was a thread about this already...

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@SexyToad said:

I Think there was a thread about this already...

There have been many threads about this......Anyways

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It's not bad, upload speed is garbage but oh well.

#5 Posted by DuskVamp (720 posts) -

Not great, but we're having our new ISP installed next week and we're expected to get around 56Mb so I can't wait :D

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I am not showing my e-penis to Morgan Freeman.

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Not bad for dsl
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I bet you are pitying me right now ..........

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@Contrarian I'm so sorry. I thought mine was bad
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It was at 100mbps down but then it got throttled.

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@Sackmanjones said:

@Contrarian I'm so sorry. I thought mine was bad

You aren't going to find many this bad. That is satellite for you.

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You guys do know that SpeedTest has nothing to do with actual speed, but latency from/to the selected server, right?

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1.3 second ping is hilariously bad.

I got 6mbs/0.6mbs/10ms but it's cheap and unlimited and thats how I like it.

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DSL. It's better than Contrarian's but not by much.

Yeah, America's broadband infrastructure is ready for an online-only console.

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Too many of these.

Also fuck you guys. Seriously. I have to deal with this shit: EDIT: Well, nevermind. I just saw

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I could double up but then i'd have a 100gb cap. Ya I like my games to still come in a box.

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Yep. This computer is connected to our modem via WiFi. I'm guessing that effects my speedtest results but I'm not sure because I don't know anything.

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Really good but shit if I ever actually get downloads that go close to that fast.

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awww yeah.

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Optical fiber <3

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Kind of pissed, I should be hitting 50.
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Wow, I thought mine would be on the high end, but so many people here have more than 50mbps.

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@zudthespud said:

awww yeah.

Holy fucking shit.

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Meh, good enough for youtube clips. 
#28 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

@Contrarian: I feel a little better about my speed test now.

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Download speed 5.59 and Upload speed 0.62 but i'm currently at a hotel in Berlin, so I don't want to post my result because everything's in German.

And it's soon 2am over here. Tomorrow I shall visit Alexanderplatz!

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Not bad

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There's a thread every week on this and every time I'm reminded that my Comcast internet is not as awesome as the people who post in it ;_;

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@mmzOne said:

Meh, good enough for youtube clips.

What the holy fuck? My DP is a picture of god, and even I think that's out of this world.

@Dany said:

I am not showing my e-penis to Morgan Freeman.

C'mon.... just a little?

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I recently switched over to Optimum Online from a terribly slow and unreliable provider.  Pretty happy with it thus far.

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@zudthespud said:

awww yeah.

Where in the world can you get a connection like that?...

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I win!

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@SmilingPig said:

I win!

How'd you manage to hold a sausage, a tape measurer and a camera at the same time?

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ok so I have no idea how to embed a link here, or something. but
Dowload: 10.79
Upload: 0.78
Ping: 77

See if this works, my ping is so gd awful.
I have no download limit so that kinda makes up for it being slow sometimes.
I am thinking about upgrading to 100mb fibre in a few weeks though

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@MrCandleguy said:

@SmilingPig said:

I win!

How'd you manage to hold a sausage, a tape measurer and a camera at the same time?

I think thats the point of him winning......what he is using.

Thank you Richard Branson!

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#43 Posted by Dethfish (3744 posts) -

I'm always so jealous of other countries internet speeds. I think the fastest I can get around here is 50 mbps and I'm only getting that if I pay a crazy amount of money. I suppose I can live with my 30 mbps for now (which still ain't cheap) but I want it faster damn it!! This is 2012 for crying out loud. I want my 100+ speeds.

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@Guided_By_Tigers said:

@Contrarian: I feel a little better about my speed test now.

Even that villager in Niger feels better!!!!

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Dat ping!

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@SmashingTimes: @Riddell:@mmzOne: @zudthespud:@rjzturner:

Fuck you

I actual get a max of 1.2 mb/s down and 0.2 m/s up with a ping of 32 which i'm fine with.

@SmilingPig said:

I win!

Nearly mate, nearly......

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Up sucks, but it's also free...so I'm satisfied.
And here's my connection to GB HQ (San Fran anyway)
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Poor Americans. You guys really should topple down the buildings of your ISPs.

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