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Shrove/Pancake Tuesdays a coming' which means pancakes! To make things interesting, me and a friend have decided to eat pancakes with whatever I can find in our houses. Thing is, I'm not sure what to eat it with. The only interesting thing we've thought up is is Marmite and Ketchup. So, any ideas anyone?
And a side note, what are you guys going to do?

(Yeah I know this is a piss poor topic but I've got four hours to kill.)

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Sounds gross. I just go with sugar.
As for my plans...eat pancakes, vomit, repeat.

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I think the only thing I'm capable of at this point is learning more about this Shrove Tuesday thing.  Any day that is an excuse for pancakes is worthy of international support.

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I still think it's a fucking disgusting Idea.
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I love Pancake Tuesday. I used to be able to cook pancakes at work in previous years but not this year so I'll have to buy some on the way into work. And if you put marmite, ketchup or both on your pancakes you dont deserve them. I like many things on mine but maple syrup is usually fall back condiment in a pinch.

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@Red12b: So do I but I'm still fucking doing it!
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Marmite is rank so..
im just gonna stick with butter sugar and lemon
maybe go with some peanut butter 
but we'll be having them for dinner (students) cos.. none of us will be awake that early :P

nom nom nom
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I'd completely forgotten about shrove tuesday. Well I never did anything for it back home, I doubt that'll change now, but yeah Ketchup or marmite on pancakes would be just vomit inducing, I wouldn't suggest trying it.

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@eroticfishcake said:
" @Red12b: So do I but I'm still fucking doing it! "
Good man, I like your conviction, 
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Just throwing this out there... What do we feel is the policy of crepe's on Pancake Tuesday? I was thinking about where to get some on the way to work and except for shitty Macca's hotcakes my best choice is this awesome crepe shack. But I mean it's crepe's, does that really count?

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Sugar and lemon, Nutella and banana. Can't wait

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@Gav47 said:
" Sugar and lemon, Nutella and banana. Can't wait "
Oh man. I haven't had nutella for years. Nice suggestion. I want some now.