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So Gary Whitta just tweeted this video and I have to say some of the responses are hilarious and also incredible that the thing works. If this is Youtube spam I am sorry but I just had to share this with the GB community.

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So it actually works? That's cool, I can see myself using that in the car with Sync. Now I'm tempted to get it, I'll wait as long as I can for the Nokia event though.

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Okay mind blown. I was so skeptical, but that's fucking amazing.

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That is pretty slick, kudos to apple for making that a reality. I want to see this work in a noisy environment though, rarely do i need to do something as silly as that when its completely silent.

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@LiquidPrince: I was skeptical but when I saw it actually booking those dates and long ass reminders quickly I was impressed. Also the meaning of life responses were quite funny.

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Hot damn, I need this.

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I like how you can have conversations with it. Apple is going to sell gangbusters with the Apple certified fleshlight add-on for 4S.

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Ugh, I know I'm going to cave eventually and buy it.

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@yoshimitz707: I bet this will come out for iPad and Mac too eventually.

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@msavo said:

@yoshimitz707: I bet this will come out for iPad and Mac too eventually.

But I want it on my iPhone 4! I just someone figures out how to make it work on the 4 and puts it on Cydia.

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Neat, but still a novelty.

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Holy fuck.

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@extremeradical said:

Neat, but still a novelty.

The Eliza aspect is the novelty, the rest is pure functionality.

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Meh, it fails the Turing test. Thank god for Turing, or this phone would have just been in insignificant gimmick. Phone does look cool. I like the Android. Have to admit iPhone make cool gifts, especially if you want your gf to play games that involve touch.

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Damn thats pretty cool, but i think i would probably use it once and then not use it again.

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That's pretty awesome, hopefully it works well with the Australian accent.

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Pretty impressive indeed, but then again I do not want some smartass AI talk back at me like that, makes me wanna destroy it with a hammer. Still prefer a quiet smartphone than a loud and noisy one.

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Once they open up Siri to third party developers... the sky is the goddamned limit!

Imagine not only searching for restaurants... but booking tables! Heck, find plane tickets, get hotel rooms, create amazing interactive voice games for children (and ChildMen).. etc etc etc.

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What impresses me the most is that this guy has a pretty bad accent yet it still understands him very well.