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@Bredston said:

I smell like poop.

Not surprised. 
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I can wait!

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Non sequitur comment about waiting for Skyrim.

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PRELOAD! GODDAMN IT LET ME PRELOAD! I dont know why I want to preload so badly as I still cant play the game until midnight on Thursday/Friday.

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I can wait!

I have to wait! Stupid Thermofluids test next tuesday. DAMN YOU SCHOOOOOOOOL!!!!

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@RollingZeppelin: On the day of Skyrim I have a critical thinking exam.

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@hidys: That's easy, just say everything is shallow and pedantic. But seriously, at least you can play after the test is over. I'm gonna have to spend all weekend studying, that means no Skyrim till at least Tuesday night. I'll probably have too much work to do after that anyway what with projects and assignments and labs, fuck, engineering is frustrating.

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Anyone know if you can install mods easily on the steam version? Like how was it for Oblivion? Seems like it would be a pain in the ass with the different directories and steam stuff mixed in.

EDIT: In my curiosity I forgot to excite OHMAHGAWDTWODAYS >_<

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I'm getting angry that Skyrim isn't out yet.