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I just watched the QL on the Sleeping Dogs DLC and it looks damn fun! Can anyone comment on the fun factor of Sleeping Dogs or SR3? Both are open world and seem ridiculous! Just what I need after giving up on AC3. Graphics aren't as important unless one or the other has some awful glitches. I'm only getting one btw.

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flip a coin. both are fantastic

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I had a terrible glitch in SR3 where one of the boss encounters simply never worked. He would consistently merge with geometry forcing me to restart. Unfortunately, it didn't work when resetting to before I had picked the mission up so I had to restart the game after 7-8 hours. It was fun, but I didn't think it was as great as Jeff/Ryan did.

With SD, however, I only had one or two bad things happen and they were both relatively small. An "extra" statue collectible was apparently underneath the freeway, and people sometimes became one with the concrete. It's my GOTY still. Either way, both are good games I just had more fun with Sleeping Dogs.

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Is SR3, Saints Row The Third? Because if so, it's SRtT, not SR3. If not, well I don't know what the fuck SR3 is.

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@Napalm: Given the context of his post, this is just being pedantic.

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@SirOptimusPrime: TNGSitSRF is the newest game. Are you ready?

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I wish Sleeping Dogs was the 2012 Endurance Run, I could watch Vinny play though that whole campaign, would of been a great ER.

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@Napalm said:

Is SR3, Saints Row The Third? Because if so, it's SRtT, not SR3. If not, well I don't know what the fuck SR3 is.

Restrain yourself, sir! He clearly means Saints Row The Third. Never seen anyone refer to it as SRtT (although, granted, that would make more sense).

I'd do what suggests and flip a coin. I'd keep flipping it til you hit Sleeping Dogs, though. SR3 is hot garbage.

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I liked Sleeping Dogs overall more, mostly because the story was more compelling to finish. While SR3 has many cool missions, the story that  strings them together is pretty weak and I just don't feel like playing it that much.

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I would say SDs, that game is totally underrated and fantastic. However, if you want something over-the-top crazy, SR3. There's plenty of open world mayhem and throwing people in trunks if you want, but the main story has a lot of characterization with a story that is the typical undercover agent in too deep (ala Infernal Affairs). Not sure what system that you're playing on, but the graphics on the PC version of SDs is stunning. If you are going PC, definitely SDs.

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They are very different in tone, regardless of how great it is to watch Vinny terrorize Hong Kong. Both great games, but SD is grounded far more in reality than Saints Row

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Sleepy Dogs by a country mile.

SR3 tried too hard to be funny and the gameplay was boring and buggy (for me at least).

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@SharkEthic said:

SR3 is hot garbage.

You're an ass and I'm going to beat the crap out of you!

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@Napalm said:

@SharkEthic said:

SR3 is hot garbage.

You're an ass and I'm going to beat the crap out of you!

With a giant purple dildo? Because that shit was hiLARious!

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@Bourbon_Warrior: That's an amazing idea! I second this motion.

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I loved Sleeping Dogs, I couldn't get into Saints Row

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Sleeping Dogs is the better overall game to me, Saints Row was great and had a lot of baller moments, but the combat in Sleeping Dogs is really, really fun and I like the open world better even though you do not have parachutes and crazy jets, and the story is also "better". Oh, and the DLC looks fantastic, I've bought both a few days ago, so I'm excited to get back into it.

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@SirOptimusPrime: I learned a new word today (pedantic)!

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@SharkEthic said:

@Napalm said:

Is SR3, Saints Row The Third? Because if so, it's SRtT, not SR3. If not, well I don't know what the fuck SR3 is.

Restrain yourself, sir! He clearly means Saints Row The Third. Never seen anyone refer to it as SRtT (although, granted, that would make more sense).

I'd do what suggests and flip a coin. I'd keep flipping it til you hit Sleeping Dogs, though. SR3 is hot garbage.

@SerHulse said:

Sleepy Dogs by a country mile.

SR3 tried too hard to be funny and the gameplay was boring and buggy (for me at least).

@Kidavenger said:

I loved Sleeping Dogs, I couldn't get into Saints Row

I knew I wasn't the only one who thought Saints Row the Third was nothing close to "great"!

Anyway, Sleeping Dogs, with one caveat - it isn't as goofy as Vinny makes it out to be. It is if you try to be that way often, but when I actually play the game I find myself playing it much straighter, and Vinny said much the same in the QL about how he actually played the game. Within reason, I mean, it's an open world crime game, some people are going to get run over and traffic laws are by no means going to be obeyed unless that's necessary to progress. And of course every time I run out of my apartment I jump-kick whichever poor soul happens to be standing outside my door.

But it really comes down to choice, you can go through the entire game in your underwear if you want to, and that's a million times funnier than anything in Saints Row the Third simply because it clashes with the tone of the game.

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Don't make me choose between my children!

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@djou: Thanks for the post. Playing on PS3. The PCs graphics do look fantastic, but I haven't invested in a gaming quality PC since the original Starcraft.

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It depends entirely on how much "fun" you want to have. Saints Row is incredibly more goofy and has a lot of fun of itself while Sleeping Dogs is technically a better game, but way more grounded.  
As for bugs, I never had a single issue with Saints Row, and that was playing through it twice. I can't comment on Sleeping Dogs as I'm not terribly deep in it, but it seems fine as well.  
Both games play just fine. Sleeping Dogs has better melee combat, but Saints Row lets you level into a god-like being... so... yeah.  
As much as people like to be contrarian, there's a reason Saints Row the Third was a GotY contender when it came out.

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I think it depends on what kind of tone you're looking for. Sleepy Dawgs is more of a blend of GTA's story and Yakuza's (yes I know SD is in Hong Kong), along with Yakuza's need to put really weird subgames in. Saints Row is more about irreverent humor and player empowerment through ridiculous missions and character upgrades.

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I never found the actual game of Sleeping dogs to be that fun. Watching Vinny dick around, sure, but playing through the game wasn't that interesting. It felt very much like GTA4 to me, going through the motions of yet another run-of-the-mill crime drama. SR3 on the other hand was just nuts, doing completely dumb and silly things. If you just wanna dick around Sleeping dogs is a fine game (especially with the focus on melee combat), but I never found the activities to be that great and if I want an open-world melee game I'd much rather play Arkham or AC.

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I consider Sleeping Dogs to occupy a kind of middle ground between GTA4's gritty aspirations and SR3's all-out goof. There's definitely something unforgettable about SR3, especially if you play some of it in coop; just something about the outlandishness of the game world, the overall aesthetic presentation and the antics you get up to, take it to a dream-like plane of batshittery that I don't think any other game has achieved.

However I think Sleeping Dogs is a better, more fulfilling game. Most of the time in SR3 I felt like I was enjoying myself despite the gameplay mechanics, rather than because of them. The story was also one of very few stories in the last decade to do a complete fly-by on me; I pretty much never knew wtf was going on, so never cared about it much. In SD I feel like I get enjoyment from every part of it - the combat, the driving, the deliberately overdone HK cop schtick story, and all the Cantonese cacophony and wet neon that makes up the atmos of Hong Kong. SR3 feels too daunting to return to, whereas I feel like I could return to SD for a re-play any time, simply because it's so fun. However it feels pretty damn short for an open world game, that's SD's main failing.

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Saints Row 3 is fucking trash and plays terribly. The story is briefly entertaining in patches, but the world is woefully under-developed and isn't very much fun to play in.

After two hours I can tell you that Sleeping Dogs is infinitely more entertaining. It has a hard-boiled story (trashy, but fun) and solid-ass combat.

Of course, everyone here loves it, so weigh up your choices.

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If you were on PC you could have easily gotten both for like $15-$20

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Well, since both offer you dozens of hours of fun and both can be picked up for around $20, I'd say get both.

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Since the full package of SR3 is on steam sale for $15, definitely get it as it's worth it. Sleepy dogs is good from the look of it so why have to make a choice? Get one cheap now & when done go into the other.

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@Artof_War: I played on PS3 as well. This is one of the easiest platinum trophies out there, if that matters to you. I got it in about 28 hours with only a few hours of grinding and plenty of fucking around in between.

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SR3 is way crazier and has way more Highs in the stuff you end up doing in missions, Sleepy Dogs is cool but SR3 is still awesome'er.

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Depends on the tone of game you want. They both have pretty good combat with Saint's Row having better third person shooting and Sleepy Dogs having really good melee combat similar to something like Batman. They both dabble in the other and don't go into depth on either game. Sleepy dogs is a much more serious game and has a really good storyline. Saint's Row's main plot isn't great but the characters personalities are great and there are plenty of good jokes. I would say that Saint's Row has more mission variety and is willing to be crazier. The side missions for both games are not great.

I personally prefer Saint's Row The Third and I think it is a better game overall but it depends on what you want out of a game.

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I enjoyed both, but I'll pick Sleeping Dogs. What Saints Row has going for it is in terms of story design, it throws shit at you and you're constantly like, "I'm where? Doing what?" However, actually doing 'what' isn't as fun on any level as it is in Sleeping Dogs. Basically, they're two branches of evolution of the open world experience. Saints Row 3 says "People like to fuck around in ridiculous ways in our semi-realistic open worlds, let's give them more ways to fuck around". Sleeping Dogs says "People like to play games set in realistic open worlds, even when the gameplay isn't actually good. But what if it was?"

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It's close , but I would vote Sleepy Dogs .

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@M_Shini said:

but SR3 is still awesome'er.

Be my girlfriend, plz.

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Sleeping Dogs all the way. 

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Saint's Row gives you access to great explosive weapons and tanks on, like, the third mission. It's a lot more about just having fun and not taking anything seriously. It was 2012's GOTY for a reason. But hey, you probably can't go wrong with Sleeping Dogs either.

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As others have stated, it depends on what you're looking for in terms of experience.

If you're looking for a stupid fun, SR3 is the right answer. If you're looking for a crime drama that is more in the vein of a GTA, Sleeping Dogs.

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As someone who enjoyed both experiences, I'd say go with Sleeping Dogs. It's just a really good blend of realism, ridiculousness and fun gameplay mechanics. Also it looks pretty. You can always get SR3 when it's cheap (if it's not cheap currently) or you can simply watch all the good parts on youtube.

@Napalm said:

@M_Shini said:

but SR3 is still awesome'er.

Be my girlfriend, plz.


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Sleeping Dogs for me. I had zero fun with Saint's Row's gameplay. The stupid story and characters made this game, but even on that I feel like GB oversold it a tiny bit. "Dude there's Burt Reynolds in this game !", yeah you see him in one cut-scene, which by the way lasts maybe 2 minutes...

Both games are great though, it really is a toss-up.

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Saints Row is great and all the people telling you otherwise are crazy.

Sleeping Dogs has the superior combat mechanics, city, and graphics, but in comparison to Saints Row, it loses in terms of mission design, storyline, characters, art style, and soundtrack.

Where Saints Row is a nigh-uncrippled achievement, Sleeping Dogs is slightly under-par for the high standards of the genre in several categories. I really like both games, so you can't actually "go wrong," but you should really play Saints Row: The Third.

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Saints Row has more variety, Sleeping Dogs is more focused. Saints Row is cheaper, especially on the PC if that's an option. Both are better than GTA4.

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I enjoyed Saints Row 3 a ton... on co-op. I think for me, it would have never been the same without it. I brought Sleeping Dogs the next day after the GB Quick Look and I have been enjoying it immensely… without co-op.

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Sleepy Dogs, dawg. It's fucking great.

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Definitely Sleeping Dogs for me. There were some funny and clever moments in Saint's Row the Third, but it was an absolute bore to play. Sleeping Dogs has fun melee combat and I enjoyed the gunplay too and the whole setting was really fun... SRtT presents itself best in a 15min youtube compilation, sorry Jeff & Ryan.

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I loved Sleeping Dogs so much I basically plowed through it very thoroughly in a concentrated amount of time.

I got about halfway into Saints Row the Third but unfortunately it didn't click with me as much so I never really went back after I got into other games. As others have mentioned, the gameplay isn't too exciting. I'll have to revisit it and see if I can really get into it, though.

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My favorite open-world game is Sleeping Dogs, after Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. With that said, I like both, but for different reasons. I prefer the story and atmosphere in Sleeping Dogs. When I just want to be really crazy and screw around I prefer Saints Row: The Third; Sleeping Dogs offers that too, but I feel like SR3 is designed in such a way that it's more encouraged. Anyway, both are excellent games and worth checking out.