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Not sure if this is a bug, not sure what this counts as, just looking for advice. I have a fairly solid internet connection, I can download files pretty quickly and stream videos no problem, however Justin TV is painfully slow for me if I try and watch it live and even the archived videos take an age to download. The speeds on those archived versions are between 20kB/s and 30kB/s, it has even gone as low as 10kB/s at times. I live in the UK so is that why? Do Justin TV have poor bandwidth ever here or something? Is this a thing that other people have noticed? I really, really, don't think my internet is bad. You know? So I'm baffled.
What's more frustrating is that the big live show was impossible for me to watch live and the archived versions, at 1.6gb per section, are going to take between 16 and 20 hours to download. This is what makes me think perhaps I have a weird connection to justin TV as the other day I downloaded Lair of the Shadowbroker, about 1.5gb, in a couple of hours. Does anyone know if there are any common problems that might be slowing my connection down of if it's just a UK thing? 
I'm using firefox 3.6 to do this, if that has any bearing on any advice.

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man, that sucks

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Yeah, I've kind of just lived with it for TNT, but the prospect of waiting three or four days to download all of the Big Live show has me really bummed out.

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Not sure man, but personally you didn't miss much. There was a few good segments, but over all it wasn't all that entertaining to watch. The comic vine stuff was especially painful to watch.
Only thing I can suggest is to just start downloading it when you go to bed at night or when away from the home.

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I'm watched The Big Live LIve Show Live from London, U.K and had close to no problems watching it - Who's your ISP? I did had to refresh the stream about 3 times but apart from that watched it in HD which was great. I'm with BT who are usually total garbage.

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I'm with Virgin, which is normally great. I just have no idea why this is the case and it's real frustrating.