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I would eat 24 eggs over a 3 week period or so. not at once. Heart attack risk yo.

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Smash Mouth is the greatest band of all time, he can do whatever the fuck he wants....if he doesn't want to eat eggs then that's fine with me.

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That dude's got some eyebrows.

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I would let 1000 children die before I put that much cholesterol into my body.  I am with Smash Mouth guy on this one.

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My brother can't eat more than a few of eggs without getting sick. 24 is too many. This guy might die... What a fucking stupid request.

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I wouldn't never 24 eggs for anything i dont care what it is.

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@LordXavierBritish said:

he [Steve Harwell] has flat out ignored their request along with the cries of the hundreds of Smash Mouth and charity fans pleading him to do the right thing for no good reason.This kind of behavior is not only rude, it is completely unacceptable.

I Would say it was rude not to ask the guy first.

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Is this a real story? If not then please stop bugging Steve Harwell. If so then I don't see why Harwell eating those eggs should be a qualifier for that money getting to charity. There's no reason that people couldn't respect Harwell's right to do what he wants to do and give to charity.

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since when does the make a wish foundation SAVE children? lol? fuck, these forums are awful lately

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@LordXavierBritish: Something about this don't seem right. Make a wish foundation is about making the wishes of kids come true, like kids wanting to meet celebrities or be in the cockpit of an airplane or something. Also, most of those kids are terminal and probably are gonna die. So no, no dying children would be saved because that not what make a wish does. The only way this would even make sense is if for some reason, a kid's wish was for this guy is to eat 24 eggs, and even then that's a weird wish. My memories of Smashmouth and Shrek songs growing up are much better than this fishy scheme. So I'm gonna flag this since I rather not have Smashmouth be bothered by some internet prank. 
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Smash Mouth - 90s sensation?
The most sensational thing about the 90s is Kenan and Kel.

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He also wouldn't suck 24 dicks for charity but I'm not about to call him out for that either.

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Absolutely nothing about this scenario makes any sense to me.

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24 eggs is a lot of eggs. 

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I would eat 24 dying children to save the eggs.

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Shit! Eating 24 eggs saves dying children? 
I'll get the eggs!

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@DeeGee: @DeeGee said:

What the fuck will a man eating eggs on camera do to save dying children?

my thoughts, exactly. Shouldn't they be sending those eggs to the starving children instead?!?

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What exactly is eating 24 eggs going to help? Just write a check and skip the theatrics.

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Hey guys I'll donate to charity only if someone licks two jars worth of mayonnaise off my taint!

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The reactions to this thread are great.

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Oooooh, it's a joke. I get it, you sly dog you. Quite elaborate.

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How is eating 24 eggs going to save those kids, if make a wish already has the money they should just give it.

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theres nothing 'rock and roll' about refusing to help children, smashmouth

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well good for him i guess. at least he can donate money.

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I wouldn't have done it either.

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I'm assuming this a joke, but if not, charity should not be conditional, otherwise it becomes payment for products or services. In which case, "smashmouth" has right to not take part in the transaction.  Furthermore, do not try to guilt him or the gb community about "how we don't care about dying children if we do not urge him to eat eggs",  following that logic we would be horrible people if we did not harass wealthy individuals to give to charity, or give money ourselves.  
Besides all that, this made me lol:


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God this is stupid.

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@Sparklykiss said:

@ProfessorEss said:

@Sparklykiss said:

Are they deviled eggs? Because I'll eat that many. Just give me a few days off from the world afterwards.

If they're deviled then I'd say you gotta eat 48 of them seeing as the standard deviled egg is made from half an egg.

My mind and body are ready. I know that it wouldn't be a true 2 dozen otherwise.

Okay. Just making sure yer not trying to pull a fast one.
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@LiquidS said:


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Wait... am I confused?

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I will agree to eat twice that many eggs under two conditions: 
A)The kids get the money and, 
B)I never have to hear smashmouth again. 
Anyone with a serious offer is encouraged to contact me via Giant Bomb.

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Leave the poor man alone! 24 eggs is at least 20 eggs too many.

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This thread has made me question the existence of everything and everyone. My brain hurts...

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@CL60 said:

But it's a stupid request that makes absolutely no sense.

But he's a celebrity... so we have to force him to do anything we want... apparently.

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I'm completely on the Smash Mouth dudes side. Why the fuck should he eat 24 eggs? That doesn't help dying children. If anything, it helps make that dude extremely ill. I'm all for charity, but it should be down to the individual to make their own pledge... not practically forced upon them.

I hate how it's deemed as rude and unacceptable to ignore/refuse a charity... because it makes that individual feel like a complete prick and basically guilts them into doing/paying whatever the charity wants.

This is, and always has been the problem with charity's, they force it down your throat and expect you to bite. Fuck off, and let people approach you on their own accord.

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Whoever started this thread is a moron... Googling 'Steve Harwell - Make a wish' comes up with this: .... and nothing about fucking eggs.

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Why the hell would someone refuse to give money to charity unless some retarded stunt was pulled off by a band that isn't even near relevancy anymore?

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How would eating 24 eggs do anything for dying children? Couldn't the children use the nutrients in those eggs more than this guy? Why not give them the eggs? Do they hate children?!

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This sounds like a Saw thing. 
Regardless, it's kind of a ridiculous request. I would just deny it and then donate a buttload of money to the foundation. And even then, as far as I understand, Make a Wish foundation doesn't really save children. Isn't it for helping kids cope with terminal illness by making a wish of theirs come true? I think I remember hearing a news story about a kid who wanted to be a super-hero for a day, so the foundation put this huge thing together that had Spider-man giving the kid instructions, and the kid having a lightsaber. It was cute, but it wasn't something life-saving.  
Reminds me of this Onion video.

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@jams said:

Why don't the people that are trying to make him eat 24 eggs just give the fucking money? That's what's really selfish.

This, with lots of exclamation points and head shaking.

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You can't force someone to do something in the name of charity - that's a massive dick move and the worst guilt trip you can pull. WELL DONE to Smash Mouth for resisting - THAT is character.

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Man, this has given me so many ideas on how to be legally sadistic and ruin the careers of others if I become a millionaire.  
Also, have there been any limits put on the eggs? Can they be extra small eggs? Can they be in an omelette? How fast does he have to eat them? Can they be chocolate easter eggs?

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@TaliciaDragonsong said:

Let the man do whatever the fuck he wants. Hell, let that charity give those 24 eggs to starving kids instead of wasting them.

Check and mate, TC.

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I'm not reading this, but I'll leave this here. IDGAF if it's been posted.

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He's not the one being rude; you are. He shouldn't have to eat 24 eggs for charity. Don't hassle him because he doesn't want to do something as stupid as eating 24 eggs.

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@example1013 said:

I'm not reading this, but I'll leave this here. IDGAF if it's been posted.

This thread would be 100x better if ever post were Paul Newman related.