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#1 Posted by white_sox (225 posts) -

As some of you may know, some parts of the Midwest are getting hammered with snow and freezing conditions right now. I live close to Lake Michigan, where we're accustomed to getting lake-effect snow fall, but the current conditions outside are more intense than what we're used to seeing. I haven't seen a car pass by for hours, all the schools are closed for tomorrow, and the visibility outside is extremely low.

I took that picture about 4 hours ago. Sorry about the low quality, but it shows how extreme the snow drifts are.

Anyways, anyone else going through (or preparing for - best of luck to those on the east coast) any winter conditions right now? What have you been doing to pass the time?

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Driving around, living my life? I understand we have had some fairly mild winters here in Chicago fro a few years, but man people have really forgotten how to deal with snow.

#3 Posted by DonChipotle (3030 posts) -

There was worse snow like two or three years ago in Chicago. God, we get one fairly dry winter and suddenly we forget how to handle snow.

#4 Posted by Zelyre (1372 posts) -

Yeah. Remember 2011? Those snow drifts buried cars. Trucks had to come in to haul away snow since streets had walls of snow 5'+ tall after they had been plowed.

This snow series of storms? They weren't bad. Snow plows and salt trucks were in full force. Yes, the streets were slushy and slick, but a little common sense means adding a few minutes to your commute and a few extra dozen feet between you and other cars.

Hopefully, those without homes get to shelters. But really, limit your exposure to the extreme cold, bundle up, and you'll be fine.

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There's an ice storm right now in Central NY. Yea weather has been real weird this winter. We've had at least four snow storms all followed by 45+ degree weather shortly before and/or afterwards along side below 0 degrees weather. It's January for pete's sake. Shouldn't be getting those type of high temperatures.

My sister's in Michigan right now, hope she's not driving.

#6 Posted by Kevin_Cogneto (1339 posts) -

Yeah, I don't get why everyone in Chicago is freaking out, this isn't that bad. I went to work the day of the 2011 blizzard, I doubt I'll be staying home tomorrow.

#7 Posted by alanm26v5 (545 posts) -

I think here in PA, where it's been unusually warm and rainy this weekend, everything's supposed to freeze overnight and get super cold.

#8 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3078 posts) -

-22 degrees with -55 degree wind chill here in Wisconsin WOOOOOOOOOOO

#9 Posted by Garfield518 (405 posts) -

Being in Winnipeg, Mars is looking like a pretty good place right now.

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I live near Seattle. I haven't seen snow in two years. I love the snow.


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I live right next to Lake Michigan as well, and University has been cancelled for tomorrow AND Tuesday. Everything's covered in the stuff, and what makes it worse is that I don't have snow tires. Driving through it is just a nightmare, especially when I go off of the main roads. It's nuts the amount of snow we're getting here, and I really wish it would just melt.

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Playing video games, drinking, wishing GB had some content to watch.

#13 Posted by fisk0 (5173 posts) -

We usually have quite a lot of snow in Sweden this time of year, but so far we really haven't had anything this winter, at least not in the southern parts of the country. It's been raining constantly for a couple of weeks, but usually the train services are entirely shut down for about 2-3 weeks due to heavy snow.

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Chicago's cold and all, but the snow doesn't seem too terrible. Cleaned up my car last night and knocked a bunch of ice off it, but that's expected during the season. I drive a rear wheel drive car so I do gotta be careful (especially since my area is hilly).

Regardless, traffic is apparently crazy so I'm going to the office that's 29 miles closer today. In the past week, fires on the highway are becoming a common occurrence for some reason.

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I live in Vancouver, WA and it hasn't even rained for the past month, which it strange, since it usually rains all the time here and the only month we don't get rain is August.

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@alanm26v5 said:

I think here in PA, where it's been unusually warm and rainy this weekend, everything's supposed to freeze overnight and get super cold.

Yeah, tomorrow might suck. This has been a weird winter, at least down Pennsylvany-way... "Hey, have some nice weathe-ICE EVERYWHERE SUCKER!"

#17 Posted by ch3burashka (5520 posts) -

I live near Seattle. I haven't seen snow in two years. I love the snow.


Liar, you saw it for half a day mid-December.

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Snow like hell yesterday, feels like I'm in Alaska. This pic is right outside my apartment.

#19 Posted by spilledmilkfactory (2049 posts) -

As an East Coast transplant in California, this is what I miss most.

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I also live right off of Lake Michigan. I have a 3ft snow drift in my road and its like -20 with wind chill. I don't think I'm going to work today.

#21 Posted by jNerd (2183 posts) -

It was -5 outside. Now it's 0. (:

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I live in Winnipeg. It's -49 today allegedly. Winnipeg radio tends to exaggerate. I still went to college this morning. My girlfriend went to work.

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I'm northeast Florida so no snow here (at least not yet) but the local weather says that it will be 12 degrees tomorrow. That's unheard of here. Seeing all of that snow around the country makes me miss living in New Jersey where I grew up. I haven't seen real snow in a good 13 years!

To the duders getting snowed in stay safe and stay warm. Its gonna be a rough winter!

#24 Posted by ArtisanBreads (4644 posts) -

As an East Coast transplant in California, this is what I miss most.

East Coast transplant down South, and I don't!

Just raining here in NC. But I hate the cold so I'm good.

#25 Edited by Deranged (1931 posts) -

It is absolutely brutal over here in Windsor! There's literally around three feet of snow in my driveway and I cannot even open the door without snow rushing in. Thankfully, the University closed down for today! :D

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I used to live next to Lake Superior, the "greatest" of the great lakes. Don't miss that one bit.

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I'm in Michigan, too. They're doing a pretty good job of keeping the roads plowed in my town, which is good because I need to venture out and get a hair cut later. I need to clear the driveway at some point, but I'd rather wait for the snow to stop, so I'll be indoors for awhile. I'm gonna play some Sleeping Dogs.

#28 Edited by Demoskinos (16297 posts) -

I got lucky. Live in PA we got some snow but not a whole lot. Mostly just frozen rain that left some slick spots on the road.

#29 Posted by GnaTSoL (841 posts) -

I'm in Florida...........

....I'm in Florida....

#30 Posted by Feels (118 posts) -

In Alberta, Canada...

During winter, that picture is more or less everyday over here. Some days worse, some days a little better. Mostly always cold

#31 Posted by HatKing (6448 posts) -

We had worse snow a few weeks ago, even. It's the wind chill and ridiculously low temperatures that are making this anything worth mentioning. Snow is drifting in weird ways, I guess. My front door is within an enclosed balcony/walkway, and it's somehow got about a foot of snow against it. Though, it would seem that my car didn't get buried this time, which is nice.

I went out and bought a bunch of food Saturday morning so that I wouldn't have to deal with this. But I'm sure the roads are fine by now, and I'm not terribly worried about low temperatures, so I might venture out later. If anything just to say I've been out in this.

#32 Posted by psylah (2273 posts) -

PA/NJ here.

It was maybe 6 inches of snow at the most? Not as much as I remember in years past.

Irregardless, my car was going nowhere and I had to catch a ride to the train.

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#34 Posted by Gruebacca (663 posts) -

In California, it's considered cold if you need a jacket or a long-sleeved shirt. If we somehow get the weather the Midwest is getting now, then fuck life!

#35 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6288 posts) -
@gnatsol said:

I'm in Florida...........

....I'm in Florida....

I'm in Georgia...........

....I'm in Georgia....

#36 Edited by charlie_victor_bravo (1203 posts) -

Mean while in Finland:

"Cross-country skiing relay will be held 6th of January 2014" Image taken 4th of Jan 2014.

No snow here, which is odd. Warm too. Just like in 2011...

#37 Posted by Veektarius (5332 posts) -

Not much to write home about from Long Island. A little jealous, but the weather's never been particularly cold since I got here.

#38 Posted by ripelivejam (6063 posts) -

#39 Posted by Teoball (673 posts) -

No snow around Oslo, Norway, lots of rain though. The local ski slope had to close down for the first time in 50 years too. This is weird.

#40 Posted by Scrawnto (2496 posts) -

No more snow today, but it is -15 F with a windchill of -39 F in Madison. This is the coldest weather I've ever been in.

#41 Posted by OneKillWonder_ (2009 posts) -

The snow doesn't really bother me that much. Yeah, it's a lot, but living in Chicago you learn to deal with it. The 2011 blizzard was three times worse. My street wasn't plowed until the next day, so I had to miss work because my street was covered in almost 2 feet of snow and I couldn't leave my home.

The temperature is what gets me, though. I don't care who you are, -50 degree wind chills are fucking nuts. You're a dumbass if you voluntarily go out when it's that cold. Luckily my work shift was cut short today, but I still don't feel good about leaving my car out in those temps for any amount of time.

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#43 Posted by spraynardtatum (4038 posts) -

The snow is nothing where I am but I have to leave work early today because of the cold. They also canceled tomorrow. My work never closes so this is pretty nuts.

#44 Posted by SomberOwl (861 posts) -

Yeah I am. I live in Canada right across the border from Buffalo, NY.

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As already mentioned, the snow in Chicago was much worse a few years ago. However, my camera lasted about twenty minutes before the shutter began to malfunction - partially because it's cheap, but mostly because it is ungodly cold outside. The wind stings you instantly. Also, fuck whoever called dibs on their parking spot by sticking a broken plank into an old fruit basket. God that pisses me off.

#46 Posted by Xeiphyer (5680 posts) -

Lol Americans. I guess thats pretty crazy considering where most of you guys live, but as a Canadian it makes me giggle a little bit. They all look like a typical winter day in most of Canada.

We have been having one of the snowiest winters in many years. Something like 3x as much snow as we normally get. Count yourselves lucky!

Snowdrifts y'all

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@feels said:

In Alberta, Canada...

During winter, that picture is more or less everyday over here. Some days worse, some days a little better. Mostly always cold

word to this.

But you forgot to mention that little detail where winter runs October-March

#49 Posted by Hunter5024 (6358 posts) -

It's 59 degrees in Tucson right now. A bit chilly considering we've been having 70 degree weather the last week.

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@artelinarose said:

I live near Seattle. I haven't seen snow in two years. I love the snow.


Liar, you saw it for half a day mid-December.

I hear we got it, but I never saw it. It was gone before I woke up at noon.