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i created the dummy account got accepted by farmer lemon, but when i visit the dudes farm i cant do anything. theres like an icon on the middle right with the farming tools and the bag of fertilizer and clicking on that doesnt do anything.

so how does helping him work?

on a side note people are going to be quite surprised at lemon's farm when they do the next check in, shit looks crazy

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what i wanna know is how you find their farms or facebook accounts! but anyway i think just being their neighbor will help them do more stuff from the looks of it

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yeaaaaaaaaa Go Bodegabuttbarn!

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He's playing farmville every day. The only way you can help him now is with a bullet to the head. That, or a lobotomy.

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Yeah, I was wondering that myself. The interface for multiplayer interaction is so wonky I have a hard time figuring out whats going on or what I'm supposed to do for people.

It's really a horrible game.