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I was thinking and wondering what everyones work schedule through the week usually looks like. Here is a copy and paste of mine for next week and what it usually looks like anyways:

Sat 7/27/2013

-- Not Scheduled --

Sun 7/28/2013

7:00 AM - 2:00 PM




Mon 7/29/2013

2:00 PM - 11:15 PM




Tue 7/30/2013

12:45 PM - 10:15 PM




Wed 7/31/2013

9:30 AM - 7:00 PM




Thu 8/1/2013

7:00 AM - 4:00 PM




Fri 8/2/2013

-- Not Scheduled --



Looks like I got a back to back Friday and Saturday off, cool. So, the 1.00 means an hour break, and 0764 is the store number. So, what is everyone working this week?

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Um... Technically 40 hours/week Monday-Friday roughly around 9:30AM to 5:30PM?

Edit: I am on call every few weeks but we've spent enough time with management harping on high-availability and remote management that an automated page usually means making sure failovers have kicked in and will hold until someone capable is around to make repairs. Sometimes it is hard to sleep when the power's out for a long (long) stretch and I'm relying on fuel delivery to keep the generators running.

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I just got a callback for a job, sounds like I'll get it. Server maintenance crew position, the guy said late/swing shifts, weekends, on call damn near 24/7, overtime potential. Should be a pretty good gig.

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I'm working now. Have been since 10 AM. It's now 2 AM.

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Start: 8:30AM
Finish: When I decide to go to sleep or just decide I don't want to work anymore.

Working from home fucking sucks sometimes. There's no transition from work to home and everything just blurs together which for the most part just causes me to work more hours.

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The best thing about how I operate is that when I'm not at work, my job does not exist in my mind. It works well for me.

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@tycobb: I work from home rarely. Could do it more but yeah, either I just keep working until I go to bed, or I barely get anything done and feel like an ass. I'd rather just be in the office where I can focus better and GTFO when the time comes.

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Mon - Fri 1p-9p

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An hour before a fisherman enters port they'll radio the office, who will then call me. Some weeks I don't get called, some days I work 12 hours plus three in transit. It depends on which fishery is open. I never get advanced notice.

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I go to work Friday evening at 10:30PM. Leave the following morning at 10:45AM. Same thing goes Saturday evening, and I leave at Sunday morning. The rest of the week is off.

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Working television is fun. For the short term I'm working 3:30pm-11:45pm Tuesday-Saturday, while my wife works 9-5 mon-fri., so we don't get to spend much time together on weekdays.

The other awesome part is this could change at a moments notice, especially if there's some kind of disaster etc. I worked 12-16 hour days for almost 2 weeks after a recent train derailment in Quebec nearly incinerated an entire small town.

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@d_mac: Also work in TV. My schedule is 4pm-1am Thr-Mon. I've never had a "normal" 9-5 Mon-Fri in my life. Speaking of disasters, I worked 52 hours within 3 days, sleeping at work, during a hurricane a couple years ago. Television is glamorous...

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Mon-Fri. 8 AM - 4.30 PM. I get paid for 39.45 hours a week.

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I work an alternating 2 shift;

  • Monday through Thursday 6:00 am - 2:54pm with Friday 6:00 am - 12:24 pm.
  • Monday through Thursday 2:54 pm - 11:18 pm with Friday 12:24 pm - 6:48 pm.

Prefer the latter shift, as I am more of an evening person so going to the gym at midnight and sleeping in till around 10-11 am is pretty nice. Trying to get myself to bed so I can get up at 4:30 am for the early shift is much more of a chore.

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I work at Amazon so 3rd shift for me; I get pretty awkward times. :p

Thursday - Monday 6:30 pm - 5 am (no work on Saturdays, until peak anyways)

Overtime on Tuesdays 6:30 pm - 5 am (which I just had yesterday)

It is not really bad after getting used to it now. Though I wished I had more time to actually play video games on Wednesday and Saturday.

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I work for a school, so I have the normal "9-5" type job. My hours are usually Monday-Friday 8-4. Sometimes I will go to 5 if I have to get something done ASAP. My hours aren't concrete since my job is salary based. I never work on the weekends, which is really nice.

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I don't have a job, so I don't have a schedule as I would like to have. =-(

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8 am-5 pm Monday through Friday with no weekends. Technically I'm on call if one of my clients are hospitalized when I'm off but that hasn't happened yet. I also have to have a set number of education hours to keep my therapist license so those times vary each year.

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Monday through Friday night 12:00-8:30am when we are on a normal schedule. Often we are shorthanded so I end up working a couple of 12 hour shifts a week.

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My work schedule is flexible.

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Regular 9-5 Mon-Fri

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6am-2pm Mon-Fri

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I work 8 to 430 Monday through Friday.

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Kinging all the time.

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Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm. I work as a Junior Editor on an MTV Reality Show.

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8:30a - 5:30p


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6pm to 4am, four days a week. Which days vary. Then I go to school 8am to noon, Monday to Thursday.

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Thursday 9am-6pm.

Friday 9am-6pm.

Saturday 9am-6pm.

Sunday-Wednesday Off.

Total: 25.5 Hours a week.

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2pm to 11pm Sunday through Thursday 3pm to 2am Friday and Saturday. Every other sunday/Monday Tuesday/Wednesday off alternating. Casino management

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Sunday-Monday: 3pm-10pm

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: 4pm-10 pm

Thursday: 4pm-9pm

Friday-Saturday: Off

That is my current schedule but it fluctuates a fair amount week to week with this week being somewhat less hours then the norm. I'm currently working in a grocery store deli while going through school.

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Monday-Friday: 8 am to 5 pm.

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Minimum, I work Sunday "9a-11p", Tuesday "split shift 6a-9a then 2p-11p" and Thursday "2p-11p".

HOWEVER, It's residential care for autistic and behaviorly challenged individuals, so they are ALWAYS looking for ppl to cover shifts. Next week I work 49 hours, picking up extra shifts. Basically, if my clients are being good that day, I get to watch tv and play ds while getting time and a half! My job is awesome!!!

EDIT: Just wanted to add that the clients always come first, and they are awesome too! We only get free time when ALL of their needs are met. :)

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Currently on a 8 day rotation, 2 days/nights at 10 hrs starting 0600-1600 for days and 1600-0200 for nights. before i was on a 10 day rotation at 12.5 hrs, d/n 0530 - 1730 and 1700 to 0530. I don't have scheduled breaks and having more than 5 minutes off at a time is dififcult.