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Poll: So, I had Peach, Corn, Country Ham, and Ricotta Cheese Pizza tonight for dinner (87 votes)

Food is weird 14%
I find nothing wrong with this 44%
You need (more) therapy 9%
Results 5%

Hello duders,

So, I live in a pretty weird area of the country (Asheville, NC), and our restaurants in general are pretty rad, if a bit weird. So tonight my family had a dinner in memory for my Dad (his birthday, he died 14 years ago), and we went to a place called Cucina 24. They change their menu often, so it's always fun to see what they have, and looking at the very bottom of the page, the last item is this pizza. It seemed so dumb I had to have it just for the story, regardless if I liked it or not.

It was the most delicious thing I have had this entire summer.

Mind you, it was not a pizza in the way what most americans think pizza is, the dough was thin and cooked by itself, and the toppings were all cooked separately, the cheese was warm not melted, and no sauce other than some olive oil, but it calls itself Pizza and holy shit yes. I hate pineapple on Pizza, but man those peaches... fuck.

What is wrong with me?

(Sorry for no pictures, didnt bring my phone or think to ask my brother or mom)

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I've never really thought of having peaches on a pizza, but that sounds delicious.

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Get rid of the corn and it would sound terrific.

EDIT: I like corn, but while peaches, ham, and ricotta sound great together, the corn throws me.

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The f is country ham?

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@alexw00d said:

The f is country ham?

As far as I know, it's cured instead of smoked.

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Sounds like the Sinner's Pizza. Self inflicted punishment to atone for past sins. You're setting an example.

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Hang on, hang on, hang on: why would you just not bring your phone somewhere?

Why even have a phone?!

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@rick_fingers: Phones are tools of THE MAN. Down with the system! NO PHONES!

Also I would eat that Pizza so hard. Do want to try that at some point!

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@alexw00d: Yeah, but American. I've only seen it in Deadly Premonition, so I don't know the difference in taste.

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Don't see no issue with it.

Hell I had bbq pizza which was fucking amazing, everybody should have some bbq pizza every once in awhile.

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That's an insult to real pizza. You're fucking sick.

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Sounds ok, but I'm not generally a fan of sweet stuff on pizza. Pineapple or BBQ sauce? Nah.

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That sounds like something you'd find on a pizza in Japan.

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That not even remotely the weirdest pizza ive heard of.

People do some weird shit with pizza.

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There's a place around here that serves "authentic" (I don't know what the first pizza was like. I wasn't there.) style pizza. It's similar to to the one in the OP; olive oil instead of sauce, fancy ham, salami, and warm lumps of fresh mozzarella instead of the shredded, processed stuff that most pizza's have. It's completely taken over pizza nights at the palatial oldenglishC estate.

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So I looked up the Wikipedia page on pizza and found out that the most expensive pizza in the world had edible gold on it. I thought that was just a funny name but no, there actually is edible gold.

EDIT: Oh, right, something on topic. I guess next time I head to the mountains I'll have to make a stop in Asheville to test out this screwy pizza place.

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Corn is surprisingly good on pizza.