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Currently weaseling my way through 24...
I love the Lord of the Rings movies. Never read the books, just The Hobbit, but there is something about them that I find awesome. Maybe the scale, adventure, creatures, etc. I do have to admit that they get boring here and there, but I've learned to love and appreciate them.

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I tried to watch the uncut movies in a  marathon too but managed to get cut off right at the beginning of opening up the 3rd movie...   Yep that means its been in its shrink rap since it came out all those years ago...  One day i'll find out the end of that series, I still don't even know if Froto even gets the ring were ever it has to go!!!  Damn i'm bad with movie trilogies...  I also stop the Matrix trilogy after the 2nd movie.

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I watched all three seasons of Arrested Development.  It made me cry inside that it got cancelled.

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I saw season 3 of Breaking Bad in a day and by the end I was close to having a heart attack, fucking brilliant show.

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@animateria: I tried doing the Star Wars marathon, but I cheated and watched prequels after the original trilogy, so I didn't hate myself for stopping the marathon short.
Also did Season one of The Wire and Sports Night if anyone remembers that show at all.
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I've been power watching all 3 seasons of Breaking Bad for the past week, up to mid season 3. Dreading season 4 when I have to wait for the next episode every week. I might just have to wait until the end of the season and power through again.

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I used to think The Fellowship of the Ring was one of the greatest movies of all time and that the bridge scene with Gandalf was one of the most perfectly shot and effective scenes in the history of cinema.
After rewatching the movie last summer, I don't think the movie is quite as good as I had made it in my mind. The battle scene in the Two Towers though... damn.

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I had a Lost marathon last spring as I went through the old seasons in order to be caught up for season 6. 
I was very glad to reach the latter seasons and find out that they had less episodes.

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The Ben Stiller Show. Many times I have gone through every episode of that consecutively.

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For those saying it could be done in one movie... please stop.
For once we have a decent movie - film adaption and you wanted it all crammed into one film... 
I loved the films, but if you were not a fan of the books I can see why you might dislike the movies.

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Usually when I start watching a series, I end up marathoning it. I ended up watching the first 2 seasons of Yu Yu H akusho over the weekend. I'm taking a break since that show is really repetitive and I'll probably end up watching all of Paranoia Agent today or tomorrow and then Trigun. But I have watched all of Michel Gondry's films in one sitting and quite a few of Tashki Miike's films in one go too. I think the longest marathon I've had was probably the First 4 Seasons of Scrubs or All the star wars flicks (even 1-3) in one sitting. 

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I've never marathoned LOTR, but I have done so with some TV shows 

  • BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad
  • GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka
  • Peacemaker
  • Batman: The Animated Series
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i watched seasons 1 and 2 of Chuck back to back before the premiere of season 3.

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@HandsomeDead:  I must resist choking you for spreading such blasphemy!
I've watched the LotR Extended Trilogy back-to-back myself and I really enjoyed doing so. They're some of my favourite films of all time.
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I tend to watch the Pirates movies back to back to back, even though my interest starts to trail off after the first one, I find enjoyment in it.   As for television shows, it's pretty much just futurama. Over the span of a couple of weeks, i'll watch a few episodes before i go to sleep. For as many times as i've seen them, the episodes are still worth it everytime.

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I feel nostalgic wen I watch those. Still you should of watched the extended edition.
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I haven't watched LotR since the days of YGO cards.
Yeah, they were pretty boring.

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@ZeForgotten: It was my understanding that they went in on foot to avoid being detected by the eye of sauron, and once it was destroyed the way was free for the eagles to fly in.
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@Cynic04 said:

" @ZeForgotten: It was my understanding that they went in on foot to avoid being detected by the eye of sauron, and once it was destroyed the way was free for the eagles to fly in. "

They could have gone in with the eagles if they really wanted to imho. Just get a big enough flock of them and any anti-air they could set up would most likely not get the killing shot on whom ever had the ring. Then the eagle just drops down into the mouth and bam. Also, if they knew that the only way to destroy the ring was at that volcano, then why the hell wouldn't they have legions of guards on every conceivable entrance into that thing 24/7/365? Especially when your army out numbers the combined army of every one else in that region by like 100:1.
Also, the bad guys were not very good strategists. When they got everyone in helms deep the smart thing to have done was set up camp out side of archery range and just starved everyone inside out. It would have forced them to ether die of starvation, become so weak that they could just walk over the walls, or forced them to rush out side of their defenses and attempt to break the lines in hopes off a few getting out or to work as a distraction. Would have kept the entire army from being destroyed or at the very least halved their loses. Then when Gandalf showed up he would have walked into a horde of thousands instead of just the tail end.
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I've watched all the Star Wars movies back to back.  Along with Back to the Future.  I can only do that with movies I really love, otherwise I will get to that point where I just want them to end, which happened recently with the Matrix movies.

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Me and a buddy just did a marathon of Harry Potter all six movies in a row. 15 hours straight...yup

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I liked the LotR movies (mmm, Aragorn), but I would never be able to marathon them. That's madness. However, I did manage to watch all of Ergo Proxy in a day. Odd show, but I liked it.

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@TheChaos said:
" I watched Season 1-2-3-4 of Dexter in one sitting without sleep. I wanted Season 5 right away. "
That can be pretty easy to do with Dexter, waiting for season 5 to hit dvd before buying all of them.
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@EmuLeader said:
" I watched all three seasons of Arrested Development.  It made me cry inside that it got cancelled. "
I did this as well. Except, I openly weeped. 
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I know a small group of dudes who watched season three of 24 in one marathon session, with the time of day synced to the time of the episode. The saving grace is that every time 24 cuts to a commercial, they shave off 4-5 minutes from the timer, so they were able to go to the bathroom and get food and stuff.

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That is so whimsical !

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I tried that once and gave up about an hour into The Two Towers. I did manage to watch all six Star Wars movies in a row once. Watching the prequels first just made the original three that much better.

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I can watch the extended editions over and over for the rest of my life and still be content. As far as I'm concerned, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy is the most flawless series of movies ever committed to film, topping even Star Wars and The Godfather in terms of overall quality - meaning that the trilogy as a whole is consistent, no Return of the Jedi or Godfather 3 quality drop-offs. 
To the people that feel the movies are too slow and plodding: have you ever seen a full season of The Wire? Slow developments can often lead to the most incredibly satisfying payoffs. You can create strong emotional attachments to characters you've spent a lot of time with. 
Oh yeah, why didn't they fly to Mount Doom on the Eagles? The Eye of Sauron! Even if that plot contrivance didn't exist, the film is an adaptation of a novel that's over 60 years old. Any issue you have with the Eagles is an issue you have with the source material, not Peter Jackson's trilogy of films.

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I agree i don't really like watching watching them again, once is enough.

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Man, it has been a while since I saw those movies. I never saw the extended versions, but I guess those will be coming to Blu-ray soon?  
When I think of it I might only have the first one on VHS.

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I watched a Death Wish marathon once. It was alright. It helped that it was the morning and I was still kinda in bed.

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I think the last series I marathoned was the Platinum Edition of Neon Genesis Evangelion.  Finished the whole thing in two days.  I have yet to take the Eva Challenge (Watch the entire series in one sitting).

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I've never had a movie marathon. My attention span might be too short for that. The only thing even resembling a movie marathon that I do involves Independence Day. However, I break it up over 3 days, July 2nd-4th, and watch the parts that correspond with that day. Well, at least, that used to be a 4th of July tradition of mine, but I haven't done it in a few years...

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I couldn't do this with LotR. It's a great series and all but doing this back to back is just too slow paced for my liking. 
I marathon anime. Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemy, Love Hina, Blood+, Spice and Wolf. I'm forgetting a few but who cares.
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" Agreed that whole story could have been told within 1hr30mins or at a push 2 hours. "
Yeah I'm sure they could fit all 3 books into one hour and a half long movie. You sir are a moron.
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Ok, I meant three fims at 1 hour and 30 mins each. No need to call names now, you no life, pathetic, piece of shit. Sort your life out.
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I caught up on a series of House in one sitting (except toilet/food/drink breaks) in one day.
That was fun.

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@TheChaos said:
"I watched Season 1-2-3-4 of Dexter in one sitting without sleep. I wanted Season 5 right away. "

48 hours straight? Yeah sure you did.
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I did this same exact thing a couple of years ago.  I sat down one morning and watched all 3 LOTR Extended DVDs back-to-back-to-back and when it was over I was exhausted.  I think the problem is they are sooo long and there are periods in the movies where I just wanted them to get to the good parts.  Taken one at a time, I think they fair better than in one huge clump.  I also did this with the first 3 Star Wars movies and while it was easier due to a shorter running time, there were still points where I became impatient with the story progression.  Come to think of it, this might be because I had already seen both franchises and knew what was ahead.  Perhaps, if I was watching the movies for the very first time, I would have been engaged more.  Then again, I have sat down and watched all 6 Thin Man movies during a Turner Classic marathon.  Granted, two of the six were fresh for me at the time, but the other 4 were repeat viewings.  Finally, I should add that I ambitiously (foolishly?) tried watching the first 5 Harry Potter movies once and couldn't make it past the 3rd.  I hope to attempt this again next year but with all 8 movies.  Watching the kids age can be really jarring.

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@PenguinDust:  Ya, I plan to do that with the Harry Potter movies too, but I'm going to wait until they are all out. The funny part though, is that I have seen every one of the movies released so far and I could not tell you a single dam thing that happened in any one of them. I know some bits and pieces, but I could not tell you what movies they where from or even what their names were. So when I do do this it will be like watching them for the first time since I won't remember anything. lol
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@TheChaos said:
" I watched Season 1-2-3-4 of Dexter in one sitting without sleep. I wanted Season 5 right away. "
That's almost 48 straight hours of one show. Dexter's great, but jesus christ. 
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I watched all of firefly and serenity one day with some people.  That's my favorite TV show ever, but it still got a little boring towards the end.  Just too much sitting down.  Plus that was the first time in a few days I'd seen my girlfriend so it was hard being around other people lol.

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Ive watched 3 star wars movies in a row ( never all 6) I watch through an entire Trailer Park Boys season in one sitting. Ive also watched each Harvey Birdman season in one sitting.
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nice, i find it could have been pretty boring to do that.   i think that lord of the rings is pretty boring so i never saw any of the movies. sometimes i enjoy watching marathons but i get pretty bored sometimes when watching.

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 Nothing has been worthy of watching the whole season then and there except for Firefly, I wish there was more series of its kind. ;3

#96 Posted by Empirepaintball (1460 posts) -

...and you need to go outside.
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I watched the show 24 for like 6 straight hours all because I first got into the show during season 6 and i really wanted to catch up on all the past seasons ive never seen so i was doing a lot of marathoning. Good times because the show was great.

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I watched every season of Lost in a week. By around the middle of season 5 I realised I had wasted too much of my life. By the end of it all, I wanted to punch the TV. I marathon video games frequently, I finished Alan Wake, Resident Evil 5, MGS3,BioShock,Silent Hill and Arkham Asylum in one sitting. I marathoned the Godfather 1 and 2 a couple of weeks ago but I was pretty high at the time.

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I'm such a minority...

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I watched all of full metal alchemist brotherhood this past weekend. all 62 or so episodes.... 
 It convinced me that I have grown out of anime... By the end I was just skipping through the filler crap... 
I hate long drawn out stare downs... I hate cheesy bad guys turning good crap or whatever that was... 
Grr, that show went from GOOD, GOOD GOOD..... aww..... WAIT... ITS GETTING GOOD... GOOD. GOOD... WTF is this shit? it sucks!!!!! ANIME BLOWS!!!
But I did enjoy LOTR movies, i also watched extended versions...  
And dexter also... that show is amazing!!! 
Oh actually, there is only one anime that I would recommend to everyone, and that is Death Note.... Me and my friends watched Death Note in like a week or something and it was amazing... simply draws you in so much!