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#151 Posted by puchuupuncher (23 posts) -
 nostalgia only works if you don't try to revist it.  Just like with games from out past.  
#152 Posted by crusader8463 (14428 posts) -
@christ0phe said:
" @TheChaos:   There's no way you stayed in one seat watching Dexter for 48 hours straight "
IDK about that. I did one hell of a long run for the first two seasons and by the time they were over I was ready to watch more but they just were not made at that point in time.
#153 Posted by RiotBananas (3600 posts) -

LoTR would be much more watchable if it wasn't for all the bits where Frodo orgasms at the sight of that fucking ring.

#154 Posted by jinxman (514 posts) -

Dude you're crazy.  
 A: You shouldn't watch all 3 in a row. 
B: Those are some of the best movies ever made, and I stand firmly by that statement.  All of the acting is fantastic, the visual effects both real and digital are amazing and hold up well even against recent stuff.  LOTR is in a class of movie all on it's own.  

#155 Posted by crusader8463 (14428 posts) -
@RiotBananas said:
" LoTR would be much more watchable if it wasn't for all the bits where Frodo orgasms at the sight of that fucking ring. "
Ya, I noticed that about half way into the first movie. I find it hard to believe that the orgasm face got through all three movies without someone taking Peter aside and pointing the obvious out to him and making the actors do a retake.
#156 Posted by TissueShoe (46 posts) -

I haven't ever attempted such a long marathon, I'm sure anything would start to lose its appeal after spending that much uninterrupted time with it.

#157 Posted by Milkman (17311 posts) -

I watched over 100 hours of Lost over about a 2-3 week period. It's not THAT hardcore but it was awesome.

#158 Posted by SSValis (1136 posts) -

ive yet to find something in my entire lifetime that would make me want to spend ten hours watching it

#159 Posted by ajamafalous (12147 posts) -

I've had full day marathons of P4ER and Bombcasts. 
Can't think of anything else (like movies) off the top of my head, but I'm sure I have before.

#160 Posted by Jared (563 posts) -

Wow, surprised at the hate for the LOTR films, never thought I would read such comments about those masterpieces. Those complaining about the length of the movies have obvisouly never read the books...otherwise they would think the movies were too short. 

#161 Posted by crusader8463 (14428 posts) -
@ajamafalous:  Oh yes I did the P4ER run before. They were in the early hundreds when I found out about it and started watching. I had a good few weeks of watching that thing for hours and hours everyday. It was hell when I finally caught up to them and had to start waiting for the next episode. Good times. Good times.