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On an android app. Tested on a pair of Sennheiser HD 280's, and those have a range of 8k-25k, so I heard everything I was able to hear.


Go ahead and see what you got, because it sure isn't better than mine!

Or if there are actual websites out there that test it, that'd be cool to show the link also.

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@Matthew: After 8 years of playing heavy metal and sludge live........I'm afraid to know the truth. Our guitarist tested his hearing (he was 21 at the time) and has the equivalent hearing of a 58 year old.


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@el_tajij: Was he too much of a man to wear ear buds, or has he learned his lesson now?

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If you want your hearing actually tested, you should probably go to an audiologist, and not an app.

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@Canteu: Both of us probably played for a year or two without them. Finally started wearing them but it seems a little too late, the damage is done. My hearing is still better than most people I know, however. Only problem is the constant ringing in the ears at night or in quiet places.

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@el_tajij: Glad to hear you made the right choice, even if it was late. I've got a few friends who I couldn't convince to wear ear buds because it was "gay" or "not cool" since they're metal and anything not metal just won't fly. Now they're deaf as fuck, they wish they'd taken my advice. One of them has severe tinnitus and he has to live with that shit the rest of his life.