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I won't go off on a big long thing or anything and I know I'm way late to the party but that was a damn good movie. I know it's about the least important thing, but the fight scenes were good. The best part was the acting and the dialogue, obviously. Everyone quotes this movie so I don't need to talk about the philosophical aspect of it because I'm sure most people know about it. It was a complete mindfuck and I'm still thinking about it but everything about it was just spot on. 10/10. 
On a lesser note, I saw Resident Evil: Afterlife and I think Screened was way too harsh on it. For me it was just a lot of preposterous dumb fun.

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Yup, total mind bender, but a good one. =D

Glad you enjoyed it.

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My friend spolier'd it halfway through the movie.  Dick.

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Yeah I remember when I first saw it! Haha. Same reaction.

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Yea I really enjoyed this when I saw it, I have the dvd somewhere I have to find it and dust it off and throw it into the DVD player again.  Damn good movie!!

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It's one of those movies that I can watch over and over again and take something new from it every time. One of the greatest things to come from the '90's, that's for sure.

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@AgentJ said:
" Glad you liked it. I consider it to be the third best movie ever made. "
You get props for putting Hot Fuzz up that high, but Shaun of the Dead was better IMO    =)
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Yeah, I actually just saw it for the first time about a week ago...it was awesome

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It's one of the few movies with a "twist ending" that holds up to repeated viewings, in my opinion.
Great movie!

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I only enjoyed RE: Afterlefe because me and my friends had a great time riffing on it(I can literally name every movie every slo-mo scene is stolen from).

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What's Edward Norton's character name in this movie??

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Yep, it's a mind-bender.  
Have to see it soon. Thanks for the reminder!

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Probably my favourite film. It's so good. :)

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Yep amazing movie,I consider it to be among the top ten best movies ever made

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 I am Jack's complete lack of surprise. 

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@Guyzea said:
" What's Edward Norton's character name in this movie?? "
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It becomes a different movie after seeing it for the first time.

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Fight Club is great but it's really not the best film ever or anything like that.

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@Prolix said:
  Question:  How did you like it knowing the ending?  How have you honestly never heard how it ends.  What kind of a rock do you  live under?       
I've honestly never heard how it ends.
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@chronicsmoke said:
" Yep amazing movie,I consider it to be among the top ten best movies ever made "
Agreed, i try to watch it at least once a year. I got the blue ray, epic.
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@Guyzea said:
" What's Edward Norton's character name in this movie?? "
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One of my favorite movies. I think one thing that made me really like it is that I had heard almost nothing about it at the time, and I thought I was going to see a movie that was just about guys fighting. Unfortunately, I don't get that kind of experience often since movie trailers are everywhere.

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I thought Fight Club was a pile of crap, but whatever.  Thematically it is nonsensical and I think most people are tricked by the gimmicky ending into thinking it is good.

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Yeah it was a cool movie when it was fresh. It's a little cliche now though. But for those who have been lucky enough to not have it ruined for them, it's an enjoyable flick.
edit: ALSO I used to work at an office supply store and one of the sticky address label packages (Avery brand, forgot the size and type) totally had a fight club reference in the example used on the cover. It read:
Tyler Durden
420 Paper Street
(forgot the city and state -- Wisconsin was it? Or perhaps Illinois)
I should have taken a picture. I told my boss and she was like "whut's Fight Club".
edit2: Damn I just browsed through all the address label "package art"  on the Avery website. It makes sense for them to notice and change it by this time. I saw the original packaging in like 2005 or so. But there were totally stoners manning the label packaging at Avery for a while.
edit3: ah thanks, Internet:

The new label says Rose Fern. Not as cool, but still not without humor.
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I've never seen it and I had the ending ruined for me. 
Maybe I need to see it to get the full effect, but that's not much of a twist. 
Maybe in 1999.