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#51 Posted by LiquidPrince (16533 posts) -

@theanticitizen said:

@LiquidPrince wait...I have a 360, PS3, Wii and a gaming PC. And both handhelds. What does this make me?

The same as me apparently.

#52 Posted by Little_Socrates (5834 posts) -

@LikeaSsur said:

Just wait until the new consoles are announced. Even this place will get infected.

#53 Posted by phantomzxro (1607 posts) -

@Krullban said:

Stop trying to start website wars.


Commenters will fight on any site so i don't think it has anything to do with IGN. Consoles wars will always happen if they are more than one system and gamers to debate about it.

#54 Posted by kaos_cracker (952 posts) -

I'm pretty sure the WiiU won the console war.

#55 Posted by Vortextk (444 posts) -

I think the best people in this post are the ones that want to A: bash ign but B: say console wars are stupid. Irony drips thick here folks.

#56 Posted by Intro (1248 posts) -

I very rarely participated in those and never really chose a side, as a previous Xbox 360 owner. They were so... pointless. The reason why I thought those arguments were irrelevant was because I quickly came to the conclusion that the better console is the one that fits one's needs most. For example, if you wanted to watch blu-rays and didn't want to pay for an online service, PS3 was for you. Different arguments could be made for the 360 claiming that it's better, such as its party chat system or games like Gears or Halo. One being superior to the other would be nothing but an opinion, even if one did have more features, games, etc it doesn't matter. So, JUST BUY THE ONE THAT SUITS YOUR NEEDS MOST. That easy, and that could be both systems. Now, I have a PC and wouldn't go back to either console, though.

#57 Posted by Gamer_152 (14303 posts) -

I'm not here to bash any site or their overall community, but yeah, the system wars are still totally a thing, Gamespot still has a whole board dedicated to them which is wildly more popular than any of their other boards, save for off-topic. Likewise the whole my popular game in this genre vs. your popular game in this genre fight is still a thing. I wish I could say it was just kids participating in these pointless squabbles, but I know it's not, and even on a site like this differences in opinions over games, and the fact that these opinions are subjective, are still something some users have big problems coming to terms with.

#58 Posted by Angouri (239 posts) -

I feel like this really boils when games like Skyrim come out, which are completely broken on one, but functional on the other. FF13 was another. It allows people who only have one validate their expensive purchasing decision, and their unwillingness to plunk down $200 to play on the other one.

So, who is ready for the Ouya vs. Gamestick vs. Project Shield/TegraZone wars of 2014? UGH.

#59 Posted by Benny (2010 posts) -

same mindset as people wanting games to review higher, people want their opinions and purchases validated. It's why apple product tribalism is so prevalent, it's a much more pricey product.

#60 Edited by Sanj (2768 posts) -

Console wars will never go away. There are kids turning into stupid teenagers everyday and discovering the joys(?) of pointless internet bickering.

#61 Posted by Chontamenti (157 posts) -

The system war is maybe a thing for the people at the Internet, but not for me!

As I started gaming with the "next Gen"-console I was pro 360, but bought a PS3 after one year after the 360. Bought a Wii too, and sold them all again. I enjoyed many games on all three consoles. I loved particular exclusive games on every console.

Kevin Butler once said at E3 (and yes I know he is not Real): "We all serve one Master, and his name is GAMING" And he was right, he said something like: "Let the gamers be gamers! Every gamer is a gamer, it doesn't matter if it s a "casual" or "hardcore" one." And I think so about the consoles too!

When the guy who wants to play Halo 4 over XBOX Live want to pay monthly for the online service, why should I bitch about him? When he wants to pay? It is his money, so he (or she) must know, what he/she wants!

If another guy want to walk around in Playstation Home let him walk around.

It is all about the fun, and nothing else, as long as you are not a developer or from the press, or a Publisher!

#62 Posted by habster3 (3618 posts) -

Sadly, the console wars are still going on (especially on shitty sites like IGN); for example, not too long ago, I got a half-hour lecture from a high schooler about how the 360 is superior to the PS3 in every way. Such fights are childish and really should stop (too bad I know they never will).

#63 Posted by Nightriff (6538 posts) -

Why can't IGN just go to a hole and die? I left it years ago once I got fed up with its bullshit, both the community and the articles.

#64 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

@theanticitizen said:

@LiquidPrince wait...I have a 360, PS3, Wii and a gaming PC. And both handhelds. What does this make me?

Lucas from The Wizard.

#65 Posted by Sanity (2063 posts) -

I'v always found the idea of caring about how well a product sells silly, atleast outside the realm of just wanting it to be successful for the sake of continued support. Unless they want to cut me in or something.

#66 Posted by EXTomar (5042 posts) -

No one seems to remember Adlib vs Soundblaster. Those were some seriously dangerous days.

#67 Posted by TheManiacsGnome (291 posts) -

Head on over to N4G, that's a hot bed of platform extremism if I've ever seen one. Right down to both "Sides" claiming they are the victim of lopsided media coverage and shadowy groups who bubble down users who disagree with them. Whether or not these groups or whether media coverage was truly lopsided even existed is still up for debate, but the soul of the war still burns.

I was told 1280*1080 was the same as 1920*1080 there...I still have night terrors over that.

#68 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (5038 posts) -

The console wars forum still exists on Gamespot so yes.

#69 Posted by hollitz (2110 posts) -

The console wars are so childish. That's the only thing about the next console cycle that I'm really not looking forward to. More than being juvenile, such fervent devotion to a corporation that couldn't give less of a fuck about you is disgusting.

#70 Posted by theanticitizen (299 posts) -
@Nightriff I think IGN has improved alot lately but I was just kind surprised to see an article where like 80% of the comments were about the console wars. I haven't seen any of the console wars bickering in a few years now
#71 Posted by theanticitizen (299 posts) -

Oh the one that irritates me the most right is the mobile phone wars. Anyone else? Like I see people in their 30's and 40's bashing each other for the type of phone they use and I'm "what is going on?!"

#72 Edited by Superkenon (1571 posts) -

There's always going to be kids who argue over which of their toys is 'better'. And then we have the Internet, that allows grown-ass adults to behave like said kids as well.

Best thing to do is let 'em be, and not add any fuel to their fire. Their displays don't need a spotlight.

Just love everything!!

#73 Posted by DoctorWelch (2817 posts) -

There will always be preteens/teenagers that love to fight with their friends and people on the internet about things that don't matter. It's weird to think about, but I was in 8th grade when everyone first heard about the 360/PS3/Wii and all of my friends argued with each other about which console would be better.

Thank God I didn't really care about video game websites until after highschool. It took a lot less time for me to realize what is and isn't stupid to do on the internet compared to how fast I would have learned when I was younger.

#74 Posted by Counterclockwork87 (940 posts) -

I prefer IGN's comments to Giant Bomb's...people try to be funny on IGN, even if there's a lot of console war stuff. Giant Bomb seems like a bunch of upset nerds lately.

#75 Posted by Seppli (11233 posts) -

Oh, I do have opinions on all current consoles, and I'll shout them at anyone who dares question them - though I don't really try to actively wear such on my sleeve, and don't give a crap if other's don't share mine.

And how I look forward to debate the merits and downfalls of the upcoming console generation after E3 2013. That'll be good times!

#76 Posted by theanticitizen (299 posts) -
@Superkenon you know what? You're right. I shouldn't let immaturity ruin my love of video games and technology. I mean seriously it's my favorite hobby, I shouldn't let a handful of idiots ruin it for me
#77 Posted by theanticitizen (299 posts) -
@Counterclockwork87 yeah I can see that. Though I personally feel the GB community is pretty funny but to each their own. I'm not going to say you shouldn't like something
#78 Posted by Nightriff (6538 posts) -

@theanticitizen said:

@Nightriff I think IGN has improved alot lately but I was just kind surprised to see an article where like 80% of the comments were about the console wars. I haven't seen any of the console wars bickering in a few years now

I'll disagree, every time I've seen it since quitting all it has is speculation/rumor reports, top 25 of x, bad review of some show/movie/album/video game, and otherwise useless information.

#79 Posted by Dagbiker (7022 posts) -

Both the Playstation and Xbox suck already. But if one had 100% of the market they would suck 50% more.

#80 Posted by theanticitizen (299 posts) -
@Nightriff to be fair reviews can be subjective, and I'll agree that there's too much speculation but I think since the last time I spent any time on there the quality has improved. I'm not saying it's great but it's not I think people there should lose their jobs. Also it's not like it's lost quality. I used to be a 1up user, that site lost nearly all of it's quality. That used to be such a good site
#81 Posted by BillyTheKid (535 posts) -

IDGAF which console you own, or play on, or prefer. What you do with your gaming experience is none of my business.

#82 Edited by TheSouthernDandy (4014 posts) -

I'm just glad that crap doesn't make its way here. Of all the dumb crap to argue about that's the dumbest. We get glimpses here occasionally from PC elitists but even that's pretty rare.

#83 Edited by Legion_ (1718 posts) -

Were they ever?

Edit: For sane people, that is.

#84 Posted by fiberpay (284 posts) -

For those individuals who need their choice validated there will always be console wars.

#85 Posted by blueinferno (480 posts) -

I was a Nintendo fanboy for a while, probably until I was 15 and bought an Xbox 360. After that, I realized arguing over which consoles are better is stupid. Who gives a shit? Just play and enjoy what you have, whether it's PC, 360, PS3, Wii U or all of those.

#86 Posted by UnrulyRuffian (134 posts) -

Console (or system) wars are largely meaningless - always have been. Most publishers tend to push for multi-platform these days to maximise profits with the odd exception where manufacturers can lock in exclusivity deals.

#87 Posted by theanticitizen (299 posts) -
@narujoe93 hmmm interesting. I didn't know that. And I do apologize for coming across as bashing IGN. I should have known better and worded my blog better
#88 Posted by Peanut (964 posts) -

It's still a thing to children and man-children the world over. Those of us who love games and also happen to have lives, jobs and families probably don't give a shit in the least.

#89 Posted by QuistisTrepe (633 posts) -

Why people get so insecure over products produced by mega-corporations that couldn't give two shits about them is beyond my comprehension. If people want to argue based on a consumer's perspective then fine, but other than that I couldn't possibly care less about who sold what. With that, like it's already been stated, shipped doesn't equal sold. It's probably just Sony trying to produce a headline to appease Wall Street.

#90 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -

It's a great Blu Ray player

#91 Posted by theanticitizen (299 posts) -
@Bourbon_Warrior true
#92 Posted by MetalGearSunny (7466 posts) -

@JasonR86 said:

I don't think we have much of a right to belittle the comments section of another site.

#93 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -

Im hoping that the consoles will be different enough, that console wars are worth having, if they are just mini computers with a sony and microsoft logo, that would be super depressing.

#94 Posted by Vinny_Says (5911 posts) -

Hey man, mommy can only buy you one console and if it happens to be the wrong one? fuuuuck I better justify my console to the world.

#95 Posted by hermes (1806 posts) -

Of course its a thing. Its human nature...

Right now, PC vs Consoles and Wii U vs Everyone are crawling into existence. It will only get worst once Sony and Microsoft jump into the fray.

#96 Posted by theanticitizen (299 posts) -
@Bourbon_Warrior as much as the whole "console wars" argument irritates me, I agree with you. I do like the diversity in the different consoles.