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I've been trying for the longest to catch up on Game of Thrones, but the horrible quality provided by HBO is much too distracting. Tried it on my 360, as well as my Nexus 7, but it's just as bad. Netflix is crystal clear in comparison.

Has anyone had any success with it?

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You are not alone, the quality on HBO GO is terrible for me too, especially on the website. I also get weird frame rate fluctuations in the 360 app. And of course if you are a Comcast user, no access on PS3 and Roku. LAME.

BTW I get great quality with Amazon video.

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Weird, HBO GO works consistently better than Netflix for me. I'm on Comcast, by the way.

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I think HBO may have the best quality out of all of them for me! Netflix and Amazon both look great for me as well though. It prob depends on where you live/provider. HBO GO is not the problem, I would guess its your ISP.

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It's not available outside of the US.... so yes. Game of Thrones is the only thing I use my cable box for.

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Hmm, a little bit. I've been watching Girls on my iPad Air and sometimes the quality isn't as great as it should be. I'm sure it's not an issue with my internet because I can stream GB videos in HD no problem.

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Nope, crystal clear using it on my Samsung Smart TV.

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@mustainium: Exact same for me. Haven't done much troubleshooting, however.

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The video quality has been good for me. The awful part for me is the interface. I'm using HBO GO on my Apple TV, Comcast in my area doesn't support the PS3 HBO GO yet. I hate the clumsy queue setup and having no way of knowing what I watched last.

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@james_ex_machina: The interface is definitely the biggest problem I have with it. The fact that you can only add individual episodes to your watch list instead of entire shows is some real boneheaded design.

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works fine on apple tv.

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They call it "HBO nordic" up here in the north. The quality is great but I do notice some stuttering whenever there's a panning shot. Netflix is fine though.

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HBOGo is fucking garbage. All I want is to watch GoT without having to pirate it, and I don't have access to HBO at college.

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When it works, it's fine. But the site's crashed a few times (True Detective finale, GoT premiere) or I've just had trouble logging on.

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I haven't used HBOGo in ages. My experience with it ranges from perfect to fucking abysmal. There have been times where I've binged watched multiple seasons of multiple shows with zero issue and there have been times where trying to watch one episode of something takes like half a day because it's constantly buffering even when it's clearly streaming on the lowest quality.

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I used it on my 360 once and never again.

Works fine on my pc and laptop, aside from it refusing to log me in every once in a while even though I'm entering all of the information properly.

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It works surprisingly well for me, but I'm on Cox cable internet which AFAIK seems to be pretty fair when it comes to streaming media. Meaning, they have no hard data caps so they don't throttle traffic they don't "recognize". Obviously I don't know exactly what I'm talking about, but maybe your ISP doesn't see HBO Go traffic as priority and throttles it as if it was a large file you are downloading rather than streaming traffic.

Again, I'm just speculating.

Overall I will echo some comments already made here: it seems like when it works, it works well and when it doesn't, it really doesn't. Luckily it works more often than not in my case.