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 Is Giant Bomb HQ really called the bomb shelter?

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Haha, I know another place called the bomb shelter.  Makes sense though.

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lol i guess so, sounds good to me

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Sounds good.

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Sounds good enough.

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Haha makes sense, why not?

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It would make sense. But I don't recall any official word from them.

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Although the staff don't like to admit it, it is

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sounds awesome to me

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Pretty much yeah

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Sounds cool, I wouldn't mind working in a place called the Bomb Shelter

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hehe Bombshelter.

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Well it isn't official, but no one is stopping you from calling it that.

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Well if people have already settled on Bomb squad i suppose it would be fitting.

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ohwiseone said:
"Sounds cool, I wouldn't mind working in a place called the Bomb Shelter
It would make me feel like i was working back in the 60's though, hope the bombsquad knows proper duck and cover procedure.
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awesome name :D .
btw does somebody know where is the "bomb shelter"?

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bomb shelter sounds fine

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Doesn't a bomb shelter denote protection from a bomb? And as a bomb by its very nature, isn't this website pro-bomb?