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hey guys!
Recently, I've been getting into a lot of chiptune music... but it's not even stuff from any video games, it's just original works, done with a gameboy chip or something, and I find them to be the craziest fucking shit I've ever heard!
artists like -12insomnia-, Dyztrk, Jellica, and Henry Homesweet all have me bobbing my head consistently to the rhythm.
does anybody else have any similar obsessions?

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I found a whole load of stuff simply by watching PATV episodes, like Failtron. I'm a big chiptunes fan, absolutely love the PPPPPP album :D

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There's an indie games show called bytejacker that's part of Revision 3, and every episode features amazing chiptune music (with artists and tracks listed on the show) which have filled my library with great stuff.

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You can't mention "Chiptunes" without mentioning Anamanguchi. Also good if you like a more Japanese feel to your chiptunes is YMCK.

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If you like chiptunes then you should check out Random's stuff. The man has indeed sold his soul to create state of the art chiptunes (just wait until you hear Hux Flux Deluxe on the Bad Joke EP...).

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A few years ago I listened to a lot of Sabrepulse. Haven't listened to chiptue in a long time but I'm going to check some of this stuff out.

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Random are great. Bit Shifter are worth a look too.

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I also got into this stuff mostly from watching the Penny Arcade TV episodes. Flip through those and you'll likely find something you're into, and they do a great job of crediting the artists at the end of every episode.