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What is you're fav. cover of a song? Not the original, but a cover. Many times the cover is way better(Maybe because we'r living in "the future" lol)

Anyway. I love this cover. Regardless of me - Frozen by madonna.

Edit: If i may. 12 string....yes! 12 string bass. Love is in the air!

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I'll answear/comment after i'v heard the songs.

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Ah! Now this is classic nomatter who and what coverd it :)

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Bitches don't know shit bout' my indie bands.

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TBH my friend. Not a big fan of the white stripes. But that was really well performed. Loved it. Thanks.

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Ahh! wondering when this made the post. But yes. this is so fucking awsome! Thanks for posting. And way better than NiN.

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That one acoustic cover of Hey Ya is pretty good.

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  Not actually my favorite, but I like it.

  This one's probably my favorite.
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Best cover in metal.

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I recently discovered this and I think it's amazing.

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Not actually my favorite, but I like it.
This one's probably my favorite.

Yes!! This version is on my top favorite performances. Love jamming with a little CCR

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It doesn't matter as long as you're drunk. Even the worst covers are great when alcoholified.

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Five Finger Death Punch's cover of Bad Company is fun.

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I might be a little biased since John Frusciante is easily one of my favorite artists, but he knocked this cover of Joy Division's New Dawn Fades out of the park.

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If it counts as a cover, then Ralph Stanley's version of ''Oh Death" takes it for me. His voice is perfect for the song.

If not, Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt" takes it.

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It's "All Along the Watchtower", right? That's the answer.

I was just thinking that there's only one song out there where the cover version is significantly, 100% better than the original, and it's "Look at Me Now" by Chris Brown.

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Could probably list like a dozen more but these are what came to mind.

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Saint's Row 3 reminded me how good No Doubt's cover of Talk Talk's "It's My Life" is. One of the few covers that actually improve on the original.

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Tool's cover of No Quarter!

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Tool's cover of No Quarter!

That scream in the end still sends chills up my spine to this day.