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You should give her some of the codes.

"Hey gurl, here's a code for the Last Remnant with your name on it. Oh, you don't know what that is? Pfft, I thought you were somebody special." It's like a wise man said, "There are two people in this world: those who know what Last Remnant is, and those who do not."

(Man, I totally forgot about the Last Remnant, btw. Remember Square Enix, you guys?)

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Just say this little quip:

"A slave obeys....a (wo)man chooses."

Then hand her that Bioshock code. Whatever happens is your answer!

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So you are basically stalking some girl that doesnt know you and you need advice on what to do?

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Be a good laugh, don't be a creep, go out with a few people get her and her friends to go; your having a laugh with her; alcohol is flying about... , don't wait to long to let her know you like her. Do them in that order and you'll be sweet! And always act confident, bitches love that shit. #LoveDoctor

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holly shit stop thinking. get it son. get it where you can. get it. you're in college. WTF are you doing?! GET IT! does she like to fuck? You should ask. 9 out of 10 girls do. Science son.

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Engage in an elaborate courtship ritual consisting of awkwardly saying hi to her whilst letting your true feelings simmer under the surface until they boil over and you find yourself standing over her corpse in a dark alley, your hands firmly clenched over her throat.

Alternatively, invite her to lunch or something. If you find you have lots to talk about, you'll probably be on to something. If not? Then you tried.

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I dont have steam, so I don t really want a code.

Ok the thing about having a friend that close to you is that you might as well go for it. As crazy as it sounds I read a dumb post on facebook last night. It was a dumb picture that had a caption about friendzoning (yes, it gets even better!) and it said something along the lines of "I want someone like you but that person isnt you". Now, that made me think because Im kinda in the same situation with a friend except she has a boyfriend and she almost cheated on him last sunday because we were both at a party and we were kinda hitting it off after he left early. Mind you, her boyfriend is a really good friend of mine and theyve been dating for almost a year at the time (their first year anniversary was just last friday). So I knew in the back of my mind that I couldnt do anything even though she was giving off signs that she wanted to and I gave off signs too. We crashed at the host's house, ended up staying up until 5 in the morning and slept together on the floor. Ive known her for about 4 years and everybody around us always thought that "something" was going on during these years.

The moral of the story is that even though you might not think that it will never be too late, there will be a point in time where it will. Even though there have been windows these past few weeks where I could get down with her I guess, I just couldnt because in the back of my mind I knew that it was wrong. You never know what you got until its gone. Which is kinda ironic but oh well.....

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@dagbiker said:

1. Approch girl.

2. Tell her you had this code for this FPS, and she told you that she liked fps's so you thought of her. look at her directly in the eye when you say this, it looks confident, stand tall, but tilt your head and smile.

3. hand her the code.

4. walk a way.

i REALLY hope he tilts his head back while smiling and locking eyes with the girl he's been stalking as he hands her a piece of paper with gibberish on it and tells her about first-person shooters. that would be fan-fucking-tastic.

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I would just say try to see if you can switch shifts with somebody sometime so you will hopefully be able to work with her sometime. If youre working with her (it sounds like mostly you guys are just standing around) then it will be decently easy enough to just start a random conversation in a moment that might be dull. It might be intimidating at first but really as long as you dont think about everything you say too much you'll be fine. Just act yourself if she doesnt like it then she isnt the type of girl that you want to be with anyways.

And really man dont worry about the whole girl thats a friend thing. She might not like it completely at first but if you hang out with them together a couple times which preferably would happen then you just need to make sure you dont say anything stupid to get yourself in a mess of trouble. But if she see's nothing wrong with the situation then you should be all fine from there on out.

Good luck buddy. I need a girl to get over my last ex girlfriend haha but Im not as lucky as you to be going to college. Im just working in a small town where I already know everyone haha. But just have fun with it man try to be loose and you'll be fine dont stress

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Fuck bitches, get money.

Touch her shoulder.

Fake your own death.

Code pls and thx

you know what needs to be done, stop looking for validation on message boards and go do it.

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As a member of the opposite sex who has experienced this one too many times, please do not just walk up and ask her out in front of friends. Knowing your brief social history with this girl, that will bring on an automatic and resounding 'no'. I wouldn't recommend rushing anything at this point; make it a point to try and get to know her before asking her out. Try having small talks after your meetings, comment on her shirt and bring up aforementioned shared interests. Above all, keep a level head and remain confident. Laughter is a good thing but it doesn't always mean you 'have it in the bag', so to speak.

Once you feel comfortable enough to give her your number, invite her over for a night with friends. If she's interested, odds are she's just as shy as you are and this will help her feel a bit more inclined to spend some time withy you. Be patient, work your way to a one-on-one date and eventually tell her how you feel. If she says no then hey it's more experience for the next gal. Or maybe you'll have another awesome lady friend (that's not always bad, guys).

I don't even feel the need to address the best friend situation because any girl who is insecure and jealous enough to be upset at any girl friends you might have is not even worthy of your time.

My advice is very limited as I do not know you, so I would suggest reading through these and maybe confiding in your best friend. She could probably fine tune whatever us internet dweebs have to say. Best of luck to you!

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With these kind of dilemmas, its always easier to get it done and over with. Not knowing and always anticipating is a slow death. You don't necessarily have to jump right in and say you like her. Ask her out for some one to one time and get to know her better and decide from there. The sooner you do this the better.

Also, on the best friend issue, cross that bridge when you get there mate.

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I also recommend any of this:

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Have you even considered touching her shoulder?