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For the past ten or fifteen years, and still as prevalent today, nearly any file download window gives you handy time estimates based on dial up, asdn (or was it isdn or asdl or isdl, whatever), dsl, cable, or T1. And even though dial up is almost dead, asdn is unheard of, the major DSL providers now offer things like Fios, somehow download screens, like that I ran into on adobe.com just now downloading monitor profiles, still list these absurdly outdated technologies, and strangest of them all I find, is T1.

Because in, like, 1999 or something one with dial up or even cable would dream of the day when this illusive T1 service would trickle down in price and rural scarcity like the VCR and camcorder and PC before it, and be in the hands of peons like me.

Yet, decades apart, it still is listed as the toppermost of the poppermost speed in most download dialogues. Hasn't basic cable modem speed long since surpassed whatever T1 was? Premium "cable" like Fios and RR turbo at least? And what about Google's Kansas gigabit internet? Shouldnt that be big dog pitbull of todays "choose your connection speed" tabs in Steam? Unless of course this mysterious T1 has grown, too, over the years. Does it top 150Mbit premium cable? Does it top 1,000Mbit google tryouts? Does it even still exist? Who has it, and why must everyone warn them to this very day about how long their downloads will take?

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You should send that in as a Bombcast email.

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basically it's a fiber optic line with about 1.5Mbps up/down speed. but yeah T1 is getting phased out.

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T1 data rate is generally 1.544 Mbit/s, so it's been far surpassed by newer technology.

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I remember when T1 was some pie-in-the-sky desire of mine, haha... sad thing is, it's still faster than my current speed...

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I recall it being 1 Mbps, and there were T2, T3, etc which were multiples It was strictly for business (co-ops), so the cost was split between the bandwidth and the service (much like pro or business class cable/dsl/fiber offered today). It wasn't fast enough to actually host a public web site or anything, servers would still be physically hosted by the ISP, it was more for managing/moving files, either up to the ISP hosted servers, other offices, or as a shared connection for a whole office. As far as I can recall.

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Technically according to the FCC, T1 isn't even considered broadband anymore since it doesn't reach the 4Mbps download rate.

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Man... internet connectivity has come a loooong way!

I remember being cool enough being rid of 56k back in the day. Now the internet I have from back then is practically 56k all over again by today's standards. My 4G is faster than it!

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I'm ready to get jacked in myself. Hopefully increases in bandwidth and processing speed will grant us a full alternate reality before Moore's Law putters out.