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I personally thought it was great, but as a 19 year old dude who works with kids from 11+ hearing about having kids as well leads me to believe that children are nothing but trouble from the day they are born and am absolutely terrified.

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It's on my to-do list, but Giant Bomb has been flooding me with video content lately. I don't have time to watch it all!

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Really,really funny podcast. I'm only 22,but enjoyed it a lot. Also..


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Was a really good talk, and being raised by a single parent its nice that Vinny acknowledged in the end that its much harder to raise children on your own.

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Not yet, not yet.

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I'm listening to it right now. Super interesting stuff.

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Best moment: "Tell your mom to suck a dick!"

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I watched it, you peon.

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Yea. Real enlightening podcast. Might have to save it and put it in a folder and remind myself to listen to it again when my future wife is expecting.

Also hopefully a Mod can move this topic to Off-Topic instead of bug reporting.

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Also hopefully a Mod can move this topic to Off-Topic instead of bug reporting.

It kinda fits.

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I did and being the father of a 6 month old this podcast resonated with me in a VERY large way. When Vinny, Jeff, and Will say you don't even know they mean it. I hope they do more of these, it was funny to hear my thoughts on parenthood coming out of someone else's mouth.

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Great episode one of the very funny and insightful ones I've heard. For those who haven't listened to it yet and you are a big fan of Vinny's thoughts on parenting from the Bombcast just x10 that with not only Vinny, but Dave from GiantBomb, Will Smith from Tested, and Jeff Green from PopCap Games. Must say though this should be changed out of bug-reporting.

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Easily the best podcast I have listened to in a long time. Usually I tune most of it out and just listen to bits and pieces as of late, but I was hanging onto every word because it was all great to hear. I don't have kids nor do I want them, but it's great hearing them talk about their kids and it's funny because they are all at various points in parenting. Plus it has Jeff Green and anything that man is in is great.

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it was good. didn't want kids before. feeling pretty good about that choice.

props to dads- you're bigger men than i.

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I was surprised how much I liked it. Vinny was great and so was Jeff Greene.

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I listened to it for a while, and it was enjoyable, if a little terrifying, but after a while I just couldn't take any more baby talk. That stage in my life is just so far away I don't even want to think about it until I have to.

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It was excellent as I knew it would be. Then again, I'm clearly the target demo for it since I'm a gamer dad with about 8 months on Vinny. I hope they find a way to do this on a semi-regular basis.

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It was pretty great.

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Yep, it was fantastic.

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As someone who is going to have a little one in just over a week....I probably should listen to it

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I really hope they do another one soon after Dave has his and with Gary.

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Watched it a little bit ago. Great stuff.

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53 minutes into it

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I watched it AND listened to it!

Do I win?

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Great stuff. Vinny talking about not believing his dad was a regular dude in his early days was excellent.

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I liked when Jeff Green brought up the point about having a teenage daughter who has "hot" friends. And Will subsequently freaking out about it. That whole segment rode the thin line between creepy and hilarious.

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I liked when Jeff Green brought up the point about having a teenage daughter who has "hot" friends. And Will subsequently freaking out about it. That whole segment rode the thin line between creepy and hilarious.

If it didn't come out of Jeff Green's mouth, then yea that's pretty creepy. Like if Christopher Walken said verbatim for verbatim what Jeff said, now that would be creepy.

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Yeah. As soon as I saw it posted I watched the entire thing. It was great.

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I have a kid.

Im listening to this as soon as i get home. My wife finds vinny hilarious

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Yeah, and it was hilarious.

Between this and Drew's North Korea slideshow, I feel like I'm becoming a better person by listening to the (former) Whiskey Media crew.

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@zenmastah: Me and my sister were raised by just my dad since my mother is a violent alcoholic and for our safety we had to be removed from her, so it was either child services or my dad goes solo. Solo being the wiser option for all involved. My dad has one leg and hasnt had a job in all my 24 years of life. So i am surprised out of anything that we are ok and he took care of us just fine. My Dads 58 with heavy arthritis so the tables are turning.

He is alsoa cool dad, plays all games on all consoles.

If raising children are as hellish with two well rounded parents how the hell am I here?

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I'm watching it now. Its going alright. ~ Vinny is saving it. Will loves talking about diapers, so that's getting toned down this time.

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I'm 24 and this podcast was in no way relevant to me whatsoever.

I LOVED IT! Hopefully they do more.

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I did. It was fantastic

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Best moment: "Tell your mom to suck a dick!"

Yeah, dude. It amazes me how Vinny has the foulest mouth ever, but still so freakin likeable. You can't be mad at the guy 'cus he says the most horrible stuff with the most genuinely innocent attitude towards whatever he just said.

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The DadCast was the bestcast. Who better to give you insight into being a father than our favorite video game personalities? Wait ...

But seriously, I thought it had some good information and it was entertaining.

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Probably some of the coolest dads going around, despite claiming that they lose it all with kids. I hope that the kids can eventually grow up and figure out all the awesome shit their dads have done, and actually appreciate it in some way.

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This show was so great! I hope they do another one.

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Even though they kept repeating their horror stories, after it was over I've never wanted to have a kid of my own more. It was a weird reaction. I want the sleep deprivation, the constant crying, and the diapers.

As a 23 year-old male, it's been hammered in since birth by the media to be adverse to children. I've always thought that was strange, and even more now. I don't think I can ever be content with my life until I have a child.

When a podcast, who's best quote is "Tell your mom to suck a dick", can have this effect on me really says something about these 4 guys.

Thanks Will, Vinny, Jeff, and Dave.

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@translucentfish: you dun got baby crazy, it's okay, it'll pass... when you get that baby

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Dadcast was absolutely fascinating. I'm 26, no kids yet, no plans soon but was hanging on every word too. Vinny is the best, Jeff Green is always enterataining, Will wasn't trying too hard and Dave is awesome-Dave so i loved it. I've actually relistened to it about.. 5 or 6 times. It's crazy!
Can't wait for more.

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I did. I don't have kids myself, but one of the saddest things I notice is that gamers get old, have kids, and as a result stop playing games. I'm all for hearing how adults can balance the two and still be responsible. People need to get away from the stereotype that gamers are fat slobs clicking a K+M in a dark room or a bunch of bros shooting each other in CoD and have some real talk. I hope they continue doing them, I've always been curious about how to introduce a kid to video games responsibly. That story that Jeff Green told about his daughter and WoW was amazing.

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Going to listen to it right now.

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@zoozilla said:

Between this and Drew's North Korea slideshow, I feel like I'm becoming a better person by listening to the (former) Whiskey Media crew.

Word. Also, Jeff's jar videos where he talks about media ethics and journalistic integrity and all that.

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I happened to listen to it just this morning before work. It was fantastic. I'm at least half a decade from having kids, I think, but I'm glad I got to hear them talk about it. There's some valuable stuff in there.

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As a guy who will most likely have a kid this time next year, it was a great podcast. Hope they do more.

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For those interested "A Bunch of Dads 2" is up, same crew but now they're all dads!

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Fuck yeah! New dadcast! I'm not a dad, and I'm not sure I'll ever be a dad, but still this dadcast thing is fucking amazing!