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Hopefully this doesn't break any rules as this survey is for educational means and I'm simply a student needing responses for a project. I'd appreciate it if anyone took the time to fill this out: http://www.surveytool.com/s/SC68886A23

All responses are anonymous and feel free to discuss any questions in this thread. You may not want to fill out the survey if you've never used a social networking website before. The survey is very short. Thanks. [I'm looking for 100 responses, some have already been taken]

This is what I would define as a social network for those wondering:

(1) A website

(2) That allows you to communicate with others in some way.

(3) It may also allow you to express yourself specifically instead of some random username/avatar. On social networking sites you represent your real self instead of posing as an anonymous user.

This is the definition I look at atleast. Sorry, it is a term used thrown around quite often with no definition too specific.

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I filled out your survey, good luck with your project.

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Done. Good luck!

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Filled out. Hopefully you get your responses in. Research is FUNdamental.

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done and done.

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Bam! Done

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there you go.i don't use social networks anymore. i just got bored of it so i deleted it.

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Filled it out. I must say, I thought this was a fairly well-done survey. I'm always worried about filling out surveys like this, because it seems that they frequently have terribly written questions. I thought this one was pretty good (at no point did I cringe and close the tab, which is saying a lot).