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I hope Lego hires her and they end up releasing these gigantic 300k brick sets.

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Because it would cost $10,000+ (gulp)

That Rivendell is fantastic though :-)

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I have no idea how people have this much time and money, let alone the artistic talent to make that shit.

Like this, this right here is friggin genius. I didn't even think it was real lego from the far out shots.

Also Lego never make sets like this. All the good sets from Cuusoo that had anything more than a few thousand pieces get shut down. Look at the UCS Sandcrawler(10k pieces) and the UCS AT-AT, the Sandcrawler had motors, lights and got 10,000 supporters in a couple months and Lego just said "we already have one" (which is rubbish btw) and shut it down. There's probably no money to be made on large sets so they don't bother. I just wish it was easier to get ahold of the pieces and instructions for huge MOCs like those.

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@chavtheworld: Yeah, I doubt Lego will ever release anything close to the complexity of this build, which is a shame. And I agree, the detail of this Lego model blows me away. It's insane if you look at the close-ups.

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I remember going to Legoland in Denmark as a kid and being in awe by what they had built using Lego. But as an adult, I am equally impressed by such skill as I am baffled that adults still play around with Lego.

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For one second I thought there are a bunch of Darth Vaders in the river...

But it looks incredible

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Model of what now?

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Better than both Hobbit movies put together!

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That is insanely good.

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I would totally be the asshole little brother that stomps through it and wrecks shit.

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@amyggen: Thanks for sharing this! I doubt I would have ever seen it otherwise.

Remarkable and awe-inspiring creation. I can scarcely imagine the planning and effort that went into creating it, let alone the cost. Is there any info about how it was created?

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Considering a lego Millennium Falcon can cost around £100, and that's roughly 1,200 pieces, I dread to think what this would cost if it were to be sold as a product.

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fuck me that's top

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Thats incredible. It must have taken a couple years to make this. All it needs now is Godzilla.

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The kid in me wants that so badly so I can play lego Lord of the Rings, but the adult in me is just admiring at how much skill and work that would have taken. Holy crap, now that is dedication.

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So many pieces and colors I don't recognize. What has LEGO turned into?!

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Really cool that there are people out there that are this into/good with Legos.

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The same person did a 400,000 brick Hogwarts. It took a year.

I wonder if the builder is sponsored somehow, because the amount of time and money required to build something like this is unbelievable. Someone pegged the average price of a Lego brick at $0.13...even if the bricks used to build this Hogwarts cost half that, that's still $25,000.