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Finally plowed through the "Octobercast 2012" on Tested.com as well as this week Bombcast, I found myself in a weird position and perspective in life.

I'm 33 years old, just to give you the context.

During Octobercast, I felt relief when Will, Norm and various guests commenting on Ipod Mini, MS Surface and so forth in a certain manner.

"Ipad Mini is just a smaller Ipad...no retina display...do we really need to 4th screen...etc." - Me "All right, $500 saved"

"The app market for Windows 8 looks grimm" - Me "Another $500 saved"

That feeling went on and on and on...I haven't notice anything changed in me yet. Now during Bombcast this morning.

"Far Cry 3 could be something great!" - Me "Aww...shit, that game was not in my year-ending plan!"

"Why this game has to be good? Why don't they hate it? Steam got all my money during the autumn sales!"

Then it hit me...I at a point where I rather save some money so I can die gracefully alone (hopefully 27 years from now). I can't buy everything anymore.

Do you guys ever feel that way?

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I suppose so, but then again perception of what makes a game good is completely relative to other games, at least in the enthusiast press. Some game HAS to be great, it's just how the game critique gig works. So in the end if you're buying into the whole concept of the enthusiast press you're going to want new games that push the limits and are essentially "better". So if you really don't want to buy stuff it's in your power to enjoy some 5 year old games for super cheap to no end and just ignore the hype around everything new. A lot of people myself included are into it for the factor of experiencing the next level of realism or to be able to talk about the new hotness or experience what the bomb crew is along with them. In the end though, it is what you make of it and you can enjoy almost any game just as well as any other if you don't set yourself up with crazy expectations. It's a self fulfilling prophecy I suppose that will never end until they stop making games, works for the business model and frankly I'm cool with it personally but yeah if you have a problem with your budget it's as easy as ignoring the whole culture of newness and just enjoying what you have.

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It's a balance of sensibility and risk-taking: you can't be one or the other. You can argue that you should be happy with what you have, yet you are still living, so live a little.

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That's some real Howard Hughes shit. Money isn't going to be an issue if you're dead at 60 bro, I work in a pretty physical job and I could work till 60 no problem. Also, graceful death is overrated, being old affords you to go out on your terms, not those of others.

Remember, an abundance of money when you die doesn't fix the fact you missed out when you where alive.

Ya, security is important but don't let your hard work just go to waste. Work so you can live, don't just work so you can die.

BTW this isn't some kid, I'm 31 :)

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I was with you up to the "die gracefully alone" part. But, yeah, I can sometimes hope that things are just good enough that I still want to buy it, but I can wait for the price drop. It's not a great philosophy.