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Poll: Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy 4S or Iphone 5? (55 votes)

Sony Xperia Z 36%
Samsung Galaxy 4S 56%
Iphone 5 29%

Which one will your choose!

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Xperia Z or Galaxy S4. Don't get the iPhone.

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The HTC One is pretty cool.

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Galaxy 4S. Har-har.. ohh.. Pun.

Fun Fact: An improved "S4-Plus" with Snapdragon 800 is supposed to be coming out soon.

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I'd rather have the HTC One than any of those.

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Sony Xperia Z is so pretty :) also it's dust/water resistant which helps (at least for me). I think it's a bit more expensive than the Galaxy though.

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Xperia Z is the worst phone name I've seen. More terrifying than the Razr.

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I have the Xperia Z and I absolutely love it.

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The good thing about buying a phone right now is that it's really hard to buy anything terrible. Your three options are all great phones and the HTC One is fantastic as well.

Or then you could be a weirdo like me and buy a Windows Phone.

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The Xperia Z if it had better battery life