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Is this ACTA or something else? Either way we're fucked. For some reason SOPA was met with resounding protest and this shit (and maybe ACTA too, but they keep calling it Irish SOPA so I can't tell the difference) slipped right in without a hitch. If people aren't gonna care, why should I?

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pretty stupid man. well i wish irish SOPA doesn't pass.

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Way to go Sherlock

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How is it that one junior minister has the power to create / alter a law without any real debate or hassle? I'm genuinely surprised that one minister, much less a junior minister has that much power.

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Aw shit sherlock!

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Inb4 SOPA 2: Electric Boogaloo.

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@Everyones_A_Critic: It isn't ACTA (it was cancelled after increasingly heavy protests even in countries that didn't accept like Croatia), but it is as bad

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The US gov't already has the power to shutdown websites. Just look at megaupload. (You can say whatever you want about those guys. It's the principle of the thing. They shutdown a New Zealand website owned by a Dutch citizen.)

George Carlin always did say that a big red and white blue dick would be (and was being, and had been) shoved into many an ass. But of course now it's going to be an irish one, too. (and probably insert other country that we don't know that is passing this) Scary stuff.