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the media corporations want to control the internet to stop the leak of their control over your minds and wallets!

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This honestly HAS to be the Republican House majority trolling the country. Boehner's refusal to budge on the debt ceiling AGAIN, combined with this... when the fuck are they going to stop acting like children?

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I'm far more concerned that he is a climate change skeptic.

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...no, just...no

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I'm far more concerned that he is a climate change skeptic.

Yep. Plus it's nothing new for idiots who deny evolution and climate change to sit on the House Sciences Committee, sadly. Frankly, they don't even belong in government, let alone on the HSC.
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That's one dumb republican. And that's saying something. I'm from Indiana, home of Richard Mourdock!

I'm surprised his site doesn't talk about how Big Science is hiding the facts about Earth being the center of the universe.

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My favorite part of the article was the part at the end with all the pictures. I only looked at one of them, and that was the first one: a big ol' stack of syrup covered pancakes. They looked DELICIOUS.

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@hidys said:

I'm far more concerned that he is a climate change skeptic.

Absofuckinglutely. It displays his utter incompetence and lack of qualifications to chair ANYTHING scientific.

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Well fuck. Goddamit America, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.

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...uh, well, at least it's not the guy who said that women can't get pregnant by rape. I guess that's some sort of a silver lining?

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In time-honoured tradition, there are few things that can get duders more worked up than US Republicans and men or women complaining about the treatment of women in gaming.