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What looks like the Arabic word for God and the name of the prophet Muhammad were discovered in pieces of beef by a diner in Birnin Kebbi.

He was about to eat it, when he suddenly noticed the words in the gristle, the restaurant owner said.

A search of the kitchen's meat revealed three more pieces which bore the names.

The meat was boiled and then fried before being served, owner Kabiru Haliru told newspaper Weekly Trust.

"When the writings were discovered there were some Islamic scholars who come and eat here and they all commented that it was a sign to show that Islam is the only true religion for mankind," he said.

The restaurant has kept the pieces of meat for visitors to see.

Thousands of people have already gone to the restaurant to see them since they were discovered last week.

A vet told the newspaper the words "defied scientific explanation".

"Supposing only one piece of meat was found then it would be suspicious, but given the circumstances there is no explanation," Dr Yakubu Dominic said.

Well non-believers wanted proof , so here it is! Islam is the true religion! Who would have thought?
Just thought some of you might find this interesting.

edit: To all of you that are freaking out because this thread mentions a religion, get off your high horse and read what I actually posted. If you can't tell this is a comedy thread then you are on the wrong forums. I am not arguing or debating here. This thread was made for laughter, stop bringing it down with your sour attitudes!
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Haha yeah right. I hope you dont really believe that. :-)

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This beef related story has influenced me to turn my life around!

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Oh snap I guess thats that summed up then. Damn, my hole belief system has been unproven by a piece of rotting meat.

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God is a joke...

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DK said:
"Haha yeah right. I hope you dont really believe that. :-)
Of course not  -_^
I'm not really a beef fan anyway!
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Well that settles it!

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Ew religion threads.

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Religion, please.

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Everyone bring out your pics of potato chips that look like celebrities omg he is so on to something here.  meh i think I'm too lazy to be religious anyways.  Sundays are for football not going to church in my house.  wait what to islamic people do on the weekend?

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 I find that God exists but this can always be argued both ways really. So I tend not to judge someones decision not to be a Christian and let believe what they want.

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It's already begun.

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well, i'm convinced...

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Don't believe in beef.

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RebelLoyalist said:
" I find that God exists but this can always be argued both ways really. So I tend not to judge someones decision not to be a Christian and let believe what they want."
Yeah same.
I don't like religion threads.
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Zoidy said:
"It's already begun.
Relax, this isn't a religion thread, per se.... it is more like a joke thread, that is religion themed.
You can expect Real religion threads to start rolling in soon, though. They always do.
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Thank you. The beef in this story has influenced me greatly.. I have decided.. To give up vegetarianism!

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I'm afraid all signs pointing to proof of a higher power must displayed in pork-quality meat or better.  Sorry.

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I lol'd a little.

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  The Beef Is A Lie...

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1 day ...

The record Giant Bomb holds for going without a religion thread.

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Thats some good meat.

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Christ, if I had a nickel every time delicious cooked beef has changed my life.

I'd have 3.75.

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I renounce my heresy, and embrace the true teachings of Islam! Oh, how wrong I was.......

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All worship the holy beef?

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There was a news post like that a couple of years ago. The world didn't change.

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We should ban religion threads.

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lol at talking snake fanatics.

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Yes. If i was a god i would appear in Beef too. Maybe in a grilled cheese sandwhich.

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If good does exist , who the f*uck created god?

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Thomas said:
"God is a joke...
i fully agree
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But they already found the image of Jesus Christ the lord and savior in a grilled cheeze, potato chip, hotel window, an African American soon to be mothers ultrasound of her unborn baby boy.

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Cube said:
"Ew religion threads.


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mmm sacrilicious  beef

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That's weird  but it isn't coldhard proof that a God exists

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And here I was expecting to have to lay down the law again.

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Old topic is old.
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"Comedy" doesn't work if you have to explain the attempt at comedy at the end.

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There must be something else you could be doing instead of posting off-topic, religiously-charged garbage at a gaming website. I duno, I love humor but it's actually kind of serious how many people are programmed by religious dogma in this world. Creates problems everyday that most of you don't even realize. So I mean yeah, these people are absurd, but laughing at them (at a gaming website)... What are we really doing..

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I found Jesus... 

...in my curly fries at Jack in the Box.
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Eating beef goes against my beliefs as a (supposed) Hindu.


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Well, I've always worshiped beef, so I guess it makes sense.

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whatever my bowl of spaghetti totally looks like the image of the flying spaghetti monster,

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 Muslin talk shit too much but majority of them aren't Islam followers, if you catch what I'm saying. I don't know why people still think all that Jihad bullshit that's an overall made up. and saying science disapproves god, when it deeply approves it. if Americans are getting out of this Christianity bullshit, like all Christian countries did back in 20th century, they should do it silently.

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This was at the TOP of page ONE in my browser :S

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I had a vanilla wafer that looked like Jesus once, but I was pretty hungry so I ate it.

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What I love is the quote from the Islamic "scholar" who says "This just goes to show that Islam is the only true religion for all of makind."

Are you fucking kidding me!?