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I - I don't kn- that photo seems so ubiquitous in the GB community, there must be a video? or a bombcast excerpt?

Was it back in the Gamespot days?

I don't know man, I've tried as hard as I can on google, and you can't beat 100 percent.

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I'm pretty sure its from Gamespot.

Also welcome to Giant Bomb!

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Jeff said it in relation to something if I recall correctly.

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I've known the image for years, but never where it originated.

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@Klaptos said:

I've known the image for years, but never where it originated.


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It's a line he said back on gamespot, though I don't know anything more detailed past that.

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It was from his days at Gamespot. I wasn't around for the inception, but it's a direct quote - aimed toward a game, I believe - that was turned into this image:

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I know it's from his Gamespot years but I don't know the actual context.

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The first time I heard it was on a 2007 ep of the HotSpot. Can't remember the actual context, but Vinny was asking Jeff if something was more than 100%. Jeff then replied "You can't beat 100%, Vinny".

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Sorry for necroing this topic, but I was listening to This Year Hotspot 2007 and stumbled upon the phrase in question. It was about Play The Industry, a hip-hop RPG.

I've uploaded it to YT, here it is. 


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I thought it had something to do with you being able to get over 200% in castlevania: symphony of the night?

I might be wrong, though

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@damnable_fiend I'd suggest reading the comment directly above yours.
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