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Source Filmmaker was released almost 6 months ago and already a lot of great stuff has been made with it. Things such as The Hurt Locker, The Usual Suspects, Band of Idiots and Interview with a Vampire never would have been made without Source Filmmaker. It's a great tool for anyone interested in some aspect of film making ranging from writing, voice acting or cinematographizing. Budgets for these Source Filmmaker made films range from pocket change to the price of Christina Aguilera's dirty bathwater circa 2004. The profits from a select few Source Filmmaker made projects are estimated to be on track to surpassing The Avenger's current box office gross by early 2013.

Are there any Giant Bombers using or thinking about using this tool to create their own short films? I would love to see visualized versions of forum thread discussions.


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Hello everyone. There is an attractive female co-worker who I have become smitten with. What ever shall I do? Certainly it can't be something as simple as reading social cues and deciding whether or not I should ask her out on a date flat out.


Well, I...

(Weed smoking Sephiroth shifts his weight and fidgets with his fingers nervously)

I think you should fuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkk her.


You should touch her shoulder dude. Or fake your own death.


Why are you even thinking about pursuing a relationship with another person? That kind of thing is for the birds, or any other of God's creatures except human beings. I was hurt by someone of the opposite sex once 10 years ago and I believe that relationships are unnecessary. I refuse to enter into one in order to shield myself from the pain that I felt when Becky Wilder refused my valentine's day card in the 7th grade. I choose to shut myself off from the world in fear of being hurt again and have convinced myself that all of the happy couples I see around me are mirage like and would turn into skeletons if I approached them.


ORIGINAL POSTER stands up on soapbox. Breathes in deeply.

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I think it's preeeetttyyy messed up what's going on in Far Cry 3. The third Far Cry game? Yes the conclusion to the epic trilogy of spotting people with binoculars. There's totally a white dudebro in it and then he like, saves brown people. What the eff Ubisoft?


Are you referring to the concept of the 'White Man's Burden'? Don't you think the entire premise of a privileged white Westerner being flung out of his comfort zone and into a world of cruelty and murder wouldn't really work if the protagonist wasn't the intentionally generically named Jason Brody? It has 'Bro' in his name, that surely wasn't an accident. Don't you think the game is a commentary on the video game playing community that is largely made up of 18-35 year old white guys and their ability to murder and gain gratification from murder in video games? I thought Jason's reflective conversation with Daisy where he thinks about killing making him feel like he's "winning" made that pretty clear. I mean, I guess you could make an argument that all of the side quests in the game are kind of pointless and lack any real story or character substance. But isn't that the case with side quests in virtually every single video game ever made? Why is it suddenly supposedly portraying the superiority of the white man over the islanders? I did a lot of pointless shit in Skyrim and those quest givers where mostly white men with blonde hair and blue eyes.


Fuuuuccckkkk maaaannn, that dudebro Brody is showing those brown people how it's done. I guess Ubisoft's message is that white people are superior to minorities. You're right OP.

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Thanks a lot Final Fantasy, great input. And while we're on the subject of totally and completely fucked up things in video games, what's up with the new Lara Croft being all beat up and shit? Why do the developers have to portray her as a weak willed ninny that cries?


Well, Eidos and Square-Enix have explicitly stated that this new Tomb Raider game is a reboot and an origin story for Lara. They specifically said that the character will go on a journey from being a scared and inexperienced woman to the strong and self assured character that fans know her as. Besides, don't you guys revel in every scene in the Uncharted games when Nathan Drake gets the shit beat out of him? I feel like you would make the argument that Square-Enix was attempting to disparage women by portraying them as bumbling, clumsy, rock climbers that constantly fall over things and hurt themselves, even though that's exactly what Naughty Dog does in the Uncharted games. But I guess it's endearing when it happens to Nathan Drake.

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Hey Sephiroth, that sweet, dank, herb is totally legal in Colorado now, crazy huh?


Yo, most deff OP, mos def.


OP crosses arms and pouts lips.

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Ungh, I hate __________. Why doesn't he just leave the site?

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Hey man FUCK you for feeling that way! You leave!


Fuck I'm soooo highhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Oh Christ, I'm so alone. So, so alone.


You guys ever notice he looks just like a techno Mickey Mouse?

So Source Filmmaker is a pretty cool tool. Here is a video made in it. These Giant Bombers are in it:

Claude - http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/claude/

Red12b - http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/red12b/

Deadglove - http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/dudeglove/

Tebbit - http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/tebbit/

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Now I just want to see The Hurt Locker made in Source Filmmaker using TF 2.

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Haych Ess is a fantastically attractive man with good skills in source filmmaker