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Poll: Standing workbench - do you use one? (29 votes)

Yes 21%
No 83%

So I recently set up a standing workbench, allowing me to stand whilst working and using my laptop.

I quite enjoy it. I've been standing for periods of 1-2hrs and I don't find it a strain. Ergonomically I do feel more relaxed, and more energetic.

The nicest thing about it though is it's portability. Depending whether I want to work in a room with a high amount of natural light or not. I love working a brightly lit room (natural sunlight).

Anyone else use a standing workbench? If yes, how do you find it? If no, would you consider it?

#1 Posted by Deckard42 (141 posts) -

I've been wanting to make the switch when I buy my next desk.

#2 Posted by Grillbar (1940 posts) -

so... i read it as a workbench for you know woodworking or things to do in your hobby room, and thought who sits at those.
i dont work from home or in an office so you cant really call the place where i use the pc a workbench. i walk/run around all day so when i get home to do something on the pc or play a game i want to sit down and relax not stand and destroy my sore feet.
although i have had a treadmill once that i combined when i played console games during the weekend.

#3 Posted by Apparatus_Unearth (3433 posts) -

I stand at my workbench where I work, it's pretty nice but I wouldn't want to use one at home.

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I have a standing desk at work and love it. I stand from when I get in until lunch - I do have to sit down for a proper lunch - and then stand for the afternoon.

We used to have treadmill desks but I guess someone got hurt on one because now they're no longer allowed.

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@helvetica said:

We used to have treadmill desks but I guess someone got hurt on one because now they're no longer allowed.

Good lord that must be an insufferable place to work at.

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I recently got a standing desk set up at work, and I like it. Sitting down all day, only to go home and sit down all evening probably isn't a healthy thing. So I figured, I gotta stand some time, so why not do it at work?

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I know I should get a standing desk, but I feel like my ability to play League would suffer. Also I'm lazy

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I feel like this is a cult, is this a cult?

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#10 Posted by tourgen (4542 posts) -

I sit to use a computer but do plenty of other things at work that are at a bench or other standing-table-setup. The lighting though, ah man. It's florescent hell. There are no windows anywhere nearby.

#11 Posted by BabyChooChoo (5064 posts) -

I want one, but I'm annoyingly picky when it comes to desks and I can't find one that doesn't make me want to chuck it out the window.