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Star Wars!!!

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Trek. There was only one good star wars movie.

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Star Wars FTW

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Star Wars, but really only the Original Trilogy

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Star Wars, even the prequels.  YOU HEARD ME!

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wars, it's the best. only 4-6 are the best. the rest are bad compared to them.

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Trek all the way.

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They're all terrible!

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Original Star Wars. Episode 3 was entertaining though except for Anakin's own stupidity.

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Star Wars for me.  I never got into Star Trek or Star Gate.

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These days none, pre 1999 Wars.

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stargate - even the new stagate universe is pretty freaking awesome! robert carlyle FTW

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I chose all of the above because I can't decide. Sue me!

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Trek. As much as I love star wars, it isn't really sci-fi, it's more fantasy in space than science fiction, so it doesn't really belong with gate or trek.I never got into Stargate. I loved the original film, but just couldn't get into the series. So that leaves star trek, which I absolutely love.

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Stargate. SG1, Atlantis and Universe are all great. It just needs to work on it's films as there rather suckish i think. Trek is past it's time and star wars...well that's a good idea gone wrong. So much crap in that universe you have to dig deep to find the good.

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Wars.  Didn't really like the first two prequels, but Revenge of the Sith really worked for me.
And the new Clone Wars TV show has been surprisingly good, after the rather disasterous movie.
Always quite liked Trek too, but not to any level of fanatisism.
And I was a fan of Gate, but SG-1 went on far longer than it needed to, Atlantis was very poorly planned out and quickly fell apart and I've never had any interest in seeing Universe.

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@Briguile said:
" @WinterSnowblind:  really do you even remember this scene because it ruined Revenge for Me.
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWaLxFIVX1s "
One of the actors from the ORIGINAL trilogy is responsible for that scene  ;)
There was also a horrifying scene between Anakin and Padme, but other than that I did enjoy Episode III.  Definitely had its flaws, but it was the only prequel movie that seemed to serve a purpose.
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@Briguile said:
"@WinterSnowblind:  really do you even remember this scene because it ruined Revenge for Me.
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWaLxFIVX1s "

Ah, that horrible horrible scene. It was hilarious though. In a bad way. 
I agree that Star Wars is a mix of fantasy and sci-fi, whereas the others are much more sci-fi, especially Trek. 
But Trek and Gate don't have a KotOR, or TOR, so Wars wins. 
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Egh, this poll is torture. Overall, I have to say the plot and acting is better to me in Stargate SG-1 (until after the point where the series was supposed to end but didn't) than Star Wars. As much as I loved Star Wars, I've got a real soft spot for ancient history. Shanks made that show.

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star gat huh

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@WinterSnowblind: Not the actor's fault it's Lucas's 
Also imagine how much cooler Revenge would've been if this was the ending. At least I think so. 
Sorry for the extra stuff but it would've been so great if the end of the movie was the suit rising.

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Where's Galactica?

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Well, the first 3 Star Wars movies are more fun than most of what passes for "popcorn" entertainment these days.  But, of course, TV is different than movies so stories can take longer to unfold.  I really enjoyed Deep Space Nine and many an episode of SG1, so I voted all three.  However, all franchises have had their problems, too.  Star Wars has the prequels and that flaccid CG animated show on the Cartoon Network, Star Trek had Enterprise and the odd-numbered films, and Stargate had Atlantis as well as the better left forgotten cartoon, Stargate: Infinity.  Nothing is perfect.  If I was going to be completely honest, I'd say I prefer Farscape to either of the TV shows.  Plus, right now in my life, I'd rather watch Wall-E again than anything mentioned above. 

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@Kelswitch said:
" Where's Galactica? "
Well Battle is connected with star...
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Trek. Every single time. Star Wars can eat a dick and gat? wtf is that? 
EDIT: Ohh gate.   Well, SG1 and the movie was good, the rest of of it sucks ass.

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Star Wars is the only among those even slightly interesting.  I've seen a few good episodes of Stargate but don't care for the series as a whole and the only good thing about Star Trek is Q.

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D. is a retarded answer.

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Wars fo sure.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation seasons 3-end

Star Wars episode 4,5 and 6

Stargate: SG1 seasons 1 - 7

In that order. Everything else is crap IMO. 

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Wars 4-6 > Gate > Wars 2-3 > Trek > Wars 1

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If anyone doubts TNG's awesomeness, here:


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1. Star Wars
2. New Star Trek
3. Old Star Trek
32. Stargate

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Wars. All of them. Yeah thats right.

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I like Stargate, but I haven't watched much Star Trek. I don't really think Starwars is a fair thing to compare to TV shows. I picked it though because it's awesome, the original three anyway.