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So I'm listening to the podcast and the discussion of feeling bad killing a dog was brought up. Now I'm of the mind that its a game, not reality, which got me thinking of the Holodeck and how those holograms are practically real to the user. Once there I thought of my preferred game to play in a Holodeck. Nothing violent like war because being scared and crying behind a chest high wall isn't fun. So I thought maybe a romantic game or detective style mystery.

What would be your game of choice on the Holodeck. Try not to say poker.

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One of Barclay's games. That man knew how to use that thing properly

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One of those Sherlock Holmes adventures would be fun, so long as you don't set the difficulty to "Challenge worthy of a super intelligent android".

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Once/if the holodeck will be invented people will use it for porn first and foremost. Fact.

I could see combat focused games, but mainly vehicle based. Like when on DS9 they used it for the air-battle of England.

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I'd like a sexy Island adventure please.

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Assassin's Creed probably. I figure that climbing training might be really useful. And it'd be pretty fun using that hidden blade i bet.

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If Star Trek has taught me one thing it's never use a holodeck. Those things are death traps.

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@mattyftm: Especially if you consider that the whole 'safety limiter' thing would be pretty complicated to implement from a software standpoint...

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Star Trek Elite Force II (HD Holodeck Remix)

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Obviously every sexual fantasy I have ever had with every person I have ever found sexy. Anyone that says that wouldn't be one of the first things they did is a liar or unimaginative.

Once all the sexy stuff was out of the way, I guess it would be the various sci-fi and fantasy worlds I have enjoyed. I would just like to build those worlds and live in them. Do whatever I want. I have always loved Necromancers/Summoners/Illusionists so I would like to make a fantasy world where I'm some sort of magician that is learning these skills and eventually using them to take over a world and enslave it to my every whim. Once I have total control then it would turn into a sim city style management game where I get to set the rules and laws of the world.

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Parrises Squares

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Yup sex stuff would be the best. No consequences sexual fantasys available anytime you want? Yeah no clue how the holodeck wasn't covered in gross fluids after a week.

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L.A Noire would be pretty great. Or a perfect recreation of the Normandy or Iwo Jima beach landings.


...just kidding, fuck that.

Or wait, can I just make a TNG holodeck and just be Picard or something? I just want to say "Red Alert", "Engage", or "Delay that order" to Worf.

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Minecraft, with realistic tree-block punching action.

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I just watch that Voyager episode where the Doctor suggests that the Vulcan suffering from pon Farr use the holo deck to work his urges off. Now I'm kind of gross out imagining how sticky the entire holo deck must be.

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@tiredmonkey: I'm sure they can clean it by transporting everything inside the holodeck out into space.

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One of Barclay's games. That man knew how to use that thing properly

One this I always wondered about the holodecks was if they could be locked so no one else could enter. Otherwise someone could accidentally walk in and be like "Hey Barclay, we need you at engi - OH GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING. COUNSELLOR TROI? REALLY?"

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As previously stated, it would be almost impossible to resist the temptation to not fulfill every sexual fantasy you've ever had. Ever. But as far as games go.. Fallout 3 (I'd love to wander the wasteland), L.A. Noir (willing to settle for Dixon Hill), since I can't say poker I'll say I'd love to learn/play sabacc with Lando, Han, Riker, Jordy, and Piccard.

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Simple, TOTAL WAR but instead of being a virtual commander of an army, be a real commander of an army, that would be epic.