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Anyone else get behind Stargate: Universe intensely? Or maybe just was a big fan? I just rewatched the entire series (2 seasons) and I can't believe that SyFy canceled such a fantastic show. No matter how many times I watch it, the characters, the premise, the set, everything about it is incredible. I haven't gotten into a Sci-fi show or movie since watching Star Wars years ago. Even SG1 and SG: Atlantis are great shows. I understand they sort of ran their course, but SGU was just beginning and was cut down in its prime. I'd love to get this show back on the air, even more then I would Firefly

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do you not remember the final cliffhanger.

they are traveling from one galaxy to the next, but have to be in life pods. for like 1-2 years(i forget)

it gives them a few years where starting again would be acceptable. (and plausible)

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@Amilmitt: It was 3 years. But dear god, I miss the show

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The second season got much better towards then end a shame SyFy cancelled it, kinda wished they didn't have to cancel SG: Atlantis to make though it as I still preferred that, also there was meant to be another TV movie like Ark of Truth or Continuum but I think they cancelled that as well

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Never seen it but I have been thinking about watching it on netflix recently. I just finished watching Firefly and Serenity so I need a great new show to watch!

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I thought it was ok but not really on par with the previous two. I just wish we could have gotten the next two SG1 and SGA movies that were planned.

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@Heltom92: I'd watch Atlantis first, SGU is my favorite, but Atlantis is a happy medium between a darker, more mature Universe and a campy, corny SG1

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I stopped watching after Atlantis. Dunno why, but I just did. I tried getting into Universe, but I missed the first couple episodes, then eventually gave up on trying to catch up.

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I liked it too. A little underrated if you don't compare it with other sci-fi contemporaries that it's closest to in terms of style.

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I hate it. I was a huge fan of both SG-1 and Atlantis, but I was really disappointed with Universe. Maybe hate is a bit strong, it held my interest enough to watch every episode, but I don't think it holds a candle to the other Stargate shows. Some of the ideas weren't terrible, it just felt more like a soap opera than a science fiction show. Even that wouldn't have been so bad a premise, I loved Lost which was a similar character focused sci-fi show, the thing really killed SGU for me was the fact that I couldn't stand like 90% of the characters. Eli was the only character I actually liked, while I tolerated a few others and hated the rest.

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I loved it. It was such a meticulously constructed show, where right up until the end they were still drawing drawing plots from the pieces put in place early in the first season. Was sad to see it go, though being a longtime TV science fiction fan I'm used to it by now. At least, as others have said, it got a decent finale.

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I was excited when it first started but there was something about it I just didn't enjoy. I didn't even watch the second season but I might go back to it someday.

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I never really liked it. The development was waaaaaay too slow and you kind of expected every single plot twist they would introduce.

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I enjoyed the show and wished it was still on too. I never got into SG:A, when it came on I never watched and recently when I tried to go back and watch through it, it just doesn't interest me. I always liked the stargate idea and really wish they would start up some kind of new show. There must be millions of fans willing to get behind an decent show.

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I got the feeling it was cancelled because, by adopting the SG name, they brought over a bunch of fans who really were not looking for a show of that style. It was way more in tune with what BSG fans would want than SG.

That said, I was fully hooked by the first season and then got disappointed by things that happened in the second season. It kept looking like the show was going to gain some momentum, either by the removal of some characters or the addition of others, but they kept cancelling out those potential changes. It really took me out of it and reminded me it was a serialized TV show.

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I love the Stargate Universe unconditionally, but Universe was my least favourite of the series. I really loved the show, but I just loved the others more. Atlantis was my favourite, as I felt it had the best cast, characters, and story all rolled into one.

End of Atlantis Spoiler

I don't keep up with news so I had no idea when I watched the final episode that it was the last one. I waited months to see where they were going to take the show after that ending and my heart broke when I found out months later that was how the series ended. That part of the universe had so much potential and the villains they introduced were so much more interesting then the worms or that religious race from the end of SG-1. Shame they ended that show.
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It got better near the end and I think the last episode was great. Unfortunately it wasn't as sci-fi'y as I would have hoped. More non Human aliens and go deeper into the SG universe would have done it for me. All in all I think they just hopped on the BSG band wagon and deviated from the other SG's so it was harder to sell.