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#51 Posted by crusader8463 (14433 posts) -

@MB: Just re-installed photoshop today after being without it for months. Feels good to have the power to do shops back at my finger tips again.

#52 Posted by envane (1164 posts) -

@crusader8463: heh nice

yeah i really need to get elements or something ,its one of those things i always used to pirate but now just do without .. i guess i could use gimp ehehe.

cant belive nobodys said funky monkey yet ... its literally all ive been saying all day ..

#53 Posted by Tearhead (2228 posts) -

He's just off gettin' his, 'cus bitches betta have Pimp Monkey's money!

#54 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4523 posts) -

@envane said:

oh thats why the picture looks like it was taken with a horrible digital camera ... instagram

#55 Edited by TheDudeOfGaming (6078 posts) -

That's obviously fake, there is no monkey hoe following him around.

#56 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (3937 posts) -

@JCTango: No sir the only vid i've seen was of the pics which is not useful at all.

@crusader8463: You've done a wonderful thing here.

#57 Posted by McGhee (6075 posts) -

goddamn monkey . . . needs a good whack with a stick

#58 Posted by JCTango (1367 posts) -

@JCTango said:

@TheSouthernDandy: do you, or anyone else for that matter, know where I can find a video they used in the news reports on the monkey... one that I can save locally to harddrive? I've seen it listed on cp24 and such but the file format they use is weird o_O.

#59 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (3937 posts) -

@JCTango: Oh my god. You're my hero. LOOK AT HIM WADDLE AROUND!

#60 Posted by JCTango (1367 posts) -

@TheSouthernDandy: the best part is when he runs up to the door and screams, like a little kid looking for his mom lol. Then the lady goes, shhhhhhhhhh! Like a misbehaving child. :D

#61 Posted by BisonHero (7261 posts) -

That coat is just so awesome. It's like the owner bought a really expensive child's coat, then had a tailor shorten the arms and torso to like half of their original length.

#62 Posted by LiquidPrince (16237 posts) -

I was at that Ikea like a month ago... I wish I could see a pimp monkey.

#63 Posted by BaconGames (3607 posts) -

That gave me a good chuckle, thanks off-topic forum.

Monkey stylin' on ya.

#64 Posted by DoctorWelch (2765 posts) -

Dat monkey be crazy.

#65 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (3937 posts) -

@JCTango: I want it running on a loop in my brain.