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Hey guys summer is here so just wanted to know some of your guys summers goals. For myself I want to:

- Get 100% in Burnout Paradise, every single trophy from every single download not just the original ones
- Work out a lot seeing as the past 2 weeks I've been sitting in a chair studying 
- Learn how to play various video game music on my keyboard
- Read 10 books
- Get my english summer credit
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Watch about 50 great movies

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  • Play moar gigs
  • Play a gig in Mount Royal park by Parc Avenue
  • By way too many things to bring back from Japan

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I should do something crazy like 1000 point all my games... that could actually work...

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  • Work on basic Japanese. Taking a semester of classes currently and halfway through. I'd like to believe it will get easier but I doubt it.
  • Hopefully do well in all my classes at my local community college.
  • Go to Six Flags a few more times.
  • Maybe get a camera and/or laptop.
  • Start progress on applying for universities in Japan.

Obviously the school goals are the most important. I have to buckle down and research schools since I think the deadline is in a few months. (If I want to go by Spring 2010.)
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-Even though it'll be summer, I have to study. Studing engineering. Advance physics, aplied math and calculus are hard :-(
-Continue to work out through out the summer, its a good habit
-Get a curent gen console, or some other gizmo that i'll really enjoy. I'll probably get the console.
-Renew my passport. I have the desire to travel to another nation.

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My summer goal is to finish Shadow of Rome on expert.

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Look like Vin Diesel by the end of the summer. It's coming around nicely. I've gained 5 pounds since the beginning of the break.

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@Fr0Br0: Im trying to get to 205lbs by the end of summer. At 197lb right now.

Also get into the Mob or be the One in 1vs100.