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Hey there, I´ve been following the site for quite a while now and I figured it was time to sign up already, so here I am. I thought introducing myself would be in order and would also help getting a few quests under my belt. 
My name is Nicolas, I hail from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Im a musician and I also of course love games, I play on PC only and I enjoy most genres except for sports games. Im looking forward to meeting ppl I can play with here cause none of my friends are into videogames. That´s all folks!

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Welcome aboard! =)

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It's good to have you here Nicolas. By the way, you must think pretty highly of yourself to use the symbol for the sun as your icon.

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Welcome, also make sure to check out the rules when you get a chance.

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Welcome to Giant Bomb!  Male sure to read the Site Rules & FAQs thread before getting started.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us a PM.  :)

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Have fun, the community here is great :D

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@Rattle618 said:
I play on PC only
Now that`s dedication, welcome to giantbomb dude
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Welcome to our little corner of the universe, have fun!

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Hello Aregentine duder...welcome to the site and enjoy!

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@Rattle618: Make sure to read the FAQ and forum rules...some people can be kind of Nazi here.
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Welcome duder.

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welcome to the bomb man, this is probably my favorite video game posting site around, you'll love it here its the most sexualy attractive forum currently in existance
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Yello ello.

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@Rattle618: Welcome! Also, do you possibly make dubstep music? Because I commonly see that icon associated with dubstep.
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I hereby formally greet thee. 
...Sup bro.

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Watch both Endurance Runs.

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@JJWeatherman said:
" I hereby formally greet thee.  ...Sup bro. "
couldnt have said it any better 
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Come on in, the water's warm and the beer's nice and cold.

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Welcome and enjoy your stay. MUHAHAHAHAHA. 
Nah, seriously, good to have you.

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Thanks a lot for the very cool welcome, I can see the community here is awesome already. I´ll definitely check out the endurance runs, and about my avatar... it has different (and not so different in many cases) meanings on several cultures that span over 4000 thousand years, so I think its pretty cool :), I´ve even seen it on early middle ages music notation.  
I study classical music and also play jazz for fun/money, no electronic music for me yet Noodlearms, but I´ll have to check that out!

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@Rattle618 said:
"I play on PC only"
I already like where this is going.
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Hello friend! Welcome to this awesome video game website about video games!
Here's a pro tip: Don't be a jerk and you'll be fine!

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Hey! This site is about Starcraft 2 and some other games.. i guess. ; }

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Ahh, welcome bit-ches.

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@Sovereign13 said:

" It's good to have you here Nicolas. By the way, you must think pretty highly of yourself to use the symbol for the sun as your icon. "

I see a white label on a 12" record. Bootleg, baby.
EDIT: I forgot to say...
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@Ace829: I totally just realized how much that video foretold. From the endurance run to the many many months of Fallout 3 talk. 
Oh, and welcome!
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Your country's flag is awesome.

Your emblem looks like your icon.

Welcome to Giant Bomb, have fun.
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@Rattle618: Jazz music huh? Cool! What instrument(s) do you play? I'm a sax man haha.
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Welcome duder!  The forums are a fun place to waste some time, just try and spell properly and avoid rage starting comments =P 
Except for comments about how the Wii is the worst console by far this generation, we all know thats true. *Flexes e-muscles and waits for that one Wii fanboy to show up*