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As opposed to predictions and blah, just an ongoing discussion of shit that happens.


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This game feels frantic right now.

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I'm fascinated by all of this. I have never ever watched a football game in my entire life and I have NO IDEA what's going on but everybody else in this room seems to be furious and ecstatic at the same time.

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Fuuuuuuuuuuuck. I totally forgot about the mixed bag of Super Bowl commercials. I'm not mentally prepared for this shit.

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Crazy start. That safety was great.

(side note: my friend Palmer is going to be in the AmEx ad this year as J.R. Ewing, so I'm really looking forward to that)

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Guys, I think Maserati is going to launch a nuclear weapon out of a hollowed-out volcano.

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Refs putting forward their best attempt at sabotage so far, well done Refs (they did that a lot last year after the Ravens got ahead by a ton, didn't ultimately matter)

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Shit looks bad for Denver.

Stay tuned for more quality analysis.

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I still hate Pete Carroll, smug son of a bitch. Who cares if he might actually be a good coach? USC was like a predecessor of the dreaded SEC horrifying dominance string.

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@flappy: Wilson throwing (if you can call that a throw) to Willson? The insanity!

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Everyone was excited to see Denver's offense match up against Seattle's defense, but it's clear that the Seatlle offense / Denver defense matchup is going to decide this game.

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Weird, my comment got eaten...

Anyway, I just said that this game feels different from most Superbowls. It sounds more like a divisional championship than a Superbowl, as though the crowd is actually paying attention & gives a shit about the game, not just the party.

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@goreyfantod: Assuming Seattle Fans make up more than 5% of the crowd they're pretty noisy; that's a pretty massive assumption though.

Percy Harvin plays for the Seahawks, who knew? This thread needs a Brett Favre reference, I remember when he gave Percy Harvin a Pro-Bowl appearance.

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There have been like, 6 car commercials if you count Nascar.

Also, great play in the endzone. Broncos are holding on, or completely messing up.

EDIT: And there's a pick. Flappy is like, a prophet or something.

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Yo Broncos...

What happened?

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Seahawks are going to win this if Bronco's offense keeps on like this.

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Seahawks D is doing their part we just need some TDs. Its Peyton on the side and we can't just keep going in for 3 points.

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Only car companies can afford 8 million a second or whatever.

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@goreyfantod: Yeah, speaking of which the commercials seem less... superbowly. These seem more like just regular commercials. Not totally though, I just remember the radioshack one.

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So far the best thing about this game is the Radio Shack commercial. Alf ftw.

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@fredchuckdave said:

Only car companies can afford 8 million a second or whatever.

Whatever, Squarespace had an ad! Squarespace, of Jeff & Vinny reading ads at the top of the Bombcast fame!

Speaking of the ads, why is every Super Bowl commercial now shot in ultra-widescreen 4.5-to-1 aspect ratio?

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I was kinda digging that Radio Shack ad. Mainly because apparently Chucky is on par with Alf as an 80's icon now, haha.

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Oh good, pass interference. Maybe someone can actually score a touchdown now.

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@wjb: And right as you say it...

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Denver is playing some terrible football, y'guys. They look incompetent on both sides of the field and Peyton looks like he's ready to punch everyone in the neck.

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I'm about that action, boss.

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@dinosaurcanada: Game sucks, commercials suck, Superbowl Ratings plummet; only 100 million people watched, disaster!

Didn't Bud Light used to have the good commercials and Miller had the shitty commercials?

Tebow our Lord and Savior made an appearance at least.

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Fuck! Mark Wahlberg and Transformers? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.


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Were those Dinobots? Why weren't those in the Radio Shack ad?

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  • Remember 3 years ago when ESPN blew a wad every time the Broncos won a game and thought Tebow was the Second Coming even though the kicker won all those games? Me neither.
  • A new Transformers movie just seems weird.
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@fredchuckdave: From the sound of it, there's definitely got to be a big pro-Seattle crowd there. I'm starting to wonder if maybe I'm not the only one who loathes the Broncos, 'cause all those people screaming when Denver is on offense can't be from Seattle.

Maybe Microsoft & Valve bought up lots of tickets...

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@flappy: Wahlberg never fails, ever seen The Happening motherfucker? On that note, Zooey Deschanel is twice the age to be considered an "Old Hag" in Japan.

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@flappy said:

Shit looks bad for Denver.

Stay tuned for more quality analysis.

Now this is the type of coverage I've been on the look out for ever since Patricks foray as the "Shit still broke" PSN news anchor!

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@fredchuckdave: That's good to know. The "Old Hag" thing, not The Happening.

@zolroyce said:

@flappy said:

Shit looks bad for Denver.

Stay tuned for more quality analysis.

Now this is the type of coverage I've been on the look out for ever since Patricks foray as the "Shit still broke" PSN news anchor!

I try my best.

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I think Denver's hype got shaken up after that safety. They are plowing up the field now though.

Edit: I think I spoke a little too soon.

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First tripping call all year century? Refs trying to debauch my theory, don't worry though.

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Hahahaha, goddamn, Seattle, have a heart!

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Man, this Seattle defense is no joke.

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@shagge: Power's about to go out, son; have no fear.

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I'm about that action, boss.

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This game...

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@shagge: Power's about to go out, son; have no fear.

Man I totally forgot about that power outage.

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What the hell just happened? I thought Denver was finally picking up and when i go to pour some coke i come back and its 22-0.


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Holy shit! This is too beautiful for words.

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Haha, holy shit.

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Anybody else thinking the new spiderman movies cgi kinda sucks?