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Look past Mario & Luigi's ethnicity & relationship, and you will find that this movie is GOOD! like really good, I'm not kidding. For a movie releeased in 1993, this film looks fantastic. Koopa's city looks much better than what CGI would do today cuz it really looked like a city built from the ground up. A lot of characters from the game are in it, including "Toad", & Dennis Hopper was very fun to watch. Actually, he was always fun to watch. IDK why this film gets a bad wrap, people say it's the poor man's "Waterworld", but this film came out before it. Give it another watch, cuz it was definitely ahead of it's time. I've seen much worse video game movies in my day.

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No, it's fucking awful. I watched it a couple years ago and cried.

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Hmm... I haven't watched it, but I have a hard time imagining it being good.

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Yeah, there is no redeeming quality about that trash heap of a movie. It was a stupid idea that was horribly implemented. I mean seriously, why the fuck does Yoshi look like Killer Croc?

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All I remember is what I've read about it: that production was a goddamn mess, and it shows. Why couldn't they go with the original version, where Danny DeVito plays Mario?

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It's terrible.

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I have heard really bad things about it and I would rather not pillage my memories of Super Mario Bros.

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It's fun to watch with your friends. That is all.

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It's great when you're too young to know what great is.

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Super Mario Bros. is a fantastic movie. Most people are too immature to understand its greatness.

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Super Mario Bros. is the sort of movie that would win every Oscar in Hollywood if it were reinterpreted as an existentialist take on the plight of the modern plumber his need for companionship, and the nature of evolved humanity.

But it's actually pretty crappy. What's even sadder is that when the project was first started, a very promising script was written that would have stayed much closer to the game in the tone of a child's fantasy movie. But when the directors were brought on board, they wanted to go with their own "vision."

Bonus Trivia: Ask Bob Hoskins what his biggest regret of his career is, and he will tell you straight out, "Super Mario Bros."

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Bonus Trivia #2:
According to his memoir, John Leguizamo credits this movie as the reason he started drinking heavily.