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I'm currently watching this show, up to Season 6 so far, and it really got bad in this season. Does it get any better, or do they just keep recycling the things we've seen before? Also, souless Sam was annoying and all over the place.

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I haven't watched it since season 5, but I've heard it's been mostly crap with a few good episodes.

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I thought Season 7 was pretty good. Season 8 is what's on now but it's not as great as the first 3 seasons. But I still enjoy it for the dumb things they say/do and seeing some monsters as humans.

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As general discussions go, this one is pretty off-topic.

See what I did there?

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the show goes downhill after season 5. they clearly intended it to end at 5.

man the first 5 seasons were great though.

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Well considering I have only seen bits and pieces of the show, and that I am unusually nitpicky and cynical about some stuff. Take this with a bucket of salt.

That show looks preeeeeetty awful. All the way through. I really can't find anything nice to say. Sorry <3

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The first 5 seasons are awesome. After that, eh, it's still ok but no where near as good as it was. If you're not feeling it then stop watching.

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I've watched all the episodes so far and I really liked the first few seasons since it was just a monster of the week kind of show with some funny dialog/gags. They then started this whole Angels vs Demons, God vs the Devil, and the Apocalypse stuff and it just isn't as good anymore. But then they'll sprinkle some random episode into the season that has nothing to do with that storyline and those are pretty good (like the one where they get sent to some alternate world where they are the actors filming the show, but as Dean and Sam).

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I'm going through it on netflix at the moment, just got to Season 4 and I'm really enjoying it.

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yea, the current season (7) is ok at the moment. Yea, the past few seasons have been kinda weak and like most others have said the most enjoyable episodes are the one-off ones that don't really have any ties to the whole Angels/Demons thing

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Yeah I enjoy watching it. Last episode was alright. I did not like the LARP episode recently, just felt flat for me. Worst episode this season for me.

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My wife likes it, but I tapped out at the end of Season 5. That felt like the logical conclusion. Season 8 so far has been hit and miss but it's pretty decent. 6 and 7 were pretty middling though.

To be honest I think she watches it just for Dean. She once said, and I quote, "He's fucking hot."


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My friend put it well. After season five it's "The Continuing Adventures of Sam and Dean" Five wrapped up everything so well so lets find out what happened after. I still enjoy watching it. It just got picked up for another season. I'm not sure it needs another season but I'll keep watching it.

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Everything I've heard about this show just makes me think it's Buffy for dumb people.

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I absolutely adored the show up until season 5. I still really like the new seasons, and it could end up being really really epic if they wrap around to the end of season five with Lucifer and Michael somehow escaping the box. The problem for me with the show after season five wasn't that they weren't any good, just that they couldn't get anymore epic then dealing with Satan himself. I mean what's more menacing, Satan or the mother of all creatures...?

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I think the show peaked at season 4. I'm currently near the end of season 6 and save for a couple of episodes it's been pretty boring. This is how it is for every series. They go on for too long and the writers run out of ideas and go through the motions.

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Same old, best character this far is the car. have not seen since 6

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I watch it sometimes. I prefer the standalone mythology-based episodes rather than the expansive story arcs they often do. I thought it took a massive dive when they introduced angels and all that.

That said, my sister's been watching the latest series, and every time I catch it, I enjoy it more than I have previous series.

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The first season was great, the second was good, everything after that is varying degrees of awful.

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I'm a big fan of the original story arc. The first five seasons all felt really good together. (Season 4 is probably my overall favorite, if I had to choose.) The biggest complaint I have about Season 6 was how the writers seemed to have forgotten how to write for Dean. He just feels so out of character all the time from what I've seen. I haven't seen season 7 or 8 yet.

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I stopped after season 5 and have no desire to go back.