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Poll: T-Mobile Un-Carrier: Want? (23 votes)

Stay/Get on: ATT 17%
Stay/Get on: Verizon 9%
Stay/Get on: Sprint 0%
Stay/Get on: T-Mobile 30%
[I'm foreign] 43%

So, yea this is a U.S. thing. But, T-Mobile Just unveiled their new, "Un-Carrier," plan. So, its like data-priced acknowledged. They know people like Smartphones, so they built their pricing on that.

It's basically: Pay $100 for the SmartPhone, pay $20 per month. Unlimited data.

It's sort of weird, where: I don't know who to believe anymore. About, who's better. Like, ATT has better coverage, or Verizon works in a basement, Sprint does unlimited, or I don't get T-Mobile here. ~ These are all probably true, at some point. But, pricing usually, kinda.. err, determines whether the coverage-talk matters too much. ~ Then there's like: Cricket and Pocket.. Yeesh.. Then, Virgin Mobile, Sprint to Go, Boost.. Any other carrier I can't think of. Err, cool. [Why does Sprint have like three no-contract options?.]

All I know is that, come Christmas, I'ma see those classic Verizon-Christmas commercials. And they're usually okay, but weird. Monologuey, even. And ATT, be doing what they do.

So: Yup! I don't really care if you like Android or whatevs. T-Mobile is confirmed to get the iPhone 5. And I bet they'll be on the 5S. I bet they'll be on the S4 too.

T-Mo News:Editorial: T-Mobile’s New Plans Are Awesome For Everyone

The Verge: 'Stop the bullshit' in wireless pricing says T-Mobile CEO John Legere

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This is going to be big, and the other carriers are not going to like this. T mobile has taken the right step.

#2 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2708 posts) -

It's basically: Pay $100 for the SmartPhone, pay $20 per month. Unlimited data

from what I could gather this is just for the purchasing of the phone. Pay $100 up front then pay another $20/mo for 2 years. You still need to add the plan which could be $50-$80 per month on top of the $20. If I'm misreading info somebody please correct me.

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Nah, you're right. I'm just lazy with the details. The pricing is very similar to everything else. It just means there's no 2 year contracts anymore. [Canada does 3 years! Crazyy..]

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US Cellular.

And this is a US site so why the bit about it being a US thing? Yes, other countries are represented on here but no one is going to say this is a aussie or brit site.

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@sins_of_mosin: Well, I guess I wanted to include everyone on here, in the conversation. Even its not in the discussion, really. Chris Zeigler, from The Verge, has mentioned time and time again, that US pricing is ridiculous. That us getting closer and closer to European pricing, is a good thing for everybody.

So yea. I didn't want: This shit ain't for you Europa, GTFO.

#6 Posted by Dolphin_Butter (1984 posts) -

I just started on a Nexus 4 with their $30 pay-per-month plan (100 minutes, unlimited texting, unlimited data--first 5GB on 4G) and, while the reception is a bit poorer than my previous Verizon phone, the money I save is more than worth it.

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@dolphin_butter: Very cool! ~ Didn't they just end that first 5 gigs on 4G? I think you might be pre-paid, so I don't know..

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@blu3v3nom07: It's one of their pay-by-the-month plans. The $30 option still has that 5GB thing, but I can't think of any instance in the past two years that I've used more than 2GB on any smartphone. Oddly enough, the $50 pay-by-the-month option limits the first 500MB to 4G speeds, but has unlimited minutes.

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@dolphin_butter: Wow! ~ Yea, your plan is better. I've gone well above 5 gigs by now.

I just stream everything these days.. :D

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Well I can't re-edit this poll. So, I saw this followup piece from The Verge.

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They basically interviewed customers about: what carriers do they use? What they basically found was that, even if another carrier is 20% cheaper, It's simply too much hassle to switch.So, that's sorta strange. I would of think that people don't get on T-Mobile because they don't have the phones they want, i.e. the iPhone.

The Verge: Top Shelf Episode 004: stop the carrier bullshit

BTW, ATT has now released a short statement (about this Un-Announcement) that reads: "Whatever." ~ Sprint has released a short response paragraph, that says that they already have 3 no-contract option carrier-things.

“Sprint gives its customers the best of both worlds with Truly Unlimited 4G LTE data on smartphones and the best value for customers with a savings of $110 over T-Mobile when comparing the total cost of ownership over two years for the 16 GB version of the Samsung Galaxy SIII,” Sprint said. “In addition, true no term contract options are available with Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile and Sprint As You Go.”

T-Mo News: AT&T Responds To T-Mobile’s New Rate Plans With “Whatever”

Considering from this poll so far, I'm thinking that alot of people are gonna switch to T-Mobile, in the short period of one-years time. As long as they get they iPhone, I think people will be happy.

Also interesting, I saw that: Apparently, T-Mobile is considering having a Upgrade-Club. Where, you can basically upgrade up to twice a year. You would pay a "very small membership fee." So, at least for media-journalist, and other people that are indecisive and the like; they can at least have an option for even more freedom, if they wish to pay so.

T-Mo News: T-Mobile Considering “Anytime Upgrade” Club Allowing Two Upgrades Per year

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I'm staying on AT&T. T-Mobiles thing looks cool, but I have a feeling it's not going to work out as advertised.

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Fuck T-Mobile. Treated me like shit and they actually broke THEIR contract with me. Plus they just dumped their smoking hot spokes girl. T-Mobile blows.

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@marcsman: Uh, cool! Well what's your carrier, then? ~ They don't have Any contracts, as of now.

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The way US does their cellphone is kind of crazy where you can't just buy any phone you like and put it on the service provider you want.

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LOL, what's with the Sprint hate? 0%, really?

#16 Posted by Fattony12000 (7968 posts) -

I'm looking to get my very first contract phone this year, and I've owned mobile phones since the 90s, THIS is how cutting edge I am.

@marcsman said:

Fuck T-Mobile. Treated me like shit and they actually broke THEIR contract with me. Plus they just dumped their smoking hot spokes girl. T-Mobile blows.

Carly Foulkes, goddamn.

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Shit man, I'd take a two year contract if I could, but since the Canadian telecom companies own the government, we only have three year contracts. It's stupid, I still have an iPhone 4 which has become almost entirely useless, it's so slow now. And it's not like I've used any other phones for comparison, it's just slower than it used to be. I think Apple does that on purpose with iOS updates. Anyway fuck three year contracts, you guys have it easy.

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My girlfriend has T-Mobile and her coverage is shit both in Austin and Houston, and she always has problems with her texts not going through and not receiving texts from other people (not a phone or simcard issue; she's changed both multiple times).

I've had AT&T for the past 10+ years and have never had any coverage or reception issues in either Houston or Austin. It's funny to hear everyone based in the SF tech industry bitch about AT&T being the worst because I've literally never had any problems with them, and their customer service is also pretty good.

Ultimately, carrier choice comes down to who has the best stuff available in your area.