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Christopher Nolan and Heath Ledger are certified man-gods.
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Haha one of my favorite scenes ever.

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I still need to see this movie...

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I have to see this movie.

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I didn't even see this movie yet >.>

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Haha, I loved that. The Joker in this movie is an extremely memorable character.

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I'm not a Batman fan but i wanna see the movie just because of the Joker.

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One of my favourite scenes of the movie.

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Very funny scene. I thought the best scene was when the Joker says he missed and the truck just completley flips. I seriously wished batman would.... you know... to his...

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I'm going to watch this tomorrow! ^^

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That movie just raised the awesomenes level of a pencil by approximately 85.982%

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Lol. one of the best scenes. Thanks for this gif.

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That's cool.

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Haha, that part was pretty great xD, thx for the gif ^^.

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YES!  I was just hoping it'd be a .gif of that!  You fucking rule, TC!

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Pretty intersting.