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For the past 7 years I've been working at a fairly large company in their Information Technology department. I enjoy my job, have an excellent boss, there's great work / life balance and the benefits are great. However, I've been noticing that the IT job market is pretty hot right now and see a lot of people I know moving around in the industry. Out of the blue a recruiter for a very large company in my home state contacted me about a position. After a phone interview I've been asked to come onsite for an interview. Throughout the phone interview I was told several times that this isn't a typical 9-5 job as it's a global company and the role involves supporting the business from areas all around the globe...The manager of the department also told me that some weeks I could work 35 hours, the next 65 hours and the following 50 hours.

My spouse and I are comfortable right now financially, enjoy the time we have together and I personally like to spend time on some hobbies as well. For the most part I can come in at 7:30 am and be out by 3:30 pm every day of the week. In your opinion is it worth it to leave a regular 40 hour a week job you enjoy for a 50% pay raise but say 60 hours a week with some of those hours on the weekends and nights?


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Not worth it. Work to live, don't live to work.

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"I enjoy my job"

You lucky bugger. Never leave it. Especially if it's something you love that keeps you comfortably financially stable.

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unless you have good reason to need for more money (saving for kids, additional education, housing, etc.), if you're happy, i'd say don't fuck with that.

and don't forget, time is the only real asset we have that can't be earned. money gives you options, but it won't give you time.

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@wrecks said:

Not worth it. Work to live, don't live to work.

This. I'm a writer. I don't get paid a lot, but I can afford my lifestyle pretty well, and I have as much free time as I want. I wouldn't change that for nothing, because I'm happy with it.

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If you are financially stable and happy with your current job, then don't trade that for the world. I grew up in a family where neither of my parents have ever been happy with their jobs or the money they were making, so if I were in your position I would hold such a good job for as long as I could.

This "could work 35 hours/wk, could work way more than 40/wk" thing doesn't sound great to me. It just sounds like introducing instability into what you say is pretty stable right now.

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By could work 40+ hours a week, they probably mean you WILL work 40+ hours a week

If your comfortable with where you are now and have no need for the extra cash then don't do it. Whats the point of the extra money if you spend all your time working?

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@jared: take the job that has better opportunities for advancement.

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If you are already financially stable and you and your spouse are happy i say stick with your current job.

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Never assume financial stability. As the saying goes: "Man plans, God laughs." I suggest talking it over with your wife than some random guys on the Internet.

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If you're content right now you may be better off staying that way. More money is nice, but eventually you'll start spending it until you're dependent on the extra income, which is a sticky situation to get into if it turns out you don't like the job...

That said, staying in the same place too long can be damaging too. I spent eight years doing unskilled work I don't even like, and now it's pretty much impossible for me to get a job doing anything else.

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@wrecks said:

Work to live, don't live to work.

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It sounds like what I had to do. I was just working in an office as a design engineer, and then the option came up to become a site engineer, more or less the same situation, the only difference is that I live alone. I don't regret taking the longer hours, but honestly, in your position I would stick where I am.

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40+ hours means less time with your family. You'll regret that.

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I would rather be payed less, and enjoy my job, then be paid more and not.

Risk reward, value proposition, and so forth.

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If it furthers your career goals, yes. If you are happy now and will be for a long time then stay put.

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Current job sounds way better than the proposed offer. Money isn't everything. More money is not a good trade-off for less time with your family and less time for your hobbies.

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So by 50% you mean you also earn 50% more per hour right? If you just get paid more because you work more -> nope. Have a look at it! Despite the hours maybe this job might also be more fun. That being said, 65 is pretty ridiculous, and "might" work that long is usually code for "will work long".

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From one Jared to another: I'd say stick with your current job. It sounds like you are living comfortably right now while working decent hours. There are few things worse than an extra long work day.

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If I read this correctly, you got contacted by a "head hunter". Did you use them before and that's why they knew you already? I would look for my own job. Not a fan of head hunters and probably would never use them. It seems strange that a recruiter would just call you out of the blue. Those jobs are usually just temporary and at the end of your contract in a few months, the company may decide not to keep you. Pretty sure you also don't get benefits.

Nonetheless, it sounds like you are happy and content with your current position and have no real urge to move up the ranks. If you don't care about the money, then don't do it. I always went for the money and wish I didn't.

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If you are financially stable and happy with your current job, then don't trade that for the world. I grew up in a family where neither of my parents have ever been happy with their jobs or the money they were making, so if I were in your position I would hold such a good job for as long as I could.

This "could work 35 hours/wk, could work way more than 40/wk" thing doesn't sound great to me. It just sounds like introducing instability into what you say is pretty stable right now.

^^This. Also, not to be captain obvious, but have you talked with your spouse yet about this? Cause that'd be probably the most agreeable way to settle this dilemma.

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I left my salaried job a year ago for something that wasn't such a drain on my life. I miss having a ton of money to throw away and things are a bit tight at times, but having a decent schedule is very much worth it.

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You have job you enjoy and you earn more than enough money to get by. Why risk losing that? I say nay.

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Do the math on how much you will make at the new job and see how much that will speed up you getting enough money to retire. If it means longer work weeks for a few years and you getting to retire 5-10 years earlier then go for it. Also, let the boss know that you are being head hunted and they may make you an offer to give you more time off or a pay raise to stay.

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If there are a lot of jobs going currently and you're being headhunted for something with a much better pay rate, it stands to reason there are better paying jobs than your current one out there that don't have bad hours.

I'd interview for it for the experience and then start searching elsewhere

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Doesn't sound worth it, but it can't hurt to go to the interview and ask a few questions.

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@reisz said:
@wrecks said:

Work to live, don't live to work.

Work-life balance is the #2 thing I look for in a job, with #1 being if I'll enjoy it / it feels right for what I want out of a career.

You seem to have both of those in check, so I wouldn't let your job go ever unless your company's future looks rocky.

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Depends how much more you'd be making I suppose, but working 65 hours doesnt sound healthy for any relationships in your life. Best talk it over with the lady.

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@jared said:

For the past 7 years I've been working at a fairly large company in their Information Technology department. I enjoy my job, have an excellent boss, there's great work / life balance and the benefits are great.

A while back, someone I know tried to get me to leave my job to join them at their job. They told me the money was great, and so were the benefits. I passed because I was already happy where I was. Within six months, their job turned into a nightmare. Once they finally worked up the courage to leave, they were out of work for over six months due to the level of stress the situation caused.

If you're happy, and you enjoy work, and you like your boss, and you're providing enough for your family, then it doesn't sound like the benefits outweigh the risk.

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Don't do it! I've had jobs that require 60+ hours of my time on a weekly basis, and I can't understate the negative impact that can have on your life. Sure, if you're doing something your passionate about and have good coworkers, 60+ hours can be not so bad, but, this sounds like it's just a paycheck for you. Not worth it.

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If your totally happy with your life don't mess with it man.

It doesn't take much to wreck the balance of your life putting too much time into work so unless it fits with some sort of long term plan that both you and your spouse are working towards together, move cautiously.

This is coming from someone who has done 13 hour days 7 days a week for months straight. There is a point where things start to fall apart especially relationship wise when you don't have enough time for yourself or your family. Money really doesn't end up counting for much beyond it's ability to make you live comfortabley.

It's the old money can't buy happiness, i'm at the point where i've bought enough toys for myself I rarely have anything to look forward to having, all the cool stuff i do own I rarely have time to use and once the novelty wears off you start looking for the next thing. It's like leveling up in an RPG, the idea of the next level and better loot is always more exciting than the actual event.

So if you are in a comfortable spot in life where you don't feel the need for change and everyone is pretty happy i would enjoy that while it lasts. It won't hurt to tell the company wanting to take you on exactly that, they might even come back with a secondary offer, otherwise whatevs.

The main thing is make sure everything is cool with the spouse, happy wife - happy life.

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50% extra pay per annum or per hour? It's a pretty shitty offer if they're just offering you the same rate of pay but for more hours.

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If you are happy where you work (enjoy the work, coworkers, boss, etc) and are financially stable, then I would be hesitant to move. However, that does not mean that you should not try to move up or negotiate for a raise within your own company (especially knowing that you could find a job elsewhere).

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If the hours change that much, the company has a planning problem, I wouldn’t go work for them.

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Think of how many more video games you could buy and pile up next to your unused console if you got payed 50% more. As the saying goes "buying games is half the fun".

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Being happy at work and at home CANNOT be understated. You'd know that if you had a piss poor working conditions and a nutjob girl waiting after that like me last year. More money just means more of it goes down the drain.

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Happy at your job/stable = more important than money. I used to work 12-14 hours a day on a big time television show and hated it, the hours killed my free time and personal life...and I was making probably 5 times as much as I was before that. Now I'm working a normal work week in television with good pay and I love life.

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I wouldn't personally. Nights and weekends are when all the fun shit happens.

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Why fix it when it ain't broke? Don't do it, man.

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Its not worth it. Stay where you are. I am in the reverse situation you are in. At the moment I work for a large company. I have a 1hour commute on the way in and a 90min commute on the way home. I get home at 6:30/7 on a good day and only get to see my daughter for an hour before she goes to bed.

I started looking for a new gig last week. Hoping to get back into a startup where things are more flexible.

Last week I was spoken to by my manager because our VP noticed I left the office at 4p one afternoon. My boss asked why, and I said "I am on my own this week, and I need to leave early to get my daughter at school and pick up the dog from "daycare"". I guess the VP mentioned my leaving during a conference call with all the department leads.

Sorry long winded response. If you are at a place that allows you a work/life balance stay there!

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It depends. If you're hurting for money and having a hard time making bills, paying for groceries, etc. then I'd say go for it. If you are living well enough you'd have to consider if your time is more valuable then the extra money you'd make. If the second is true I'd personally say no because I really value my time away from work.

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In my life, most of the people I've seen who went for the money in a situation like this wound up mostly regretting it, but it certainly depends on a number of things. You say you're comfortable right now, and I don't get the sense that you're trying to fund some long standing passion like making a movie or moving to Paris or something, so I guess you need to take a step back and really assess what the money would do for you, how significantly it would affect your life, then weigh that against the effects the added hours, stress, and reduced family time would have.

I'd say most likely the money will lose out, but who knows? Good luck, dude. Choices, choices.

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BBC Article about happiness

A German study (by Frey and Stutzer published in 2004) found a strong link between time spent commuting and satisfaction with life. Those who spent an hour on their journey to work were found to be significantly less happy than those who did not commute.

And the study suggests that higher earnings from a job that involves commuting do not compensate for the time lost.

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Leave a comfortable job that you enjoy, for more hours, but also more money? You'll have less time with your family, less time to enjoy that money, and it'll potentially be something you don't enjoy. I always say go with the most sure thing and that sounds like that's where you are now.

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@wrecks said:

Not worth it. Work to live, don't live to work.

This. I work between 50 and 55 per week and basically Monday through Friday are dead to me beyond work and sleep. The freedom to play games or settle down to watch a TV series without time limitations is something I miss most. If you don't need the money, and you're making a bit more than necessary to build a savings, I say enjoy life while you can. The reason we work is so we can afford the things we enjoy, but then we don't have the time to enjoy them. Don't fall into that trap.

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Guys, I appreciate all the advice, it means a lot. I agree with many of your comments about having a good work / life balance. Sure I would like to make more money but not at the expense of feel stressed out and miserable during those 60 hour weeks. Also like many of you said more money doesn't necessarily mean I'll enjoy it and I now realize I won't as I enjoy spending time with my wife, seeing friends and being into some hobbies when I get home.

Jimbo: You make a great point. I calculated it out and per hour I would be making more working 40 hours per week in my current job then 60 hours a week with a higher salary at the newer job, lol.


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I would stay with the old job, but I would ask the job for a modest raise. You said the other place was offering 50% more, so then ask you current job for a 10 to 15% raise. Or, if you get the feeling that might not happen think smaller, but try for any sort fo raise. Be polite, but be firm and say you have been approached. If your current job values your work, they will probably offer something. If not 7% now, maybe 3.5% immediately and a promise in writing for 3.5% next year. And, both those would be IN ADDITION to any other company wide or division wide raises awarded.