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'tis Thee Thread where thou may speaketh in thy elden toungue :D (LoLeth)

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Where art thou frometh?

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are you tryin to larp online, oWarlock360o???

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wtf is larp if i may ask?^^

Edit: Nvm Live Action Role Playing^^

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Nay, thee is trying to bringeth forth some fun to thee newly bread forum

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for betwixt my thighs thy truth doth lay!

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Thee is tired and hath to leaveth for now (cuz its 4 AM cya)

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I hail from yon oldeth Irish cottages.

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Hail sir knight, I am a humble peasant from the mean streets of colombia. 

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Doth thou have ambrosia, or nectar?!

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Verile, i ask thee why? Why hath thou brought unto life such a thread?

Are thou attempting to mock thine history?!