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So, I've been a coffee drinker since adolescence. I've tasted many brands and flavors, but the coffee I grew up on is still my favorite: Chock Full O' Nuts. The name may sound ridiculous, but it is delicious. I still drink it black with 2 sugars. This brand started out as a luncheon chain in New York City, and since I'm from New Jersey I'm curious if people from other areas of the country have access to or heard of this coffee. Also, I'll drink coffee from nearly anywhere, except Starbucks. God, do I hate the taste of their coffee.

Anyway, about 6 years ago I started to drink tea. I always thought it was a repulsive drink, smelling like flowers or perfume. But I got some Twinning's English Breakfast tea and found out that it really isn't much different from coffee. This was the only type of tea I would drink, until I decided to try green tea as well, and loved it. Now I'm open to most any flavor of tea, but for the most part still enjoy black teas like English Breakfast. Any suggestions of strong, tasty tea flavors?
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I've only sipped coffee once and it was most vile crap I've ever drank. Horrible, I've chosen to never go near the stuff again. 
You should start drinking energy drinks.

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Tea with some fruit flavour.

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tea! i love tea  
coffee is good too, but i don't drink it too often 

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I drink roughly 10 cups of coffee a day, I used to drink 7 odd cans of Coke a day... I somewhat need caffeine to function properly at this point. 
I have three sugars with my coffee as well. I'm going to die so young ;_;

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I drink about 6+ mugs of this stuff everyday. I have to. Along with some chocolate digestives and a smoke. Always makes my day.
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@MysteriousBob:  See, now energy drinks I can't stand at all. Red Bull is possibly the worst tasting thing I've ever had, and there's no way I'm trying Monster or anything else. I think I tasted Five Hour Energy once, and gagged. The only "energy drink" I've ever enjoyed is Bawls, which unfortunately is hard to find in stores.
But I don't drink tea or coffee for the energy. I only get like a 15 minute burst from coffee anyway, then I feel sluggish. An everything bagel with coffee in the morning is just about my favorite breakfast.
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I like both but currently I am drinking more tea than coffee. I have chai green tea and irish breakfast black tea. Not sure what the brand is off the top of my head.

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Tea, just tea.  No sweetener just plain old tea.

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I like tea myself, coffee just isn't for me. I like coffee flavored things, but not coffee itself. Any brand of green tea really.

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Not sure if you are drinking bagged tea or loose tea. But I definitely recommend going to a tea shop and just smelling/trying out the teas they have. They usually have a wide variety of different teas and they could probably tell you what you might like based on what you already drink.

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I don't drink either, but if I had to choose, I would drink coffee.

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@MysteriousBob said:
" I've only sipped coffee once and it was most vile crap I've ever drank. Horrible, I've chosen to never go near the stuff again.   You should start drinking energy drinks. "
One sip of One kind of coffee is not the way to go, you have to try different amounts of sugar, cream, different flavors, tons of choices you should try different styles there will be something you like, Its just like the "Everybody likes pie" thing there are so many different types of it there is bound to be one for you.
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@Rirobuge:  I drink bagged tea, but my friend just started drinking loose Irish breakfast and it was pretty good. I don't know if I want to go through the hassle of loose tea though.
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I drink one coffee a day, I really like the Nescafe Instant stuff. Hazelnut flavour. I put some cream and sugar in there, it's basically heaven on earth. If I'm out though, I usually get a Tim's Triple Triple, Tim's has some of the best coffee's in the universe. We also have a Robin's here and their coffee is shit.

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I like English breakfast tea with honey added to it. I also like coffee, black with nothing added. I know, my friends think it's gross but I love it

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It shouldn't be too much of a hassle. I originally had some bagged teas but it opens up a whole new world when you switch to loose. I mean all you really need is some sort of strainer and the loose tea itself not too much different from using bagged tea. Granted it is typically more expensive to purchase loose teas especially some of the rarer ones.
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Coffee. Dark. 2 sugars, and 1 half/half

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Coffee ain't my cup of tea (Sorry i could't resist)

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Nescaffe coffee

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@eroticfishcake: HELL NO!!! Not with new pyramid teabag technology!!!
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@Mysterysheep: Argh! Well I give you guys that but it'll NEVER taste as good as Barry's you hear?! NEVER! 
It IS an ingenious idea though...
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Tea mostly, but I'll never turn away a cup of coffee if someone kindly makes me one. 
Oh and PG tips for tea annnd Nescafe for ma coffee.
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Green Tea with lemon, and I only like it chilled..

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In the pure variaties. 
Green tea, Chamomile, Mint, Rooibos, Nettle etc. 
Sweetened with honey. 
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I prefer coffee, but I enjoy drinking tea every now and then. The one exception I have is black tea, which absolutely sucks.

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Tea all the way.

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yorkshire tea.  
i'll only drink coffee at home when i can grind the coffee beans myself :)

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Coffee > Tea.

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Definitely Twinning's English Breakfast tea, that or a Dublin Fog.
But since we're on the subject I feel the need to break out an old quote from Airplane
Little girl being offered creme for a cup of coffee: "No thanks I like my coffee black, like my men."

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I drink both regularly but I do prefer coffee, most coffee tastes basically the same and I always take it black.  For tea hot and black, never cold, never sweetened, and I prefer Earl Grey.

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I'm a tea person myself. My favorite black tea is PG Tips and my favorite herbal tea is Celestial Seasonings True Blueberry.

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I love both. I drink coffee more but probably prefer tea. English breakfast and Darjeeling are both excellent forms of tea that go well with cream and honey.

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Although I prefer coffee, green tea is the far superior drink as it offers too many benefits to name: from cancer prevention to fat loss from improved blood sugar, to better blood circulation.

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I like tea.

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I mostly stick to coffee if i drink anything at all. Tea always makes my mouth dry and i literally start to choke if i try to drink the stuff. As for the coffee, I will drink any old thing but i have grown up with Maxwell House and more recently Tim Hortons. Since Tim Hortons started to sell a home version of there coffee i drink that mostly as it's what my dad buys.
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Coffee. Dunkin Donuts, or Gevalia.

Nice necro.

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Coffee is one of the top 3 grossest liquids that has ever been in my mouth. I actually really like tea, I can even drink it unsweetened.

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Tea, mostly Earl Grey, but I will drink some berry teas and mint tea makes a damn fine iced tea. I will occasionally drink coffee, and for that I prefer Kenyan, but real Kona isn't bad, and if I'm in the mood for Irish Cream, just give me plain Colombian or Sumatran.

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Coffee is the way to go for me. Just some local brand from the store, nothing special. Can sip some tea occasionally as well, with w/e flavor happens to be available.

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Tea? Do I look fucking British to you?

Coffee? Yeah... I'm a hipster, or 40 years old. I get oj in the morning and I don't act like that shit would get me 'going'. Boom!

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Tea. Usually just one in the morning. English Breakfast with a touch of milk. I'm not too fussed with brands. I did go through a coffee phase but I found the caffeine hit too sudden.

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To me what is most shocking is how people are actually able to use the search function in order to necro these old threads. I can't seem to find anything via search so hats off to you.

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@humanity: A post up there was deleted, which leads me to think it was a spambot/some weird advertising thing. It's happened a few other times recently when a thread from like 3 years ago pops up with, "Hey, I like Spyro too! By the way, here's a great site where you can stream new movies for free!...".

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I love coffee, but I need a lot of milk to go along with it xD No sugar, though. I have a Nespresso coffee machine at home, but at work or when I am someplace else, I drink whatever coffee they have.

I used to like Starbucks' Caramel Macchiatto, now I prefer the one from Coffeeshop Company.

Tea, I usually only drink when I'm not feeling well. Have a cup of tea standing right next to me, because of a sore throat.

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Coffee, anything but american brands will do, Folgers and coffees of that type taste "off" to me like they are artificially flavored to hide the quality of bean they use or something.