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I recently picked up a LG LN53000 LED HDTV 42 inch for my gaming systems. Right now it is in use for 360 but will soon move to Xboxone. My question to you all. How the hell do I pick the best calibration for this thing? I went to another forum and kept getting told to switch to "PC input" Or "Gaming mode" Or what ever but can anyone break it down for me or at least provide basic calibrations for this T.V?

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Well... first of all, I'm not anywhere near an expert in calibration... All kinds of factors enter into this (how much and what kind of light is in the room being the most significant of them)... What the other forum is talking about in one case is that your TV (or monitor) will have a number of preset calibrations (Dynamic, Sports, Game, Movie, etc.) that you can pick from... you can pick the one that looks the best to you and be done with it... I'm unfamiliar with what "PC Input" would be (maybe on some monitors it's a permanent neutral setting?)...

To go "bigger" you'll want to get a calibration disc and card and start tweaking settings till you get the color and black and white levels as good as you can...

Or you can go all out and get a professional calibration tool (only a couple hundred bucks for the cheap ones!) and start messing around in the sevice menu to really make it right...

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If you go into your TV's menu under video settings, there should be a setting for picture mode, set that to game and you should be good to start gaming, if the picture doesn't look right, you can start screwing around with calibration, but it's not usually an issue on most TVs.

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Game mode isn't a universal standard so every manufacturer has their own approach, if you don't find anything abnormal with your picture while in game mode then you should be fine.

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Oh geez, dude it's pretty much unique to the tv really. It took me hours trying to calibrate my Samsung LED 1080p 32 inch Smart tv. Try out some games and calibrate from there. You can't do it from the get-go and sometimes, those "game" options might sacrifice game quality so do it manually if you care that much.

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Most TV's use a bunch of post processing to make an image look nicer. Unfortunately this processing adds lag to the display. This is not an problem with TV or movies because there is no interaction with what is happening on screen. With video games though, the introduced lag can make any exact movements (shooting dudes or Rock Band are good examples) less precise because your input is no longer in sync with the screen. GAME mode on your TV is supposed to turn off a majority of those enhancements to reduce display lag. Obviously the picture will not look as nice as your normal display settings, but in certain games the mode will better your experience.

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