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Been reading some X-Men lately, and since everyone and their mother has mind powers in that series I got thinking about it, and couldn't really decide which I'd prefer.

you WILL eat the kiwi skin.

If you're a telepath, you can tell what other people are thinking - useful in social situations - and you can mess with their brains if you need to. Morally ambigious? Yes, but also potentially awesome.

If you have telekinetic powers, you never have to get up to go to the fridge. EVER.

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Telepathy would be infinitely more useful in real world situations. Certainly the latter would be cool, but that's all it would be in anything except a violent situation. And even if you are a telepath, most violent situations could be avoided by, say, driving the aggressor insane or making them hallucinate or something.

EDIT: And even if you cut out mind control, the ability to simply read minds would be useful in knowing whether you're wasting your time or not with, say, a girl or a job interview. Or you could better know how to put yourself in favorable situations if things aren't going your way./EDIT

Can I just be Tetsuo, minus the hallucinations and tendency to turn into a goo-ey monster?

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Telepathy, but telekinesis is cool as shit too!

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Because I know how my brain works and the fucked up shit I think about on a day to day basis I NEVER want to know what goes on in other peoples heads.

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I chose telekinesis, but then I thought of all the useful application of telepathy and realized I would rather do those things than "HOLY SHIT LOOK I CAN MOVE THAT HOT DOG TO MY MOUTH WITH MY MIND"

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Telepathy. I've seen telekinesis, and it's not as interesting as telepathy.

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Telepathy so i can cheat on tests easliy

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Telekinesis, because I actually respect other people's privacy. Weird, right? Plus crouching to tie your shoes sucks. Also, what said.

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Telepathy all the way. Unless I'm fighting crime or being some kind of crime lord, I have no use for telekinesis. Once you're known as "that guy who can move shit with his mind" you can't fool anybody. If something moves on its own, they're gonna blame you for it.

Question about telepathy though. If I can read minds, can I read them in every language? Like, can I only read thoughts of english speaking people? Ah, either way it will still be very useful.

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Telepathy is a dark road. You don't want to know what people are thinking all the time. If you got good enough moving crap with your mind you could even start moving yourself. That's called flight, son. What if you were capabale of moving things on a sub atomic level so fast that it increases friction. Hello PYROkinesis. Just a better deal all the way around.

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I don't know if I could turn off the telepathy, I might go insane. Moving stuff with my mind would be better for my sanity. Also, manipulating gambling results would be great.

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I bet if you could read people's minds you wouldn't have many friends. I bet it would start to drive you crazy pretty soon as well.

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@jesterroyal said:

Telepathy is a dark road. You don't want to know what people are thinking all the time. If you got good enough moving crap with your mind you could even start moving yourself. That's called flight, son. What if you were capabale of moving things on a sub atomic level so fast that it increases friction. Hello PYROkinesis. Just a better deal all the way around.

Unless you can fly superman speed and handle the G-forces and cold temperature, I'd say no thank you to flying. I'd rather mindjack someone and make them think I won free plane tickets to where ever I want. Being telepathic is the same reason I would choose invisibility over super strength. You can remain anonymous much easier and people can't manipulate you by harming your friends or family.

The less high profile you are, the less likely you'll end up in some kind of high security black ops government super prison at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean.

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Am I restricted to only moving inanimate objects with my mind? If not, I would learn how to make someone's heart explode or skull cave in. That would be awesome.

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This is super tough. With telepathy I can tell if a girl is into and I could get all the answers to my tests by reading the teacher's mind. However if my telepathy is strong enough that I can pick myself up and fly I would definitely have to choose that.

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If I have telekinesis, I already have telepathy, seeing as how people will always be thinking, "That guy is fucking awesome, he can move shit with his mind."

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Telepathy - only in theory; in actuality, I don't know if I'd want to know the shit that goes on in people's minds.

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Telekenisis.  I would love to move shit around.  I would feel like Magneto and I honestly dont want to see whats in peoples minds and manipulate them without them knowing.  If I were to force someone to do something, I would rather have them know that its me doing the act.  

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Telekinesis for sure.

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Telepathy would be great until you start to find out what your friends and family really think about you.

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What are we talking about in the sense of scale, can I lift building? Because if you could do that, it would make you invulnerable.

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So much power I want it all.....

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Depends. Is my telepathy easy to control, or will I be hearing everyone's voices in my head when I'm sitting in a crowded area. Telepathy may drive you insane even with full control. There's a reasons peoples private thoughts are private. If someone catches onto what you're doing then no one will ever want to be around you again knowing that they could be mentally violated at any time.

Now that I think about it, telekinesis. Useful for being lazy, I can have a successful career as a magician and let my fame get me all the women (no need for reading their minds then), and I can use it as a weapon to defend myself.

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Telepathy would be a burden. If the internet has shown us anything, it's that when people don't think they'll be held accountable, they'll act horribly. Hearing a person's thoughts would no doubt present us with the most vile realities of humanity. Basically, having telepathy would be like scanning through YouTube comments all day. Telekensis might be more limited in scope, but I'd without a doubt prefer it.

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Telekinesis all the way! I wanna fuck shit up WITH MY MIND!

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Telepathy. Cut out all that awkward banter and find out quickly if a girl is into you.

Also cheat at cards.

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Telekinesis would be way cooler I think.

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I don't think I could handle being privy to everyone's innermost thoughts. So telekinesis it is.

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I wouldnt want to have telepathy, being able to read the minds of people I care about would just be harrowing

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If I can move stuff with my brain there's a way bigger chance of being found out. I think that would be the cooler power to have but I would never use it in public since I don't want to end up being experimented on. I would go for telepathy because at least I could use it discreetly and to help me out in regular situations.

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If you could move stuff with your mind. - You could pretend that you were lifting it yourself.

It is hard to pretend you had a lucky guess at reading someone's mind for too long.

Which would a girl be more impressed with? Super super strength, or you being able to freakishly read her mind?

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Telekinesis, because I think reading everyone's minds and knowing their deepest darkest thoughts would turn you completely insane.

Also telekinesis opens up the option to fly, which would be sweeeeeeeet.

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Telekenisis...who gives a sh*t what other people are thinking when I can throw stuff at them with my mind?

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I will only decide after the following question is answered:

Does Telekenisis mean being able to make myself fly like a bird or make myself float a bit?

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I've got strong opinions on privacy and that what a person thinks isn't necessarily as important as what they say and do, so it would be incredibly hypocritical of me to choose telepathy. Thankfully, I'm also a terrible person, so I'd pick it anyways.

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@PenguinDust said:

Telepathy. Cut out all that awkward banter and find out quickly if a girl is into you.

Also cheat at cards.

This guy has the right idea!

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My own thoughts are fucked up enough, so unless I can possess people and control them through telepathy I would pick telekinesis.


@falserelic said:

So much power I want it all.....

I would play the FUCK out of a remake or actual sequel to this.

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I don't think anyone would be able to keep up with reading thoughts. I don't think you could turn it off, situations in public would be insane and human thoughts aren't really clear: You don't think "Hm, i'm hungry, i want a hot dog". You think "Hungerwantahotdogsomuchfoodwithketchupcatchupusainboltwasgreatyeahineedahotdog".

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I picked telepathy, but in defence of Telekinesis, I submit the movie Chronicle.

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Definitely telekinesis. Telepathy would already isolate you from everyone and you would never be able to develop intimate, meaningful relationships with anyone. However, there is not a person alive that wouldn't get laid a some point with a "check this shit out" telekinesis trick.

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Telepathy would drive me insane. That's right, I saw that episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on IMDB's instant streaming...

Telekenisis, baby.

This store is being robbed? What about now, now that your gun is floating on the ceiling...

Little, old lady needs a new fridge installed? Pardon me while I float it into your kitchen...

Can't find a parking space? Guess this blue Audi is moving to the street...

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Can I move myself via telekinesis so I can fly? If so defiantly telekinesis, otherwise it is much harder to choose.

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Telekinesis. I mean sure, it's only good for dumb shit and being Magneto, but dude the dumb shit you'll be able to do will be great! You'll be able to fly or something that approximates flying like being able to climb, hover and Cole McGrath glide, and, if you were good enough at it, trivial things would seemingly just do themselves. No more getting up to switch games! Well, actually you'd probably have to get up for Xbox since its buttons are capacities, but still! Also it's just fucking cool! Telepathy would just be a lot of information that others would rather you not have. I mean yes, you could use it more aggressively in public and get anything you wanted with it, but I'm more interested in moving stuff than understanding people.

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Telepathy, because I can already move things with my hands.

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Telekinesis! I'd nurture the hell out of it until I could fly and stop bullets and move really big things and stuff. Or really small things. That's when things start to get devious. Disconnect someone's heart but leave it in their body.

Oh man, that's... kinda fucked up. Maybe I wouldn't use it for anything other than turning off taps and opening doors in public restrooms. Telepathy at first I imagine would give me the biggest and worst headache of my entire pithy existence.

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No desire to know the unfiltered thoughts of the people in my life.